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She is much like Emma, playing the matchmaker. I am now going to read my first Jane Austen book, Emma of course! View all 3 comments. Mar 09, Olivia rated it liked it Shelves: One of those books that are fun to read, but also a little annoying. Ever since living in England I get a annoyed with the "American girl falls in love with a handsome, British guy" story-line.

Oh, not to mention he's as moody as Mr. Darcy and has this perfect posh accent.

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  3. Tea with Emma.

There did seem more of a focus on looks than true love in this story. They didn't even know much about each other when they kissed!!!

But all that being said, I did like the story and want to read the others: View all 5 comments. Sep 02, Loraine rated it liked it Shelves: This is the second book I have read in The Teacup Novella series. I really liked the first one I read: A Christmas Peril which was the last in the series. This one was the first, and I found the characters somewhat immature for their age especially Maddie. Their antics on the plane ride home from England and her attitude towards the unknown Englishman when he is hit by the flying wheel from Lainey's bag were somewhat off putting.

I did see some growth in Maddie as she learned her lesson from her This is the second book I have read in The Teacup Novella series. I did see some growth in Maddie as she learned her lesson from her matchmaking attempts with Lainey. Easy enjoyable read but not as good as some of Moody's other writing. This story was nice but not for me. The modern christian version of Emma was a deception. I dont like the multiples references to God, especially in Ian's conversion, which was very quickly to seem realistic The modern turn whit Laney and her ciber boyfriend was inteligent and I like the frame of Maddie story, that was the story of the author, Lucy, who had inherited the tea cups from an excentric aunt.

But I don't recommend this book. The end was so quickly, he didn't speak to her but he apol This story was nice but not for me. The end was so quickly, he didn't speak to her but he apollogized and declared his love to her in the only civil conversation they had, and he did it when she was feeling miserable because of her fight whit her best friend!!!

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  • An all the chears in the opening?! Oct 07, Nora Petralli Charles rated it did not like it. This sugary-sweet story opens by introducing us to Lucy, a writer who is in the midst of struggling with writers block and a deadline around the corner. She receives an elegantly decorated china teacup in the mail, an inheritance from her late Aunt Lucille. The small teacup gives her inspiration for the novella. They animatedly discuss opening a tea room in their home town. An English passenger seated ahead of them repeatedly chastises them for their boisterousness. It is there where our main characters meet.

    What ensues is your typical formulaic love story with Christian overtones. The characters, unfortunately, lacked any depth. Even written as a novella, there is still room to develop more characterization. The flighty dialogue did not fit the age of Maddie and Lanie, but of two teenagers in a high-school cafeteria. I was disenchanted by the story.

    It was certainly not my cup of tea. Oct 28, Victoria Minks rated it liked it. It was a nice light plotline--I did enjoy that. I didn't care for the rather heavy emphasis on good looks--it seemed to be almost more important than personality or good character to the main characters in the story. I also found some of the writing to be a bit awkward But, that said, it was a cheerful, fun book.

    I quite liked the idea of the tea room--that would be so much fun.

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    Aug 03, Laura rated it really liked it. Somewhere between a 4 and a 5 I really did enjoy this book, and I have every intention of finishing the series. The characters are very appealing, and the subject matter is clean, romantic, and entertaining. Jul 03, Bekah rated it liked it. This was my first book by this author and I quite enjoyed it. This series was a very clever idea with the different tea cups each having a different story behind them and I thought that this particular story, Tea with Emma was very sweet. Maddie and Lainie were both very likeable characters.

    Series: Teacup Novellas

    This book opens with them returning from a trip to England exploring the world of Jane Austen and coming back having had a wonderful time. Another character is also introduced in this first scen This was my first book by this author and I quite enjoyed it. Another character is also introduced in this first scene, the quite grumpy British professor, Ian Grant.

    As Maddie works to open her own tea room, she tries her hand at match making, at which she thinks she has talent for, but quickly discovers that she has gotten herself into a heap of trouble. I really liked the lessons Maddie learned in this story. She realized that she can't control other peoples' lives, including the people they chose to date, and when she does try, feelings get hurt and it's just a big mess. I really liked the advice Maddie's grandmother gave her about stopping match making; especially with her best friend, Lainie.

