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After the Didact's exile, things continued to deteriorate on the Forerunner political scene. To remain seen as an asset to the Master Builder, the Librarian proposed an expedition to a local galaxy known as Path Kethona to learn about the Flood's origins. Legend dictated that 10 million years ago, ancient Forerunners journeyed to Path Kethona, but actual records detailing this journey had long since vanished.

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The Old Council approved of this venture and the ship Audacity was constructed for the long journey to Path Kethona. Arriving at Path Kethona, the crew of Audacity would find it seemingly completely devoid of life. However, they discovered that Precursor architecture existed this far out of the Milky Way. Amongst the artifacts was a vast fleet of ancient Forerunner vessels of war.

The Librarian and her crew scanned the Forerunner vessels and found nothing of true interest; any records inside had been destroyed thousands of years ago, as they were uploaded in binary. Eventually, the Librarian, Keeper and Chant discovered a planet with a civilization of primitive Forerunners confined to the planet and lacking any form of advanced technology; however, the planet's ecology is completely based upon Forerunner genetics.

The crew land on the planet to encounter the natives in person. As the Librarian meets the locals in person without armor, an old female, Glow-of-Old-Suns, suddenly bites her. However, this has a practical purpose: The Librarian queries Glow-of-Old-Suns about the origins of her people and is taken to a valley where she learns that the history of the natives is contained within a vast growth of moss - an organic Domain. By accessing this information reserve, she would learn that Warriors drove the Precursors to Path Kethona during the Forerunners' genocidal campaign against their creators ten million years earlier, and that the planet's inhabitants were descendants of Forerunners exiled there as punishment for refusing to partake in the destruction of the Precursors.

Back in the present, we are reunited with the Ur-Didact as he emerges from a stasis-bubble on a broken-down Builder hulk drifting in a Burn, the designation for a Flood infected star system. We learn Sharp lost favor with Faber and Maker was going to give Catalog testimony against Faber, so all three found themselves on the broken ship as well. Their destination is a Flood-infested world called Uthera Midgeerrd.

Eventually a Precursor artifact with slithering star roads appears and threatens to destroy the ship. The Ur-Didact, willing to confront whatever lies in the Precursor artifact, remains on the ship while the others escape; only Catalog stays to accompany him.

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The Ur-Didact and Catalog are captured by the Gravemind and the Ur-Didact's sanity is severely shaken by the resulting encounter. The Gravemind then reveals the true nature of the Precursors. They did indeed reject Forerunners for the Mantle and intended for humans to hold it. The Forerunners did not accept this and drove the Precursors from the galaxy and beyond. Some Precursors survived by going dormant, others became powder that could regenerate their old selves in time, but time rendered it defective and it only created sickness and disease.

The Precursors vowed that none of their creations would rise against them again and that all life would suffer and be in perpetual agony, through their new form as the Flood. Back in the Orion complex, Forerunner defenses continue to fall as formerly dormant Precursor artifacts across the galaxy begin to reactivate, with their immense power bolstering the Flood's already enormous forces.

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The Master Builder is revealed to be alive and well. He rescued the Ur-Didact, who was given power once again.

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  • Arguments ensue and the Ur-Didact reveals the Gravemind drove him mad and that he would not let humans attain the Mantle. The Flood arrives and ravages Nomdagro as the Audacity and Mantle's Approach leave towards the greater Ark, now the last bastion of the ecumene. On the greater Ark, Omega Halo is there in anticipation for a Flood assault.

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    A power struggle ensues between the IsoDidact and other Forerunner commanders who think the Ur-Didact should instead lead them. The Master Builder manages to regain control for him and the IsoDidact by revealing that the Ur-Didact is being used as a pawn for the Gravemind; after Faber had recovered him, the Ur-Didact conveyed him a sadistic message from the Gravemind which had absorbed Faber's family. A massive Flood fleet led by Mendicant Bias arrives and chaos erupts. In that confusion, the Ur-Didact uses a Composer to compose human populations being stored on Omega Halo and retreats towards Requiem.

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    The Librarian follows behind him, grieving for the loss of her humans. I found myself having to re-read sentences or whole paragraphs many times throughout the book to try and visualise the epic vistas he was describing. I had to do that when reading The Lord of the rings too - very descriptive visually which I think some people find slow and boring. Not me, I like it. If you haven't read silentium yet then I suggest not unlocking the classified rebirth video or watching any of the terminal videos either. Once you've read it, unlock the rebirth video and watch that and also watch the terminal videos.

    They'll make much more sense once you've read it. It was so boring in the first pages that I couldn't finish it. Absolutely my favorite of the Forerunner books. It's very well-written and entertaining in my opinion. Not all of the details are spelled out, which is somewhat different from most books, but IMO it makes it more rewarding to mull over what happened and what it means. A perfect example is the part in the book about Genemender. It doesn't come right out and tell you what's going on, but if you really read hard and think you'll get it.

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    Generally good, some parts felt like a slog, but I think that's only because I was so anxious to get to the parts with MB and the Primordial. The plan is for the Halo to position itself in such a way that the planet will pass through the Halo, which will suffer heavy damage but will survive. As the Halo moves towards the planet, Chakas is connected to the Silent Cartographer in order to interface with the Halo and help coordinate its movements. A fleet led by the Bornstellar Didact then appears, and the Didact uses a failsafe code to disable Mendicant Bias. The Didact then enters the Cartographer and commands that the Halo be saved by moving it to an Ark installation for repairs.

    To successfully move through a portal , however, the Halo must shed a large portion of its constituent structure, thus reducing its diameter from 30, kilometers to 10, kilometers. Though heavily damaged, the Halo survives and moves through the portal. The ensuing conversation reveals that the Primordial is actually a Gravemind, and that more Precursors may have survived their war with the Forerunners. The Didact claims that war happened because the Precursors resented any who might take up the Mantle , but the Primordial explains that the Forerunners had been deemed unfit for the Mantle.

    The Primordial asserts that "there is no difference" between the Flood and the Precursors, although it does not reveal the precise nature of their relationship. It also reveals that no human was ever truly immune to the Flood, but the Flood can choose whether to infect or not infect.

    The Primordial states that the Flood is a test to judge a species' worthiness of inheriting the Mantle, stating that the Forerunners are to be eliminated and that humans will be tested next once they rise again. At the conversation's conclusion, the Didact kills the Primordial by activating a reverse stasis chamber that forces the Primordial to go through a billion years of aging in several seconds, causing it to disintegrate.

    Back at present day, the ONI researchers reluctantly accept that the monitor telling the story is actually Guilty Spark , the monitor of Installation In the final segment of the story, Guilty Spark briefly explains what happened after he had become a monitor; he reveals that the Ecumene Council was reinstated and the debates on new strategies against the Flood renewed under the direction of the Didact. He also notes that Riser and Vinnevra survived and were relocated on an Ark under the Librarian's care, with Riser eventually being returned to Earth.

    The book ends with the remains of Guilty Spark's monitor shell being ejected into space after powering down, but not before he injects his data stream into the ship's computer, subdues the shipboard AI and takes control of the ship. He then explains to the crew that he desires to resume his quest to find the Librarian and retrieve the old spirits of Riser and Vinnevra.

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