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Before gas turns into the first manifestation of the Gross, it evolves through Subtle stages. None of the scientists knows about these Subtle forms of gas before its first manifestation in the Gross. Subtle gas very gradually turns into Gross form such as hydrogen, oxygen, etc.

In the nebulae, in all heavenly bodies and in the planets there is evolution. All of evolution begins from the nebulae. The Subtle stages begin from the beginning of the nebulae, which are at the source of Subtle energy Pran and Subtle space Akash. Meher Baba, 23 May , Meherabad, LM5 p Our universe simply did not begin as nebulae for it began from a most finite point of compacted Pran Subtle energy , Akash Subtle space , and forms of real subtle gases.

Our universe began from the Big Bang which remains the most difficult period of time to fully comprehend due to our inability to peer back in time and measure what actually occurred and when behind the cloak of literal darkness. I have no doubt that what Meher Baba is referring to are galaxies made up of innumerable nebulae as star birthing regions of our universe.

When Master was writing or speaking of such things, science was unaware of the Big Bang and that Black Holes existed other than theoretically as perfect black bodies. Universe occurred having the Space, Energy and Matter I. What ever occurred within the Beyond God state is followed by the evolving Paramatman and Oversoul that did form Universe where we may study these phenomena in great detail with fidelity due to the use of the scientific method.

Universe forms much as did the OM point which occurred instantaneously as the infinite relativity. Universe formed over time from products of the Infinity imprinted with the Properties of Infinity. The Universe that calved all of the universes by its very nature was formed over time and not instantaneously as the most finite OM point occurred quite naturally and unbeknownst to the Divinity until the Avatar Awoke on Earth some 84 million years ago and realized Reality.

This is a great aggravation to me personally for what we know must have occurred in some form. Specifically, the Avatar discusses compaction of energy, space and gases which ignited the nebula to blaze with Light from the real infinite Nothing which is an infinite subtle space within the Paramatman that accomodates Universe. Beyond-Beyond In this state God cannot converse with us in illusion because He is neither conscious nor unconscious of either illusion or Himself. In Sub-State C God can absolutely converse openly with us, because He is humanly incarnate as a living Perfect Master, with a gross physical body.

This State corresponds precisely with State X.

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God as Emanator, Sustainer and Dissolver. GS These three attributes are expressed in every conscious soul immersed in illusion; each human being is his own Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer in the very act of experiencing the illusion. In this state God is Unconscious of Himself Reality.

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God as Embodied Soul pre-evolutionary gas-like forms. God as Soul in the State of Evolution stone through monkey. God as human soul in the State of Reincarnation gross conscious human being immersed in illusion. God in the State of Spiritually Advanced Soul experiencing Himself as a pilgrim or wayfarer on the first six planes of consciousness. God as the Divinely Absorbed experiencing Himself as a 7th plane Majzoob, i. GS We therefore see that there is no State of God experiencing Itself as God and also the world that is without a physical body.

The only One that has experience of Its divine trio-nature of Power, Knowledge and Bliss, and uses them, is an embodied living Perfect Master. I have assumed Infinity is a Real and a discoverable fact, resident within nature itself and is demonstrateable. I assume both the macro and micro worlds are discoverable and exist as a product of nature and the quantum realm is directly attributable to the Astrophysical realm and visa versa.

Further and as an adjunct, the a priori and a posteriori em pirical experience of the human being is capable of integration and synthesis as reflected in the natural world based in science as the observer. I assume the preponderance of the scientific data we have thus far amassed and used on our behalf is fairly accurate as a physical system of nature.

The Eighth Commandment by Lawrence Sanders

I assume the Standard Model of both quantum and astrophysical findings are based in very accurate measurements and is correct within the assumptions of the physical arrangements of energy and matter as stated in the Standard Models. Undoubtedly, folks will think this idiot, me, could not possibly have a fundamental insight into the nature of reality, except folks like Einstein, Newton, Hawking, Guth and others who have glimpsed fundamental underlying truths of the constituents of the nature of the nature.

I have assumed that there is an Avatar and the last time he was here he was Avatar Meher Baba much as Christ or Buddha or Mohammad was in past ages of man. This assumption is based in the work of Evans-Wentz and other early Scholars of note and the written works and commentary surrounding Meher Baba and his followers and lovers. As an aside, I must say I am not a religious person in the normal sense of the word. In normal parlance, folks would likely say I am a very spiritually oriented person which is correct as well.

