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Aug 22, Koen rated it really liked it. Bat on his knees May 30, Stewart Tame rated it really liked it. Tom King writes an excellent Batman. The main story in this volume builds upon events from the previous two volumes. Bane arrives in Gotham City, itching for a fight after Batman snatched the Psycho Pirate from his clutches last volume. Alfred serves tea as the two discuss their differences in a calm, civilized fashion … No. One of my favorite sequences was Bane following Batman into Arkham Asylum. Naturally, all sorts of familiar faces are encountered.

My Tom King writes an excellent Batman. My single favorite moment of the whole book was that scene in the rain with Catwoman. Brought tears to my eyes, it did, and that was before I even turned to the last page. It's a scene that longtime fans have been waiting for. After that, King follows with a couple of unrelated standalone adventures, just to torture anyone who doesn't have volume 4 ready to hand. Tom King concludes here the whole "I am Bane being the centrepiece of this third arc it is somewhat But King being the writer it is somehow intellectually brutal.

After taking the psycho-pirate away from Santa Prisca Batman has 5 days to use him to save Gotham Girl's mind-and we happen to understand why it was so important to him btw. But Bane is intent on taking the pirate back with a vengeance. Then the fun really starts with a traumatic Tom King concludes here the whole "I am Then the fun really starts with a traumatic first issue's last page after a funny "bat burger and jokersised fries" scene.

Tension grows up exponentially before exploding in a shockingly violent free fight scene between the two antagonists, concluding rather abruptly without any twist or whatnot. The issue where Bane walks his way through every inmate of Arkham spells filler but it has the virtue of explaining his motivation and delivering some cool lines "I don't have nightmares, I give nightmares"- boy, do I like this one!

So once again King writes excellent dialogues. The "ins" are snappy and clear enough while the "offs" always give me the sensation of insightful double entendre.

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All this while Bats and Bane bash each other's skull in that's the intellectually brutal part. Kinda weird but this is Tom King for you. Then there's an homage to the late Bernie Wrightson involving Swamp Thing, very clever and quite funny but a going nowhere in particular, b not well fitted in this volume. After an interesting discussion between Gotham Girl and Batman on what it is to be a super hero the last issue reveals a final surprise I could tell you but then I'm not sure where it'll go in the long term though.

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The annual is so-so. Two good stories counterbalanced by two lousy ones. Your average multi-stories annual. In conclusion a very good volume. Tom King maintains his position as one of the best writers nowadays and, though I'm not his best fan, David Finch delivers at the drawing board. May 31, Travis Duke rated it really liked it. A big old fist fight with Bane, I'm in. Tom King doesn't get to complicated here and it works, it is a big old fight with Bane with some nice elements with Gotham Girl and cat woman.

There are some shorts stories in the back that are surprisingly good too. The joker dog gave me a good chuckle with Alfred and the Swamp thing was also a good short story. The art is great, nice and clear action with good details Dec 04, Artemy rated it really liked it Shelves: That said, out of the three, this is probably my least favourite — though still not bad by any means.

Like I mentioned before, I'm really not too familiar with Bane as a character. I remember starting one of Chuck Dixon's painfully overwritten Bane comics before quickly abandoning it in favour of something more compelling, but that's pretty much it. Maybe that's why I liked this volume less than the first two — Tom King uses a lot of Bane's past to highlight the parallels between his character and Batman's, and I couldn't appreciate this bit of storytelling to its fullest. Still, I liked a lot about I Am Bane. The beginning scene in the Batburger with Bruce, Damian, Dick and Jason Todd having a banter was outstanding, and made me wish that Tom King would write all their solo series, too to be fair, with DC's generally poor current roster of writers I would love to see him write any and all DC books, especially Superman.

The action scenes in this volume are really intense and cool, the artwork's top-notch as usual, and everybody's characterisation is still on point. The best part of the collection was the very last issue, though — the one where Batman talks with Gotham Girl about the meaning of being a superhero. And in the very end, with that twist between the Bat and the Cat — that's cool, I say! I hope King has some great storyline planned for that. A couple of things did bother me, though, like what actually happened to Dick, Damian and Jason in the end of the first issue?

