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A few gamins , however, were around, in their eyes a suppressed eagerness in anticipation of wonderful and exciting things to happen. Then quiet again, though the gamins had startled and listened, like young deer, at the sound.

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After this, I think, he was as bewitching as the laddie in the barrel to her - Was he not always a laddie in the barrel himself, climbing in for apples while we all stood around, like gamins , waiting for a bite? Charles was poor and ugly, derided by Genevese gamins , and not acceptable in drawing-rooms. It's more Tinkerbell than pixie crop but this gamin gorgeousness is in our style books as one of the must-have short looks of the season.

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State of the teaching art. Des adolescents vetus aux couleurs du Jihad islamique simulent la capture d'un gamin en uniforme israelien. Dans les camps d'ete a Gaza, on mime la guerre a defaut de la faire. French fever grips Toon over latest United signings. The following list is a summary of the things Hugo admires about the gamin: The gamin has a perpetually cheerful manner The gamin, being a child, is naturally "pure" "He is, in his nature, but slightly academic" Hugo The gamin is intrepid The gamin is cautious and clever These are but five of the many commendations Hugo gives to his class of urchins, and the way he represents them makes it very difficult to find any disagreement.

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His strongest representation of the gamin is in the character Gavroche. Here Gavroche shows his cleverness and playful side as he grabs a drunken man the figure on the ground 's cart to add to the barricade.

One should note the gleeful smile on his face as he looks back at the drunken man. Gavroche, despite his misgivings towards his wayward parents, was the epitomy of merriment which of course is one of the trademarks of the gamin. His parents had thrown him out into life with a kick.


He had quite ingenuously spread his wings, and taken flight" Hugo Gavroche is the child of the Thenardiers. He is the middle child, for we later learn that he has two younger brothers besides having two older sisters. He and his brothers live out in the street, and later in the novel, he takes them in.

However, after his death at the barricade where he acted at the forefront , his little brothers are left to fend for themselves.