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With the development of diverse analytical chemistry techniques, the discovery of rich and numerous properties pertaining to bicontinuous liquid crystal structures has yielded beneficial applications in medicine, consumer products, materials science, and biotechnology. Edited by Bohuslav Dobias , Hansjoachim Stechemesser. First published in , Coagulation and Flocculation is a practical reference for the researchers in the field of the stabilization and destabilization of fine solid dispersions.

By omitting chapters that remained unchanged from the first edition, the editors of this second edition completely…. Edited by Raoul Zana. Highlighting the structural similarities of amphiphilic block copolymers to surfactants, this volume elucidates the dynamics of more complex…. Edited by Masahiko Abe. Completely revised and expanded throughout, Mixed Surfactant Systems, Second Edition surveys the latest results, newest experimental perspectives, and theoretical investigations of properties, behavior, and techniques applicable to mixed surfactant systems.

This important book elucidates core…. Edited by Heinrich Waldhoff , Rudiger Spilker. The scope and spectrum of methods and techniques applied in detergent analysis have changed significantly during the last decade.

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Handbook of Detergents, Part C: Analysis demonstrates state-of-the-art strategies, methods, and techniques for the analytical deformulation of modern detergents. Providing in-depth coverage of the technologies and various approaches, Luminous Chemical Vapor Deposition and Interface Engineering showcases the development and utilization of LCVD procedures in industrial scale applications.

It offers a wide range of examples, case studies, and recommendations…. The second installment of the multivolume Handbook of Detergents deals with the potential environmental impact of detergents as a result of their production, formulation, usage, consumption, and disposal. This volume forms a comprehensive treatise on the multidimensional issues involved and…. Microporous Media presents new developments from nearly a decade of advancement.

Written by a leading researcher in the field, this reference provides examples of the most original scientific and technical research impacting studies in porosity and microporosity, and illustrates methods to forecast…. Edited by Stanley Hartland. This edited volume offers complete coverage of the latest theoretical, experimental, and computer-based data as summarized by leading international researchers.

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It promotes full understanding of the physical phenomena and mechanisms at work in surface and interfacial tensions and gradients, their…. Keeping pace with explosive developments in the field, Colloidal Science of Flotation reviews and updates the fundamentals of the bubble-particle collection phenomenon using a self-consistent approach that helps readers understand the hydrodynamic aspects of bubble-particle collection.

Edited by Abdelhamid Elaissari. Colloidal Biomolecules, Biomaterials, and Biomedical Applications is an authoritative presentation of established and recent techniques promising to revolutionize the areas of biomedical diagnostics, therapeutics, pharmaceutics, and drug delivery. This exceptional book details an original…. Edited by Raoul Zana , Jiding Xia. Generating much interest in both academic and scientific circles, Gemini Surfactants gathers the most up-to-date research in gemini surfactantproduction and demonstrates how their propertiesand performance can revolutionize the current industrial application of these surfactants.

Amidst developments in nanotechnology and successes in catalytic emulsion polymerization of olefins, polymerization in dispersed media is arousing an increasing interest from both practical and fundamental points of view. This text describes ultramodern approaches to synthesis, preparation,…. Edited by Krister Holmberg.

Extensively revised and expanded, this timely reference discusses the synthesis, properties, and potential applications of popular and emerging surfactant compounds and systems. This reference reflects current research trends in green surfactants, the production of surfactants using…. Edited by Rudolph V. Birikh , Vladimir A. Briskman , Manuel G. Velarde , Jean-Claude Legros.

Despite factoring in countless natural, biological, and industrial processes, fixed attention on the singular attributes and behavior of fluids near or at interfaces has not received enough attention in the surface science literature. Liquid Interfacial Systems assembles and analyzes concepts and…. Edited by Kunio Esumi , Minoru Ueno. In response to intensifying interest on surfactant research brought on by recent innovation, Structure-Performance Relationships in Surfactants, Second Edition examines novel developments in our understanding of the properties and performance of surfactants at air-liquid, liquid-liquid, and….

Edited by James F. This text examines films of biomolecules that can provide solid surfaces for catalyzing enzyme reactions, serve in biosensors and as biorecognition elements, mediate nanoparticle formation, and provide a basis for fundamental studies and applications in biomedicine and biomedical devices. Surfactant Science Series Editor:.

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Starov The common perception is that nanoscience is something entirely new, that it sprung forth whole and fully formed like some mythological deity. Structure and Functional Properties of Colloidal Systems Edited by Roque Hidalgo-Alvarez Integrating fundamental research with the technical applications of this rapidly evolving field, Structure and Functional Properties of Colloidal Systems clearly presents the connections between structure and functional aspects in colloid and interface science.