The wrap up of a fight between Batman and Bane was too abrupt, I would prefer a more clear resolution. He's one of my favourite writers right now, and is clearly incredibly talented. People say that his run is weaker than Scott Snyder's without realising that only half of Snyder's run was good, and he's losing his grip on the character by the minute All-Star Batman was, in my opinion, unreadable — I couldn't even finish the first book. I think King's take on the character is fresh and full of great ideas, and very much worthy of Bat's complex history.

To me, it's even superior to some of Snyder's earlier Bat-books. It just requires a bit more patience and attention to see how good it actually is. Aptil 5, Rating: December 2, Rating: Jul 18, Craig rated it it was ok. The art has been great in these volumes so far. Everything has been building to some sort of epic fight between Bane and Batman in this volume and nothing much really happens.

Tom King's run has been pretty disappointing so far. Mar 15, Perry Gough rated it really liked it. Back to winning ways for Batman before the crossover we have all been waiting for begins! Now I think there is an error with the listing here on Goodreads as I think it must be issues in this graphic novel as I Am Bane story arch has not ended yet and the big crossover starts at issue I am Bane so far has been excellent going into the mindset of Bane and showing how truly dangerous he is.

It's a shame this wasn't released at the same time the Batman film was out as this shows Bane at his Back to winning ways for Batman before the crossover we have all been waiting for begins! It's a shame this wasn't released at the same time the Batman film was out as this shows Bane at his best. The beginning was abit jokey to my liking as Batman for me is a serious character but I recommend you go out and read this arch. Just can't wait for issue 20 to be released. Nov 08, Georgie rated it really liked it.

I love this book from the art to the dialogue in batburger, the humour and the story. I especially love this scene where the robins go out to fight Bane and come back all hanging by ropes, the art in the scene is amazing. Oct 30, Diz rated it it was amazing Shelves: This volume contains the historic Batman proposal to someone close to him, which means that this story is one that will be remembered for a long time, so this volume is worth picking up just for that. In addition, there is a really good Bane story, which makes Bane a much more sympathetic character.

Thanks to this story, I'm now much more interested in reading Bane stories. Finally, one of the bonus stories in the back is an Ace the Bathound origin story. That one was very touching, because it i This volume contains the historic Batman proposal to someone close to him, which means that this story is one that will be remembered for a long time, so this volume is worth picking up just for that. That one was very touching, because it is so obvious that Bruce and Ace, two broken souls, need each other, but Bruce is oblivious to this fact.

Oh, I almost forgot. Bruce eats a hamburger with a knife and fork. Definitely the strongest of Tom Kings run! Oct 12, Cheese rated it really liked it. Bane is badass in this. Batman barricades himself in Arkham so bane has to fight everyone in Arkham and does it with ease. Does batman save the day? Oct 16, Scott S. This reminded me of Grieg's orchestral piece "In the Hall of the Mountain King" - if you don't know it by name you'd recognize the oft-used tune. The "I Am Bane" section starts slow and quiet but then builds to an intense, brash ending.

I suppose some will call it a pointless slugfest, but that's what I was in the mood for that day. An early scene before said carnage at a 'Batburger' fast-food joint with the 'Bat family' was comedy gold, but the two short stories that close the book were just This reminded me of Grieg's orchestral piece "In the Hall of the Mountain King" - if you don't know it by name you'd recognize the oft-used tune.

An early scene before said carnage at a 'Batburger' fast-food joint with the 'Bat family' was comedy gold, but the two short stories that close the book were just okay. Feb 24, Roy rated it really liked it. Great action, the story develops so well with Bane. Kings style is so different to what Ive read from other writers. The action artwork in this was great. Inetersting end set up could go a number of ways. Each thumping footstep as he tromps through Arkham Asylum punctuated with his own name is nothing short of hilarious. Melodrama aside, this volume is actually very good.

