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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. That day was the beginning of my path to healthy eating habits that turned my health situation around.


Healthy Eating Habits.

Today I can honestly say the system works. I feel great, I sleep great, people tell me that I do not look my age, I maintain a healthy weight, I do not take any type of medication, my blood pressure is normal, my blood sugar is normal, my cholesterol is normal, my immune system is strong, and the list goes on. I have discovered juicing recipes that are nutritious, delicious and satisfying for me, and that is why it has continued to be a part of my lifestyle.

It is extremely a blessing to be in good health and I thank God for it. However I do not believe that I am healthy because of chance. I strongly believe that one main reason that I am healthy is because I take personal responsibility for my health. Healthy eating is a great part of this responsibility.

I believe God created our physical bodies with laws that are governed by proper nutrition. If we violate these laws by consistently eating unhealthy foods, we are going to get sick. Please follow the links below. They contain articles that either I have written, or that others have written, that could be useful.

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These articles will guide you step by step on your healthy eating and fitness journey. At the end of your journey you will have the keys to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise Equipment For Home. Exercise Routines In The Home. Comments Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below. No reproduction of text permitted without permission. Check with a qualified health professional before using any procedure listed on this website where there is any question as to its appropriateness.

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Healthy Eating Healthy eating along with exercise will help you look better, feel better and live longer. Eating Healthy can be enjoyable! The Right Formula I believe a clear formula for putting together an effective diet plan is moderation, satisfaction, nutrition, and discipline. Discover foods that work for you, that you enjoy, and that are nutritious. The Benefits of Juicing Discover the many health benefits of Juicing for a longer, healthier life. These juicing recipes are easy to make and jam-packed with nutrients your body needs.

Comparing all these verses, we have a dilemma here. Does God forbid the eating of fat or not? Was God a double-minded God who changes His mind every once in a while? So how can we explain these verses and reconcile them to each other? God does NOT forbid eating all types of fat. There is just a specific type of fat He wants us to avoid. We can learn about this fat as we take a deeper look at what the Bible really says about eating fat. Leviticus discusses the different instructions about how to give a sacrifice to God. This is supported by the scripture as we read the following verses:.

The fat and the kidney can be readily understood. Now, why would God command such restriction?

Nehemiah: Vision

All of these fats and tissues are for the purpose of either holding, filtering, and storing waste products and toxins that can be harmful to the body. God knows the purpose of these fats and tissues and therefore, considers them as unfit for human consumption.

The Buffer Zone™ Diet Introduction

So in discussing about fat, God specifically identified the suet or greasy, hard fat of the animal as something dangerous to our health. God wants to make sure that these type of fats are burned during the sacrificial ceremony and therefore not be eaten by His people.

So, what is the significance in understanding this concept? Milk is considered as fat! Time and again, God reiterated that He would bring the Israelites to a land flowing with milk and honey Exodus 3: So what does this tell us? We can derive a general principle from this verse. We should not eat any of the visible fat of clean animals. During the ancient time, God specified the areas of the animal where we can normally find the fat deposit from their bodies.

Those farmed animals ate on the pasture where healthy, green grass was present. Moreover, these animals had a daily dose of exercise. Thus, we can be sure the animals during at that time were healthy and provided nutritious meat with minimal harmful fat. However, during our modern times where commercialism dominates, the main objective is to get your livestock as fat as possible. The fatter the animal, the bigger their price. To this end, farmers feed their cattle with commercialized feeds.

Worse, the farmed animals receive little to no exercise as they are kept in cages. We should avoid visible fat as much as possible. There are just some fats that are difficult to see. I also think that God was referring to the visible fat when He gave the instruction on which type of fat not to eat. Please note that this is my personal view. Take, for example, the butter. Butter is a concentrated form of milk and fat. When the God who later became Jesus Christ came and visited Abraham together with the two angels, we see that Abraham offered butter to them Genesis Even Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would eat butter Isaiah 7: From this scripture, the Bible endorses the consumption of butter.

It is worth noting that the ancients did not consume butter the way we consume butter today. They consumed butter in a larger quantity compared to how much we consume in the modern times. Butter is actually a main part of the Middle Eastern diet and it is freely and generously available. The point is that God does not warn us against eating too much fat. He only instructed us not to eat a certain type of fat and that is the type of fat we were discussing earlier. Another thing to consider is the olive oil, which also contains fat. In the Biblical times, olive oil was used in baking, frying, and cooking.

It is also generously added to soup, salads, and vegetable. While trans fat is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, we can obtain certain principles to why trans fat is bad for our health. We read in the Bible that butter is good for our health. However, we know that the natural human mind is hostile to God Romans 8: So, man went on to say butter is not good for our health and created his own version of butter and thus, we now have margarine. There are basically two types of fats: Saturated fats are solid and unsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature.

On the other hand, unsaturated fats lack hydrogen molecules.

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Thus, food scientists have an easier way to meddle with unsaturated fats. Well, for one, they want to turn healthy liquid fat into solids and prevent them from becoming rancid. The whole process transforms healthy and beneficial oils into health-wrecking fats. When you look into food labels, you should avoid food with hydrogenated fats, trans fats, or partially hydrogenated oil. Back in the days when trans fats are making its way to popularity, it was first found in margarines and vegetable shortenings. Why are trans fat bad for you?