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These beautiful and entertaining stories tug at my heart strings. Thank you Bill for the wonderful life experiences that you share with us through your gift of writing.

The Gift of Giving by Chuck Smith

Not only did he hold my attention from beginning to end, but he touched a myriad of emotions. Bill brings life to real life. He gives hope through insight. He writes with unbridled honesty and humor. He touches the spirit and soul of his reader. Nowadays, it is a sad fact of life that too often we rush through our days, spending more time staring at screens than looking into the faces of those around us. Additionally, what is most unfortunate is for many, Christmas has lost its joy and wonder.

Bill's wonderful book is an interesting and touching reminder of what Christmas should be. Detailing true stories from his remarkable life, Bill shows us all how important it is to live our lives with an open heart and to pay attention to our fellow travelers on this sometimes weary road of life. We all have gifts to give - our time, patience, understanding, empathy, acknowledgment. This book is a lovely reminder of how precious those gifts are. Kindle Edition , 58 pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Gift is in the Giving , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Gift is in the Giving. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Oct 19, Anne Wingate rated it it was amazing. Bill Arienti says he is, and Bill should know, because he is one of the many Santas the world is blessed with. Cry with him over those who need help and then resolve to be the help someone needs.

Dec 16, H. Olsen rated it it was amazing. While I read this book I became amazed by the circumstances and the outcomes. The gifts in this book are miraculous. Who needs superheroes when you have a fireman like the fireman in this book! This is what Christmas is all about. The fireman in The Gift is in the Giving sees so much loss and destruction.

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He does what he can to bring hope and inspiration. This fireman is a hero. This book tares the heart for the victims but then brings a smile to the face and a glow of warmth with the giving of each gift. It makes me want to get out there and drop presents on doorsteps of those in need, knock, and then run- lol! This book is the perfect book to read cuddled up in a blanket, sitting by the fire, and maybe some cocoa on Christmas Eve- A great book to read aloud to the family. Another strategy for limiting gifts is to require that all gifts be handmade.

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Faced with these less-than-helpful options, some people decide to forego gift-giving entirely, depriving themselves of the joy of giving. Can you avoid adding to the clutter while still giving the gifts that are so much a part of our Christmas traditions? You can if you use the first Christmas gifts as your example.

The Gospel of Matthew tells us that Magi from the East journeyed to see Jesus and, upon finding him, presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The first gift that the Magi gave Jesus was gold, the proper gift for a king, exemplifying wealth and power. But Jesus was not the usual sort of king. From his birth in a stable to his burial in a borrowed tomb, Jesus made it clear that his kingdom was not about money and might, but service and mercy.

The King of Kings did not come to be served, but to serve. And that understanding of kingdom offers us a gift-giving hint.

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Offer to do home repair or painting, tailoring or mending. Offer rides or to run errands for those who can no longer drive. Record family stories, edit the video and share the results. Scan family photos, then label and organize them. Donate to a charity that is special to the gift recipient — for example, a hunger charity for a great cook or an educational charity for a teacher.

Gerbert: The Gift of Giving - brutalmoose

Donate plants to the park your father passes on his daily walk. The second gift of the Magi was frankincense, a gift appropriate for a priest. The smoke rising from the burning incense symbolized prayers rising to God.

Select a book of the Bible

The priests offered incense each day, just as we offer our prayers to God each day. In our liturgy today, we join all that we have done to the perfect sacrifice of Christ, offering it to God in thanksgiving for all he has done for us. Send a good cook to a class to learn a new technique or give a dancer a gift certificate to a master class. For example, give parents dinner and a movie, with babysitting included! The final gift of the Magi was myrrh, a rich-smelling perfume often blended into oil. It was a fitting gift for Jesus, who sacrificed himself to save us.

Two types of sacrifices were celebrated in the Jerusalem Temple.

Chuck Smith :: The Gift of Giving

In the first, part of the offering was burned as a gift to God, while the rest of the animal, grain or oil being offered was shared by the priests, those making the sacrifice, their family and friends. In the second type — the burned offering — the whole sacrifice would be offered to God and consumed by fire. What sort of clutter-free gifts do these sacrifices suggest? Instead of adding to the clutter, one item goes in and one goes out. As we do our Christmas shopping, we should follow their example.