The sparse moments of dialogue serve as a concentrated counterpoint to the punches kicks and twirls of violence that dominate this story. An essential read for Batman fans. Use the Sean Connery voice! Dec 15, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: Read as part of Batman: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2.

Jul 08, Ashley rated it it was amazing. I loved this volume! Nov 15, Jesse A rated it really liked it Shelves: Thats some rock solid Batman work right there! TK had some big shoes to fill after Scott Snyder but I'll be damned if he hasnt stepped right up to the challenge. Jan 10, Dan rated it really liked it. Oct 08, Wing Kee rated it really liked it. I think I heard her say her name was Valiant or something like that. The Fantastic Four, the Avengers they are sanctioned heroes whose identity are public but these other heroes are nothing more than costumed vigilantes, masked clowns that are breaking the law by taking it into their own hands.

I know that the police are a bit upset with me for budget cuts but I promise there is a method to my madness and the budget will be restored bigger and better. And once that happens I promise that these vigilantes will be caught and tried to the full extent of the law. Jonah Jameson, who had this to say. I agree with Mayor Gunner. I don't trust men in masks either.

What are they hiding for huh? Real heroes show their faces, they stand up and be accounted for. They are not afraid to show who they really are like my son John Jameson who you all should remember single handedly landed a space shuttle in the Hudson without one single loss of life.

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  5. These vigilantes breed chaos and I'm probably sure they're responsible for the increase in crime; hell some of them are probably committing said crimes as we speak. I hope all of them get the message like Spider-Man did and quit before they end up killing someone. I want every costumed moron out there to listen to me closely; we don't want your help, give up and let the true heroes bring justice back to New York City.

    She had already heard J. Jonah's speech on the costumed vigilantes roaming the streets but she and a few others like Ben and Robbie completely disagreed with him. She and the rest all believed that the vigilantes were a natural response to the influx in crime, and the thinning of police. And few of them like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing were actually making a difference in certain areas but as a whole they still had their work cut out for them.

    She and her mentor Ben Urich, found out that the underworld is in upheaval which is the reasoning behind the spike in crime. The Kingpin Vanessa Fisk declared anarchy however mid-way through the first month she had been killed, thrown out of the window of Fisk Towers, no evidence, no witnesses. The suddenness of her death had only galvanized the underworld to double their efforts to fill the newly cemented power vacuum. It had been eleven months and still no one has claimed the title of Kingpin.

    The police were hard pressed to keep the peace especially when their pay had been cut however thankfully the vigilantes arose and were doing what they could, but there was one vigilante that everyone missed. Indy had been trying to find him or the man behind the mask however her search yielded nothing. She had a few leads, like Mary Jane Watson but the teen was careful and hadn't led her to Peter's whereabouts. Indy sat back in her seat and stretched her aching muscles.

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    The young and intrepid reporter was on a deadline for a new story for the Daily Bugle's blog and after scrolling through the junk mail and looking through the throwaway pile she didn't have anything juicy to show Jonah. A newspaper found its way to her lap. She looked down at the paper, only to see that it was one of the Daily Bugle's rival papers, the Globe.

    Randy was wearing a plain blue and white shirt, dark jeans and sneakers which were a far cry from his nightly costume that he wore with his friends. Randy nodded his head. Indy turned to the page and she searched around it until her eyes landed on a small section that read: She glanced up at him.

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    Eye witnesses say the Hawks were attempting cut competition for their block down to size, however they did not account for these five vigilantes or better yet these five heroes. What makes these five so special? Indy quickly leaned forward in her seat and reached for the flash drive but Randy pulled it out of her reach. It doesn't exactly look right if you catch my drift. I'm gonna own this place one day and I don't want anyone saying that I did it by marrying the boss's son. I think you may be getting ahead of yourself Indy.

    It's just a date; I may not even like you after. Randy smiled and handed her the flash drive which she quickly snatched and plugged into her computer. The computer booted up the drive and a screen popped up with the costumed Flash Thompson taking center screen. We will no longer sit idly by and watch creeps, lowlifes, gangsters or gangs continue to harass the everyday working class people or people who are just trying to live their lives peacefully. We won't allow it.