    This was a very sweet, simple story and was pleasant to read. Over all, I really liked Maddie's personality, how she always tried to look on the bright side of things and bless other people. Her caring heart was very sweet to read of. This story was also quite humorous; there were several times where I found myself shaking my head and thinking: One more thing that I really liked that was unique with this book was the prologue and epilogue shown from the author's point of view.

    I thought that it was a pretty clever idea and I really liked it. What I Didn't Like: I'm afraid that there were some things that I didn't really like. I didn't like that whole scene. And some of the language that was used I didn't care for. Nothing super horrible that I haven't heard before and isn't common in this world and I know people have different standards when it comes to language, but it bothered me to read a book with some of the word choices that were in it. All that to say, I give this book 3 stars for a sweet story and a good ending.

    May 17, Bridget rated it liked it. This was a cute story.. And I adore them all! But, thinking over the story, it's a sweet story with a message Which I won't tell here because for who ever reads it.. I want them to see it on their own. The main character in this book? There were many times I wanted to shake her, smack her in the back of the head and tell her to This was a cute story..

    There were many times I wanted to shake her, smack her in the back of the head and tell her to leave Lanie alone and let her live her life Many times, Lanie tried to find ways to let her know in subtle ways but Maddie wouldn't listen and it put a major strain on their friendship Did it end it? Well, you will have to read the story for that part. This book is for those who like clean, God centered books without it being shoved down your throat.

    It's not long, and a quick easy read for those who like books like this It wasn't as quick of a read for me as it could have been because well, it had its slow moments and I was also reading another book as well decided to just focus on this one eventually so I could get it finished, otherwise, I probably wouldn't have because many times, I thought about just deleting it from my Kindle and not finishing it but I wanted to.

    This was a book I got free from amazon. But even if it's no longer free, it shouldn't cost too much I believe there are at least two other books in this 'Series'. The next book in this series is: And the 3rd and final book that I know of is: I probably won't get to these other books for a while, just to give myself a break from them. If I try to read them now, I'd probably end up hating the series because they are not typically what I read and totally outside the box for me.

    But they are cute none-the-less Aug 19, Joleen rated it really liked it Shelves: THIS is what a novella is supposed to be! I'm not generally a novella reader because they just frustrate me.

    Tea With Emma The Teacup Novellas Book 1

    Normally a novella should really be a book. They seem shortened so everything happens too quickly, or there seems to be way too much left out Not so with this series. In this book, two best friends from Texas are given an opportunity to go to England. While there they come up with an idea to go into business creating a Jane Austin-esque tearoom in their southern town.

    Tea with Emma (Book One of the Teacup Novellas)

    On the airplane ride home, as they chatter like magpies about all their experiences in England, a grumpy British man is so irritated he keeps telling them to pipe down and gets quite adamant about not wanting to hear their prattle. Ends up he's an English professor going to a new job in the same town as the two friends. Paths cross as they end up to be neighbors, and it's nasty at the start. Maddie decides to be a witness to him by leaving him baked goods or being kind, even though he's a poophead.

    Eventually her kindness wins him over. But in the meantime she blows it with her best friend as she tries matchmaking and it really doesn't work out well. Love the way Ms Moody writes. I doubt I will read very many novellas other than this series, because these spoiled me. Sep 27, iamnotabookworm rated it really liked it Shelves: Tea with Emma is a story within a story.

    The first story is about Maddie Cooper. Maddie just came from a Jane Austen tour from England and was so inspired to start her own English tea shop in Austin,Texas. And like Jane Austen's Emma, she thinks she is a natural matchmaker. Only to find out that she isn't. I have not read Emma by Jane Austen but because of this book I wanted to read it. Jane Austen is like every girl's favorite writer.

    I liked Pride and Prejudice but I just hadn't gotten to readi Tea with Emma is a story within a story. I liked Pride and Prejudice but I just hadn't gotten to reading the rest of her works. I will try find time to do just that. I will try to sneak it in between reading contemporary writers. I had fun in this book.

    A light read and makes you feel good. Aside from the fact that I love tea which what this book is about, it gives off a really relaxing vibe. Just like drinking a hot cup of tea. It settles your nerves and it would make you feel like all is well in the world. The book is also funny. I like how Maddie is so clueless as to how other people feel about her because she's too focused on her matchmaking. I give the book four hot steaming cups of tea served in bone china tea cups. I really enjoyed the book and would love to read the next books in the series. This is what me and my friends would call a classic example of inspirational romance.