I am a fully aware transcendental being awaiting transition to a life immortal if found to be extremely responsible by the Powers that be who have come before me. What I detest above all things ethical and moral is dogmatism and its rhetoric for this disease is based in greed due to the incoherence of others and the manipulation these others are placed in by the intolerant so that the weak and poor are subject to first class exploitation. You know, the Amerikan capitalist way or the highway. So, I have worked on this problem for decades and I think I have found fundamental insight into a solution that unifies all field theories that actually operate as observed.

Postulation and Hypothesis theory - Universe is the actuality of a mathematical geometry existing as: It is not possible for something that is defined as finite that can then encompass all of infinity as well. Geometrical Proof of Theory Follows: The tetrahedron above is symbolic as a reflection of the Divine and Infinite Tetragrammaton, but in universe as the Relativity. There is the idea of dimensions and what dimensions account for relativity and are these dimensions derived from Superstrings or Mem-Branes as suggested by our physics. There are ten dimensions and rather than being finite, all of the Ten Dimensions are Infinite Properties of a Unified Being.

I will have much more to say along these lines but briefly these Infinite Dimensions of the One Unified Infinity are actually the result of the Infinity Awakening to its own Infinite state. These infinite dimensions become the aspects of the one extant Infinity in the process of evolution. This is the Original Infinity, completely unaware of existence, which has never moved.

Due to the accident of Duality which is the OM point, the God state of Ishwar manifested as the Infinite Creator, Sustainer and Dissolver of a finite relativistic state expanding and returning to the Infinity. The Reality of Relativity as a finite process and reality with the Infinite was the causation of Time which only exists as the relativity.

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Universe is finite relativity becoming infinite by Inflation and God IS Infinity Creating this phenomena by formless and colorless impulsive imagination. In a very real sense Dr. Fred Hoyle and before him, Dr. Einstein, with their ideas of Steady State Universe where not far from the mark for as long as there is Latent Potentiality expressing Creation a steady state of matter will ensue from the Infinity expressing Everything in the Nothing.

Only the Sadguru may Synthesize all that is differentiated as a coherent whole most human beings are entirely unaware exists and operates as process and reality. Science is religious thinking and religious thinking is science when synthesized consciously and correctly with those who choose the Path of discrimination. Again, the finite by its very nature resides within the infinite and not the other way around.

In my mind this represents a Law and a Property of the Infinity. For instance, we may not say water does not run up hill for water may be made to do so in at least two ways.

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Facts do not represent truth. Truth is derived from a differentiation, integration and synthesis of facts which point to truth. Evidence supports that Earth is round or does it. Only the truly self induced ignorant may have this argument. After all we live and die within an Illusion of Reality. We are not the most intelligent species in universe but due to our balance between head and heart we are capable of involution of consciousness and Sahaj Samadhi.

Trance, which the Sufis term "Haal" and Vedantists term "Bhav," is just a momentary ecstasy which, in the true spiritual sense, has no great value. During this state of Haal one feels unconscious of his surroundings and of his own body, but is conscious of an overpowering force of bliss pouring in on his soul. As soon as this Bhav ends, he is just his ordinary self.

Yoga Samadhi and Tantrika Samadhi have no importance, spiritually. In these Samadhis, one feels at peace with everything and everyone, and finally finds his mind still, but as soon as this Samadhi is over, he is again his ordinary self. Most Yogis, after these Samadhis, feel the strain of illusion even more.

It is like taking intoxicants; one feels in harmony with everything for a while, but when the intoxication is over, one gets a headache. So, Yoga Samadhi, Tantrika Samadhi are like getting drunk completely. One feels like an emperor, as if one could do anything; but as soon as it is over, one feels the stress and strain again. In Nirvikalpa Samadhi, which the Sufis call "Fana," and which means passing away from selfhood to the union with God, the soul identifies itself with God.

This Samadhi is the real Samadhi, Fana. Here one becomes God.

The Marlow Chronicles

During this Samadhi, he has no consciousness of body, energy, mind, universe, but is only conscious of the Self as God. Very, very few, it is said, get this Nirvikalpa Samadhi, and these few only rarely. Very few such regain normal consciousness; but one who does regain normal consciousness has Sahaj Samadhi. To have Sahaj Samadhi means that spontaneously and simultaneously one is always in Nirvikalpa Samadhi, and yet is also fully conscious of the universe. Such a one, when he speaks, eats, moves about, plays, or does anything, is enjoying Nirvikalpa Samadhi all the time.

He is called a "Qutub" which, in Persian, means the Center of everything — the pivot. He is now on every plane of consciousness, one with God, even on the level of an ant, and simultaneously he is functioning in the gross, subtle and mental worlds; yet he is above everything. Sahaj Samadhi means effortless Oneness. It is as simple and automatic as moving the hands or winking the eyelids. This is not Sahaj Samadhi, but Sahaj Dhyan.