    The Hawks just found that out the hard way. So let that be a lesson to anyone who thinks they're above the law, anyone who thinks they own this city. We own the night and in case you're wondering who we are, I'll be the first to tell you. And we'll be watching. Indy put a smile on her face and she quickly began to upload the video to her Daily Bugle blog site which had been receiving more than its fair share of viewers and subscribers since its inception.

    She turned to Randy and smiled. He certainly has a knack for it, go figure. I'm sure you'll be getting more than your fair share in the coming days. In the meantime we can be the ones to spread the word that Spider-Man is back and he wants to know where he's needed the most. Ian Grubbs aka R-Dog sat on the hard gray chair in the police interrogation room. He was alone staring at the one way mirror that gave him a clear view of his horrendous black and blue appearance.

    He gingerly touched his clearly broken nose before letting off a few curses in his mind. He couldn't believe his luck, one minute he was patting himself on the back for an easy hit, reclaiming his block for his people and the next he was being kicked in the face by five idiots in costumes. R-Dog clenched his fists together before folding his arms across his chest. He hated himself for what he was about to do.

    He never thought of himself as a snitch but he had two strikes already and with his final murderous crime he was due to be sent to prison for life with no chance for parole. He was not prepared to do that, and so he had no choice but to snitch. This was supposed to be my come back not a nail in my coffin. On the three strike rule and this is his third strike. We have eye witness who put him at the corner of a hit that happened yesterday around eleven.

    He got himself caught by some of the new costumed vigilantes popping up all over the city. I asked him who they were and he says they call themselves Spider-Man. Terri recoiled a bit at the news because at the mention of the name she was brought back to the last time she saw him, eleven months ago. The light was dim but she remembered his heart-broken face. Who could he have info on that we would want to hear? Terri slowly turned away from the mirror and looked at Jean. The Owl was a name she hadn't heard in a very long time. A would be crime boss from back in the day. I remember him well mostly because of how weird he looked; it's amazing how some things stick with you.

    My sister and I had just graduated the academy and we had been assigned our beats when in walks the weirdest looking man I had ever seen. He winked at me and just thinking about it gives me the chills and not in a good way. He was under investigation for a few murders but his lawyer bailed him out. It wasn't long after that I heard he was run out of town by the Kingpin. I was working a cold case that had links to him and it looks like he's trying to make a comeback. We need a win and if we can get the Owl off the streets before he's got a good footing then we'll be that much closer to regaining some semblance of control among the craziness out there.

    If I like it we do a deal for reduced time or something. The acting Captain and Lieutenant stumbled against the mirror and that's when they both caught sight of the two huge water pipes bursting out of the solid cement ground and into the interrogation room, spilling water everywhere. Jean narrowed her eyes for a moment but they widened in realization at what was happening.

    R-Dog scooted away from the water in terror as he saw it pull together and begin to rise upward.

    Dimitri from Stoke On Trent - Just Sayin' Really

    He was shocked to see that the water quickly began to form into that of a young man with dirty blonde hair and a cocky smirk upon his lips. Jean and Terri fired their weapons but the bullets harmlessly passed through the man's chest and head. He turned to them and held out his hand. He then turned away from the two women and towards the snitch. You make a deal with the Owl and then at the first sign of trouble you go snitching.

    When you snitch he gets really upset. When he gets upset he contacts me and interrupts my fun with the ladies and then I get really upset. When I get really upset people die. The job was a lock b-but I got beat up by these idiots calling themselves spider-man. You need to tell me everything, right damn now you filthy snitch!

    I need to know if it was Spider-Man that kicked your ass? R-Dog gurgled some words which made no sense and so Hydro-man reluctantly loosened his grip. Hydro-man narrowed his eyes. He had been itching for a rematch with the webbed wonder ever since his defeat several months back. He had been looking for the wall-crawler but since his battle with the Green Goblin no one has seen him in eleven months and it only made his water boil with anger. He then made tendrils of water shoot into his nose and mouth, filling his lungs and stomach with water.

