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Court before which I am under bond to appear meets again on the 23rd of November and unless notified that my presence is not required I shall have to be in Richmond, Va. My counsel expected to receive notice dispensing with my attendance because the case would not be tried in the absence of the circuit judge, the Chief Justice Chase, and it was well understood that he could not preside in the Circuit Court, because the term of the Supreme Court would commence in the ensuing week.

Having however been compelled on the two former occasions to go to Richmond and when it was known there would be no hearing, it may be that a like needless journey will again be necessary. We have looked to you for information and advice. I need not say that the lowest rates consistent with comfort will be accepted.

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Their crimes would probably lead to a terrible reaction and their punishment would be more full and therefore more beneficial to the oppressed South, if it were possible to wait so long and yet have life to rise again. The sentiment in this letter is overwhelming, with Davis feeling persecuted, impoverished, and powerless, even as his worst adversaries maraude through the south and prepare to inaugurate Grant and his Republicans into the Execute Mansion.

If Davis borrowed the expression from the Redeemers in composing this letter, that would tend to indicate that he was in sympathy with them and their program. Although its exact genesis is not known, it is possible that some unknown person within the Redeemers originated it. Another scenario is that it was adopted from an early version of a quote that Jefferson Davis used in , and which he borrowed from Thomas Carlyle: The Supreme Court eventually dismissed the charges against Davis, though his U. Each frame is custom constructed, using only proper museum archival materials.

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The South Will Rise Again

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Implicit bias does exist in all of us, regardless of our race. It's fair to say that sure, bias exists in all of us, but I'll tell you this — if you do a search on Instagram for southwillriseagain or confederate, you will not see any dark-skinned people. Not a single one!

Jefferson Davis Hopes the “Oppressed South” Shall “Rise Again”

So maybe don't play the "Bias is everybody's problem" card this time. And while it's disturbing and thoroughly unacceptable that, as Creatore says, his daughter is now "dealing with people threatening her life and calling her some unseemly names," this is not a good moment for the family to go on the defensive about their actions. Creatore says, "She didn't at the time post it with any intention it was going to be perceived as racist… They want to use this photograph and my daughter's involvement in this photograph as a vessel to promote a particular agenda.

I won't stand for my daughter being suspended because I don't believe she's done anything wrong.

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  3. I hope so.;
  4. Perhaps that would help everybody get past this thing? It doesn't help that the girl herself has issued a doozy of a sorry-not-sorry, stating, "I'm sorry that my picture offended people and especially since my initial caption that I changed once I realized people took it seriously , but I'm currently on the Civil War trip learning about the history of our country and this just so happens to be a pretty expletive important part of it. These aren't the Confederate flags in fact, they're the North Carolina regimental flags.

    The South Shall Rise Again

    I'm proud to be a part of my state and I'm sorry my photo was so offensive but I find it appropriate in that I'm honoring heroes that fought to protect their home and families. Creatore is right that kids make mistakes. They are not a demographic famed for keen sensitivity.

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    So here's what you do.