The Eighth Commandment

Even while eating, drinking, working, while looking at motion pictures, or attending to your business, you will still feel that Baba is with you. This is Sahaj Dhyan. After all, have we not been taught our whole lives there is a wise bearded God up there somewhere watching over us? The Avatar is the pure example of emotional maturity from the emotional intelligence and Infinite Consciousness fused as the Unitary Divine Beings. In a very real sense this is now True due to the Awakening of the Avatar upon Earth some 84 million years ago.

Prior to that moment, God Ishwar as the emanator, sustainer and dissolver created Earth quite without a specific conscious design populated by human beings. I am sure this information chokes some of those who want a less messy explanation for existence, except this is the case. We, Human Beings, are ultimately responsible for our own salvation either in Liberation or Realization which requires Liberation to do. What amazes me is all of this is an Illusion, even realizing God, yet this is the truth of it and the knowledge to surrender to ones inner Self and annihilate the limited ego mind spirit for the Soul.

As near as it is possible to ascertain, science as q uantum mechanics and astrophysics supports and compliments everything I have stated. Rock is the first stage of our human spirit soul forming. We do not fuse with or possess our soul until we come to the fifth plane of consciousness and the abode of the so called Angels. This Creation Chart is found in God Speaks as an attached loose leaf poster since the second edition printing.

We certainly are capable of refining our search, based on frequencies at which the universe resonates discreetly much as Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is the SETI focus and work. It looked like an egg shaped Sun changing and pulsing from red to yellow to orange to any number of colors my mind simply could not take in at once for it was huge and bright and kaleidoscopic, occupying a geographical feature called a Saddle some half mile from our front door just at ending evening nautical twilight EENT. I was about 14 years old and I told my Mother we must go outside for something is coming.

We went out and saw this huge pulsating device which released an invisible probe that made a metallic beeping sound repeated in a pattern beginning shortly thereafter. For many years I had no idea how to explain what I witnessed. No doubt what we observed alone and far from other people was guided by intelligence, especially the beeping sound which I write about in detail in The Metaphysical Experiences of Jack Sanders.

I mention all of these various points of epistemology for all of these items are part of a whole process which continues to evolve. The idea that God does not change and does not evolve is ridiculous on the surface. Even God writes books explaining in great detail with specificity how this is so. Einstein, I prefer to visualize what I think passes for a good representation of reality both Divine and Relativistic.

The Nothing provides a real infinite subtle space to portray the Illusory and Maya components of the Shadow of God where the creative and impulsive Imagination of God, in part, is the fluff of Nothingness as Universe. Everything comes from nothing I. I always see or visualize the real infinite Nothing as a cold and wet dripping expanse of pregnant space containing the potentiality and actual Nothingness as universe.

As the Everything seeks to return to the nothing, the infinite intelligence thinking perfectly and reflected by the Infinite Consciousness of the Avatar keeps both forms of relativistic light entwined and in harmonious stasis with Infinite Light. The Infinite Consciousness of the Avatar contains the infinity of the Infinite Unconsciousness as well. The universe formed in actual time and its dimensions did not form at once, the third dimension forming last. Now, whether Universe came at once from the OM point which I strongly doubt. The processes that lead to universe are mirrored images of what occurred instantaneously at the OM point where the factor of Time is introduced, due to actual finite relativistic motion, which by necessity requires time to accomplish, and is very much the opposite of the Real Infinity where time does not exist except as Eternity.

The mechanism it turns out IS the OM point. Universe on the other had is formed in actual finite time increments. It is the compaction process within the real infinite Nothing I. Whether infinite subtle space, energy and subtle gases came from OM and then produced Universe or whether these forces came about metaphysically does not matter for in order to create universe, the creator requires the intelligence of infinite perfect thinking to accomplish universe as pure Impulsive and Creative Imagination.

Perfect infinite thinking is not dissimilar from mathematics of the highest order and best exemplifies rational intuition of the human brain and conscious mind. This state of human consciousness referred to as an attainment is not actually an attainment, since we are born with full consciousness and choose to become enmeshed in the Illusion and Maya, the drama queen.

Time becomes the modus operandi of nature to think infinitely to create Universe which is equally illusory, and all we do seems to be driven by time which really does not exist unless measured relativistically. These are known as Properties whereby the Infinite Light and the Love that transmits this Infinite Light in relativistic time are the two forms of finite or relativistic light we refer to as Attributes of Properties. I use Property and Attribute to show change or evolution in Infinity. The Gross World Sphere moves like pond water due to its evolved nature as nature.

