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Predictably, things once again became hot and heavy.

Her First Gangbang

Really, it was the least she could do after shitting all over his dick. He was just weirded out at this point. While he was showering the ickies away, he heard a knock on his door. He opened and saw his lady love with her car halfway down his driveway. He also took the fall for her killing the cat and told his parents that he did it. When the clothes start coming off, she suggests they use anal beads on her. What followed was a fountain of bloody shit flying all over his face, and the wall right behind his head.

He tells us he needs to get something off his chest about the previous weekend. Apparently he was at a bar, made eye contact with a good looking girl and proceeded to talk her up. She begins by asking him to put them in her, fool around and take them out. Next, she asks him if he wants to try; not being a prude he obliges. Instead of apologizing or ending the sexual escapade due to the unhygienic event that had just unravelled she instead falls backward into the excrement and says 'fuck me in the shit'.

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We never got him to tell us if he humored her or not…". I was pretty smashed after drinking for free all night, and this surprisingly cute chick saunters up and started with the whole, 'oh my god, you like write songs and stuff? While she is mid-sentence, I grabbed her hand and started walking her out the door. We were on her bed, ripping off each other's clothes. Suddenly, in one swift move, she pounced me, knocked me onto my back, jumped on top of me, spun around and started sucking me off, 69 style.

I was totally into it, and started reciprocating. My face was fully between her legs, yet there was this tap tap tap on my forehead. Every couple of seconds, tap tap tap. This tapping continued and started to take me out of the moment. Tyler introduced them as Devon and Rick. Devon looked like the bad boy that my mom would hate, complete with the tattoos and jet black hair. Rick looked more like a guy I could see myself dating. I narrowed my choices down to James and Devon.

The original plan had them just sticking around for a few drinks before heading downtown to one of the bars. They quickly reminded me why I was currently pissed off at the male members of my species. They hit on me and stared at my tits to the point it became uncomfortable. It felt good to be reminded they were other men out there, but it quickly became more than I wanted to deal with that weekend.

Threesome Sex Stories

I was glad Ashley was out on the balcony with me and that they would be leaving soon. I thought she would be back after a few minutes. How long could a stop in the bathroom and a refill in the kitchen take? After Devon undressed me with his eyes for the third time in a minute, I decided to take matters into my own hands as far as my drink. As I opened the sliding glass door that I realized Tyler had also gone missing from the balcony.

Sex Stories : Girl On Girl 👭👭👭 - Erotic Adult Confession

Before I could make a decision the three of them joined me in the kitchen. They involved me in the conversation about beaches, but I barely took part in the conversation other than to nod my head yes. I pictured being in bed with James. Sex with him would be a satisfying workout. Devon would want to do something kinky, pushing me beyond what I felt comfortable with doing. Rick would go out of his way to make sure that he satisfied me before he came.

Okay maybe I could, but it would be pretty awkward for the other two. My next thought I wish I could blame on the alcohol, however I barely had a warm buzz. I imagined myself on my bed with the three of them spread out around me - all of them naked and all of them rock hard and ready for me. The thought left my cotton panties damp. As they talked about fishing I completely stopped listening. What would it really be like to have all three of them? Would I enjoy it or would they just use me?

Thinking of them using me made me squirm against the counter. I took a long sip of my rose colored mixed drink and hoped none of them noticed my excitement. How would I do? Would I just tell them I was horny and wanted to get fucked? The excitement in my body grew and my heart started to pound.

How would they react? What if I just invited them to follow me into the bedroom? Or I could just drop to my knees right there on the kitchen tile. Next time the two of us were alone, I planned to mention a few things to her. Ashley and I were just eighteen but I could already see the two of them getting married. I wanted to get fucked and not just by one of them. What would Ashley say if she came out and saw me bent over the couch and them lining up to fuck me? What would she say the next morning if she came out and discovered all of us missing and my bedroom door closed?

I told her everything.

She knew about my flings. She knew about my one night stands. I could feel the blood flooding through my veins. The room felt one thousand degrees. My panties clung to my wetness. All three of them looked at me.

Group Sex Story - Naughty Threesome with my Roommate

It could either stay as a fantasy or it could become a reality. I took a long sip of my drink, still barely buzzed. I took a deep breath. I leaned back against the counter and pushed out my chest. The conversation stopped mid-sentence. All three of them turned to look at me and their mouths dropped. I put my hand out to stop him. The three of them looked at each other, then me.

I walked between Devon and James towards my bedroom. I remember my bare feet touching the tile, then the carpet as I moved into my room, but it felt like walking through clouds. They followed me into my room, James the last to enter. I looked at him and he shut the door. For some reason I remember the decorations on the walls, all beach and nautical like seashells and a compass that looked like it belong on an old boat. Time stood still and they looked at me like hunters about to attack their prey.

I felt like a piece of meat and I grinned. They stepped forward and I stepped back. I fell on the bed. This was the bed where it would happen. Where my fantasy would become real. It started with hands. I felt a pair of hands on the buttons of my shorts. I felt another pair of hands grope me through my tank top. All three of them looked down at me, their eyes filled with lust.

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My shorts came off and my purple underwear followed. A new pair of hands joined in. I watched James put his hand between my legs, I felt his fingers brush across my lips and I let out a moan. He slid a finger into me and rubbed his thumb across my sensitive clit. My soft moan became loud. I bit my tongue as a last ditch effort. A few moments later my tits were out of the cups of my bra.

I usually hated, actually I hated when guys went straight for my tits, but this time it turned me on.

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  • When Rick released my nipple from my mouth he sat up and I saw Devon again. He stood between my legs with his jeans and boxers around his thighs. He aimed his rock hard cock at me. I wanted to feel them inside of me without anything separating us. I wanted them to cum inside of me. I opened my legs and watched as Devon stepped forward. Time slowed down again. I felt his cock against me and it felt like I could feel every cell of him against me.

    It made my whole body twist with excitement. He pushed into me and time returned to normal. My wetness allowed him to easily push into me.

    He filled me and it was becoming real. No turning back now. He grabbed my hips and I wrapped my hands in the comforter as he began to thrust into me. He fucked me for a minute or two, but before he came anywhere close to a climax he stepped back.

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    Before I knew what was happening next, I felt another cock enter me. I looked up and saw James. Him alone would be a fantasy come true. Him with two other guys, this would be something that I would never forget. His thrusts harder and both of us started to breathe harder. Better than the workout I had imagined. He filled me with pleasure. Right as I started to completely enjoy it, he stepped back.

    I saw Rick coming up next. Devon and James left me nothing to complain about in the size department, but Rick stood erect noticeably larger. He pushed into me and I could feel him stretching me to accommodate him. I increased my grip on the comforter as he started to thrust into me.