    Hydro-Man kept filling, filling and filling him with water making him swell like a balloon and suffocate at the same time. Came the sickening sound of him bursting in a shower of water and blood. Terri recoiled as some of it splashed upon her and Jean who had a look of horror upon her face as well. The Lieutenant raised her weapon and let off a few more rounds hoping that it would do something to the watery fiend.

    He cocked his head to the side as the bullets harmlessly passed through him again. Hydro-Man made his body turn into water and he drifted towards them, his water mixing with the blood and guts on the ground slightly. I don't know if he told you anything but just to be on the safe side, I'm gonna have to kill the both of you too. Terri stared up at him as he exited the interrogation room and into the small hallway. He towered over them a little. She was frightened but she knew if she didn't do something both of them were going to die.

    Terri glanced to the left where she spotted a fire extinguisher secured to the wall. She took a deep breath and raised her gun and let off a single round. Came the sound of the bullet hitting the extinguisher and bursting it open and spraying Hydro-Man. Hydro-Man quickly made his water recede back into the bloody interrogation room where he slid back into the pipes and through the New York City water system.

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    Sally glanced to the right and spotted Jason's cell phone ringing. She looked towards her sleeping boyfriend and then reached for the phone and looked at the caller Id. At the sight of the name she gritted her teeth and roughly shook him awake. She's your Ex and I'm not really comfortable with the two of you talking to each other. Jason laid back down and at that moment his phone rang again. Sally grabbed the phone before he could and swiped to the left not bothering to look at the caller ID.

    The plan worked like a charm. Kong tucked his head and rammed his shoulder into the thug that tried to stab him in the neck. The large teen called up his days in football and used his height, weight and momentum to carry the thug across the grass and right into a tree. All the air left the thug's lungs. Kong rose up and punched him in the face several times before throwing him to the ground.

    The large costumed teen turned around to see his fellow Spider-Men fighting tooth and nail with the local gang that was trying to get a foot hold in the area that Jewel used to protect before she too disappeared. Kong liked her the minute he heard about her and he had wanted to meet her just like he wanted to meet Spider-Man however his dreams had been dashed because both were gone.

    He often wondered about what happened to them but that was only during his free time, and lately he hadn't had much of it, especially tonight. He and the other had been going all over town helping those in need and it made him feel good. Kong spotted another thug running towards him and so he grabbed his fallen bat and he squared his shoulders. Sally kicked the horrendously dressed female thug in front of her before turning and swinging her hockey stick and smacking the guy that choking Jason in the head. The sudden strike gave Jason enough time to punch the guy in the stomach and then throw him into the fountain water.

    Randy whacked the tall burly man in front of him in the knees with his bat and then brought the wooden weapon upwards and directly into the man's chin, knocking out several teeth in the process. He then kicked the man in the chest and sent him to the ground groaning in pain. The teen looked towards the scared sorority girls that were standing off to the side as well as a thin, beaten young man that had been walking with them. Randy and the others had arrived in time to stop the thugs that were beating on him and looking to harm the young women. Join them if you dare! I held back a few tears this morning as I dropped off some last minute donations to the Caledon Community Services Santa Fund.

    The space is overflowing with toy I was told well over families will be sure to have a Merry Christmas thanks to the incredible kindness and generosity of our community. So proud to call Caledon home. The Town of Caledon is considering the impacts of private retail cannabis stores and whether they should be located within the community.

    December 18, , 5 - 7 p. Complete a short survey: Certain cauliflower, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce. Industry is recalling certain cauliflower, red leaf lettuce and green leaf lettuce produced by Adam Bros. The affected products described below have been imported from Adam Bros Farming Inc.

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    Consumers, retailers, restaurants and institutions should not sell, use or consume the recalled products described in the Notice. Find the list of recalled products here http: Residents will be able to drop in and get answers to their January 5, — 10 a. January 12, — 10 a. January 19, — 10 a.