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The Night Lives On

In a Manhattan bookstore, the young adman chanced upon an diary of a British officer who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. An editor and friend soon suggested that Lord turn his absorption with the Titanic into a book of his own. Lord began work on what he considered "the most exciting news story that ever happened. He tracked down 63 of the Titanic passengers and, like a reporter covering some up-to-the-minute tragedy, interviewed them about what he called "a night of horror that those who survived it would never forget.

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Lord not only revived the Titanic disaster and gave it a new status in history, but he also launched a technique of telling history through the eyes of those who lived it. If we study them carefully enough, maybe next time we'll be able to recognize just a little bit sooner a hero or a villain, a leader or a knave In 'A Night to Remember' I tried to get across the point that wealth, position, rank and the like have very little to do with whether a person is good or bad, quick or slow, brave or perhaps not so brave. We get all that somewhere else.

A Night to Remember A GREAT CLASSIC, NON FICTION AUDIOBOOK by Walter Lord, Nathaniel Philbrick

Lord's best-known book was made into a British film of the same title in , in a straightforward documentary style without the intervening love story and other subplots of Cameron's "Titanic. After perfecting his research method--favoring personal interviews or diaries of actual witnesses more than official records and reports--Lord expanded the technique further, even interviewing Japanese pilots for his next book, "Day of Infamy," about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Miracle of Dunkirk

His "A Night to Remember," published in , has never been out of print. Seizure Led to FloJo's Death. His scores make his case. Copyright Los Angeles Times.

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Services John Walter Lord Jr.: A memorial service for John Walter Lord Jr. June 16 in its alumni auditorium, on the campus at Roland Ave.

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Walter Lord says that Francis Scott Key could not have Mock the word of this Lord! Don finally found the villain whom the Shepard voters were against: General Services Secretary Seboda! The British have nerve getting a prime minister that Americans never heard of.

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Why couldn't they pick young Winston Churchill, for our sake? What if the whole world went to war against Iraq, and lost? They recalled him as a prankster, a lifelong learner and a perpetual kid at heart.

The Way It Was: Walter Lord on His Life and Books

They reminisced about his infectious sense of humor, his encyclopedic memory, the intense devotion and loyalty of his friendship. They shared memories of a man who never shied away from celebrating his successes but retained such modesty that he included in his ninth book a credit to the 8-year-old son of a friend who had sent him an elementary school paper on the topic.

Nearly friends of John Walter Lord Jr. Transfixed by the Titanic. Rasmussen, The Baltimore Sun April 7, There is nothing more evocative than looking at or touching an object from, or meeting someone associated with, a dramatic historical event.

Simply said, it puts you there. And that has been my good fortune throughout my life when it came to people and things associated with the RMS Titanic, which sank April 15, , on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York, after colliding with an iceberg off the Grand Banks. My first encounter with the Titanic came on Christmas morning in , when my mother gave my father a copy of the recently published "A Night to Remember," by Baltimore-born and -raised author Walter Lord, whom I would get to know years later.