Over time, the OM point supplied the constituent parts which provide a infinite space for Universe to exist, and within this space compacted infinite subtle Energy Pran , with infinite subtle Space as the Nothing from out of OM and initially unknown, and the infinite subtle forms of gas to create the most first Universe and the Nothingness. Our universe and the creation itself as multiverse and other theories pales before the Infinity which governs and is creation.

There are things which occur within the Impulsive imagination of God we humans know nothing about. All of the Relativity that exists within the Paramatman appears finite when compared to the Infinity of God. The truly interesting thing about all of this talk of superconsciousness is to come to the knowledge that human feelings, our emotions, are really the issue between the tug of mind with how we actually feel about any number of things.

It is not the superior intellect that locates God but rather the v ery fine nuances of feeling and its meaning that bring the Love of God into our hearts much as our care for our fellow beings in need of our mercy and grace brought by the kindness of a personal God much as Christ is received by the humble of heart.

The most fine in the Reality is referred to as the fine universe, Reality. This fully conscious state resides within each of us waiting to be taped while the Drama Queen, Maya, dancing on the corpse of our lifeless bodies like Kali, the Dissolver. Maya is a human construct representing delusional human thinking and beliefs such as religion and style which are used to mold our attitudes towards reality.

Time is the whipping boy of persistent reality for this retrograde wind blows the promise of substance and reality away with its delusional promises based in beliefs and not reason and our intuition. The following will remain most complex while remaining most simple. I must say that Doctor Alan Guth had a brilliant insight into the nature of nature by conceiving or locating the idea of the string in string theory. I agree entirely with Dr. Guth that strings are necessary as constructs to explain Inflation and the way in which matter operates under the surface of what we perceive as real in time.

The idea that water behaves like a two dimensional object finds greater support when we immerse completely in water and realize we are unable to clearly observe the three dimensional world sphere, due to the self induced illusion of reality we find the three dimensional world to be when walking around in it. In water there is only the medium behaving as a two dimensional object where the surface reflects the three dimensional world.

We are now some 16 years into the Twenty First Century and we still are discussing things like the Philosophers Stone or as stated in a recent movie entitled Guardians of the Galaxy, where the infinity stone is referenced or discussed as the focus of the story line for the whole movie. The Philosophers Stone is a real Object but has no corollary in the relativity for the function of the Stone is to generate Universe, the Illusion from Imagination, Maya.

I do not think magic exists for it is most likely that if we believe we have witnessed some magical event it was really caused by natural processes of reality which is actually referred to as the Magic Show in its entirety or the Grand Illusion where Maya is but a part and a human device after all, behaving as the drama queen. The fact nature IS demonstrates Magic in a sense for without a system of best fit governed by some Intelligence, nature would not persist and causality would not have a constant duration as persistent time intervals.

It is this component of the Real Infinite Intelligence which really is the conductor of the Magic Show and then is revealed only when something occurs outside the range of physical possibilities such as a Miracle. Yes, I think miracles occur from time to time for various purposes where purpose has little if any meaning in the Infinity but is the cause of motion in the Relativity, even within the Infinity which may be formless or forming, colorless or coloring.

The mere fact there is motion at all is a miracle of sorts. Did Christ raise the dead, walk on water, rise from the dead and suffer for all of our sins makes for a great story. The Avatar returns in a male human form every to years and has for the past 84 million years and until now has been extraordinarily secretive about his comings and goings having revealed this spiritual fact and many others for the most first time to humanity as a whole in the early Twentieth Century during his Advent as Ministry.

The real philosophers stone is the Avatar and has always been the Center of the Mysteries. I actually know of a real philosophers stone constructed by the Infinite Thinking of the false Infinite Intelligence the Nothing represents as the creative and impulsive imagination of God, the Creation.

False infinite thinking implies the Nothing is the shadow of God which mimics the Infinite Thinking of the Real Infinite Intelligence which all Sadgurus enjoy, especially after dropping their vehicles. The construct as the real infinite Nothing Space which came from false and finite movement believing itself to be real and infinite did construct a real infinity stone over time which science refers to as the Atom. The infinite thinking of the false Infinite Intelligence believing it was the Infinity and seeking reflection began the condensation and precipitation of Universe from the Nothing as real infinite Subtle Space Akash brought from the most finite OM point at its inception when the Divinity realized it IS for the most first time as the Beyond God state.

