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Homeopathic Medicine, Acute Prescribing.

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References in periodicals archive? Varying these parameters, several mother tinctures can be prepared and their potencies can be raised. A strategy for structural exploration of homeopathic medicines.

What is mother tincher in homeopathy?How to use mother tincher?

This paper presents results of studies carried out by researchers at the Amala Cancer Research Centre in Kerala, India, on the cytotoxic effects of a range of homoeopathic mother tinctures and potencies on various types of cancer cells grown in tissue culture. Bleeding from Lungs Enlargement of Liver Enlargement of Spleen Enlargement of Uterus Gall Stones and Biliary Colic High Blood Pressure Obesity, Fatness, Corpulency Palpitation of Heart Pit of Pox Prostate Gland Hypertrophy Rheumatism and Gout Suppression of Urine Aegelefolia and Aegele Marmelos Andersonia or Amoora Rohitaka Aqua - Ptychosis Arjun - Terminalia Arjuna Atista Indica or Glycosmis Pentaphylla Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum Boletus Laricis - Polyporus Officinalis Caesalpinia Bonducela - Quninia Indica - Nata Want to Ship Outside India.

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