Nagy , Jozsef Konya Knowledge of the basic interactions that take place between geological materials and different substances is the first step in understanding the effects of adsorption and other interfacial processes on the quality of rocks and soils, and on driving these processes towards a beneficial or neutral… Paperback — CRC Press Surfactant Science.

Colloids in Biotechnology Edited by Monzer Fanun Colloids show great potential in a wide variety of applications, including drug delivery and medical imaging, and the design and fabrication of colloid systems has attracted considerable interest in the research community. Neumann , Robert David , Yi Zuo Surface thermodynamics forms the foundation of any meaningful study of capillarity and wetting phenomena. Silicone Dispersions Edited by Yihan Liu Silicone is an important class of materials used in applications that range from industrial assembly to everyday consumer products.

Silicones are often delivered and synthesized in dispersion forms, the most common being liquid-in-liquid emulsion , solid-in-liquid suspension , air-in-liquid foam… Hardback — CRC Press Surfactant Science. Colloids in Drug Delivery Edited by Monzer Fanun Colloidal drug delivery systems present a range of therapeutic benefits in the treatment of a number of challenging conditions, allowing researchers to cross barriers that have previously prevented efficient treatment while offering improved and more targeted absorption.

Biosurfactants Production and Utilization—Processes, Technologies, and Economics Edited by Naim Kosaric , Fazilet Vardar Sukan Stresses the Potential Applications of Biosurfactants in Various Industries Environmental concerns and a demand for sustainable chemical production have become important issues in recent years. As a result, microbial biosurfactant-producing systems are gaining momentum as potential replacements… Hardback — CRC Press Surfactant Science.

Electromagnetic, Mechanical, and Transport Properties of Composite Materials By Rajinder Pal In the design, processing, and applications of composite materials, a thorough understanding of the physical properties is required.

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Surface Tension and Related Thermodynamic Quantities of Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions By Norihiro Matubayasi Surface tension provides a thermodynamic avenue for analyzing systems in equilibrium and formulating phenomenological explanations for the behavior of constituent molecules in the surface region. While there are extensive experimental observations and established ideas regarding desorption of ions… Hardback — CRC Press Surfactant Science.

Molina Within the field of soil science, soil chemistry encompasses the different chemical processes that take place, including mineral weathering, humification of organic plant residues, and ionic reactions involving natural and foreign metal ions that play significant roles in soil. Turov Properties and applications of high surface area materials depend on interfacial phenomena, including diffusion, sorption, dissolution, solvation, surface reactions, catalysis, and phase transitions. Among the physicochemical methods that give useful information regarding these complex phenomena,… Hardback — CRC Press Surfactant Science.

Computational, Experimental, and Industrial Aspects Edited by Carlos Fernando Zinola Electrocatalysis applications are employed in a large number of industries worldwide, ranging from old technologies such as galvanoplasty to the most up-to-date deployments involving ultracapacitators. Recognizing electrocatalysis as a useful interfacial approach to a dynamic interdisciplinary… Hardback — CRC Press Surfactant Science.

Microemulsions Properties and Applications Edited by Monzer Fanun The effective use of microemulsions has increased dramatically during the past few decades as major industrial applications have expanded in a variety of fields. Properties and Applications provides a complete and systematic assessment of all topics affecting microemulsion… Hardback — CRC Press Surfactant Science.

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Add to Wish List. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Summary In response to intensifying interest on surfactant research brought on by recent innovation, Structure-Performance Relationships in Surfactants, Second Edition examines novel developments in our understanding of the properties and performance of surfactants at air-liquid, liquid-liquid, and solid-liquid interfaces, highlighting seven new chapters and carefully updated material to reflect current trends. This edition presents new material on the adsorption of vesicle-forming surfactants at the air-water interface, fluorinated surfactants having two hydrophobic chains, surface-active properties of telomer-type surfactants having several hydrocarbon chains, and the association behavior of amphiphilic dendritic polymers, among many other topics.

The Bookshelf application offers access: The textual content deals assurance of a number of themes within the box, together with theories of micelle formation and adsorption, the dynamics of surfactant strategies, the physiochemical houses of based surfactant and emulsions, adsorption features, and the training of microparticles in reversed micelles. Download e-book for kindle: Valence Bond Theory by Cooper D.

Valence bond VB thought, which builds the descriptions of molecules from these of its constituent elements, supplied the 1st profitable quantum mechanical remedies of chemical bonding. Its language and ideas permeate a lot of chemistry, in any respect degrees. For the 1st time the self-discipline of recent inorganic chemistry has been systematized in line with a plan built via a council of editorial advisors and experts, between them 3 Nobel laureates E.

With the advance of numerous analytical chemistry thoughts, the invention of wealthy and various houses touching on bicontinuous liquid crystal constructions has yielded priceless functions in drugs, shopper items, fabrics technology, and biotechnology.