    Thank you Diane Moody. Full review on http: Jan 31, Gigi Ann rated it liked it. Can Maddie find a love for her unapproachable new neighbor, Fresh from a Jane Austen tour in England, Maddie Cooper returns home to Texas, determined to bring a touch of "Austen to Austin. Will Maddie finally find true love? I am always drawn to books that have a Jane Austen theme. Some I love and some I hate, however, this one had a fun twist on Ms. Austen's Emma, which is my favorite Jane Austen book. I love the cover and the fact that it is about tea, tea parties and tea rooms.

    I love anything about Austen and Tea things. This was such a cute story, not only was it cute, but it was a fun quick story to read in an afternoon or evening. The book is "G" rated, a light romance, a few hugs and kisses. He was always a good sport. She wagged her tail vigorously, cocking her head to one side to study the mysterious box. Another weather radio to protect us from the storms? I scratched behind her left ear. Hmm, perhaps a case of Mace to carry on my next trip to New York? She knows him well. With the tape sliced, I opened the box, pawing through an enormous supply of Styrofoam popcorn.

    What could possibly need this much packing? I pulled it out, knowing immediately what it was. Tears stung my eyes. For a moment, I had trouble finding my next breath. I blinked away the moisture blurring my vision and unwrapped the many layers of tissue. A delicate bone china teacup, with tiny hand-painted flowers in rose and amber resting against airy green fronds.

    Ornate oval frames scrolled in gold surrounded each small cluster of flowers here and there. A narrow gilded leave-like pattern rimmed the scalloped edge of the cup. Sophisticated and elegant, every hand-painted brush stroke more beautiful than the next. As I closed my eyes, I saw her. Her secret was safe with me. She always took time first thing every morning to apply makeup to her pale complexion. A little reinforcement to the eyebrows, a dash of blue shadow on her crinkled lids, a wisp or two of mascara to her fine lashes. Then came the rouge she so loved, kissing those powder-dusted cheeks.

    And the ever-present Parisian Rhapsody highlighting her lips, always the perfect companion for the bright shades of purple and turquoise she loved to wear. In my mind, I watched as she lifted the cup I now held in my hand, her pinky raised, taking a sip of hot chamomile. I watched a much younger version of myself mimic her every move. Each cup and saucer had a story—anecdotes she eagerly shared with me, her eyes aglow with memories of exotic trips abroad.

    It was the summer of my tenth year. My parents were overseas for a conference, and I had been so thrilled to take my first airplane ride to Chicago. There I would stay with my aunt and uncle while Mom and Dad were away. And I adored her. She spoiled me rotten, and I loved every moment of it.

    We browsed the wondrous aisles of Marshall Fields downtown. We explored fabric shops tucked in the Garment District of the Windy City. We went to a theater in the round. Best of all, I got to witness the miraculous assembly of her Hazelnut Almond Torte, an extraordinary masterpiece with twelve layers that took three days to make—a cake for which she was famous. I caught myself licking my lips, remembering the blended flavors of that incredible delicacy. I looked down, fingering the exquisite cup cradled in my hands. My aunt loved to read.

    And her love of books was highly contagious that summer. She told me all about Miss Austen, the English author whose famous Regency romances had captured hearts for centuries. It was the beginning of my life-long love affair with the written word. Just one month ago today, my father called to tell me his sister, my precious aunt and namesake, had died in her sleep. The funeral was a blur to me now.

    Tea with Emma (Book One of the Teacup Novellas) » Read Online Free Book

    I returned a few days later, leaving Mom and Dad to sort through her will and all of her possessions along with Stephen and his family. I was already way behind deadline before I left for the funeral. When I returned, I plowed into a brick wall instead of a manuscript.

    I must have deleted at least a dozen false starts, each one as bad as the one before it. I began to hate the characters that kept vying for my attention and gladly deleted them off the page. Which, of course, left me with nothing but empty pages. Whatever the heck that was. And as I marked each day off the calendar, the pressure mounted, making my creative juices quite literally disappear.

    That was three weeks ago. An envelope floated to the surface of all that popcorn. The delicious chats we had. Her endearing patience as I rattled on and on about my serious crush on Rodney. Or was it Jared? The spell-binding stories she shared about the handsome Northwestern student who courted her, married her, then enlisted in the Army Infantry after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

    See a Problem?

    I always hung on her every word. Suddenly my head began to explode with ideas.