Along with the real infinite subtle energy and the forms of subtle gases in this infinite space we may view as a component or attribute of the Paramatman which is the current state of evolution of God evolving as the Singular Being, God the Supreme. There was a moment when the Supreme Being awake from the nothing of absolute vacuum, neither hot nor cold, and existing much like an infinite ocean of potentiality.

There was a moment when the Supreme Being became the creator, sustainer and dissolver Ishwar from out of the Beyond God state and evolved the human being and gave birth to the most first Avatar who returns again and again harvesting our involved souls.

Tremolo exercises.

The Light is light. Now it is impossible for the infinitesimal, the most finite, to become so small it becomes infinite. This initial event immediately rebounded as it could become no more compact and formed the primary singularity about the absolute vacuum and surrounded by absolute vacuum and its infinite potentiality. Universe singularity as object is the doorway between the most finite as universe and the actual Infinity which is Extant Infinity. The compaction of energy, space and gas is now an Object which under certain conditions of physics either repels or attracts matter.

The movement of material away from singularity forms a two dimensional object, much as a string appears or how water reflects what is around it, and becomes a good representation of three dimensional reality we live in but over persistent time as evolution. So now our primal atom is composed of the absolute vacuum state with an infinitesimal singularity suspended, floating in nothing and very small lines or strings composed of the essence of the real Infinity in the form of a mirrored image imprinted upon relativity at the quantum atomic level and prior to particle creation from strings imbued with Infinite Power, Infinite Knowledge and Infinite Omnipresence.

Everything in motion seeks to return to a more stable state and the newly created two dimensional realm then seeks to return to quiescence from whence it derived. The strings formed from nothing essentially and now possess immense potentiality and when these potent strings of two dimensional matter sought return to vacuum, the vacuum, through the singularity I call Object, repelled the inflow of string material arrangements and exploded again for the second time, further setting the singularity in its place in universe.

This is not nonsense. It is unfortunate we humans have not yet detected the higher universal Spheres vibrating much more rapidly than we experience around us. However, the human heart and brain is entirely equipped to make these subtle and fine distinctions and involve their conscious minds to do just that, detect higher conscious states and the worlds these beings inhabit, including Angels and Archangels. Yes, real extant living beings are they. I have seen at least one of these beings as a child with my own eyes.

A tertiary event was required by nature to produce each distinct dimension of universe. It becomes apparent that the false infinite thinking of the false infinite intelligence, the reflection of the Real Infinity, occurred over time for relativity to exist and persist. Our universe did not begin fully formed and created as did the Infinity which was infinite power, infinite knowledge and infinite omnipresence yet unaware of its own Self as the Oversoul until the Advent of the most first Avataric Incarnation upon our Earth and only our Earth some 84 million years ago.

Folks are always speculating how primitive a species we are when in reality we are the only planet with human beings balanced between head and heart capable of becoming Man-Gods including all 18 thousand humanoid worlds we are told exist from which souls migrate and incarnate towards Earth and only Earth, and the home of the Avatar. Folks might wonder why I should be duped by such nonsense except for the fact this explanation is the only explanation that accounts for the facts of measurable reality which in my opinion is our sacred duty to preform and verify.

Before those of you who are unable or unwilling to ascertain there is a metaphysical being that administers all of nature, strictly deny or discount such a possibility, check my facts both a priori and a posteriori before jumping to conclusions. I had one idiot suggest science had proved wrong all the accumulated knowledge of our past history of the ancient thinkers and rejected my synthesis without scholarly and factual cause, including the truth of the transcendentalists through the ages.

I wonder if it ever occurs to scientists who dislike and reject any notion of God that the entire Creation and the near infinity of universes our math predicts just might be entirely natural and measurable as we do in science because the Divinity formed its own shadow without knowing it had, becoming the real infinite Nothing Space and the Nothingness of an infinity of finite universes expanding infinitely and completely naturally quite by an accident of nature as the OM point. Humankind very much identifies with nature above all else and only the humble of heart may see how the Infinity is reflected in our universe.

Personally, I see no argument to have but, like climate deniers, one must be patient with self induced ignorance. If the Infinite were not real and did not predate the f inite where would a finite universe put the Infinity that must predate the finite to have a place for universe to exist? Think about that last statement. Give me a fulcrum that can not move and I will lever the Earth from its course in the heavens, so to speak.

How am I aware or how do I know there exists a Devine Being which is everything and includes the nothing is simple. I possess infinite consciousness which I was born with as are all human beings potentially but for the fact of impressions which bind them to the Illusion as Maya. I am no more remarkable than a stone except I know what a stone is and how it came to be and for what purpose.

I am able to learn and comprehend quantum physics and astrophysics and many other natural processes and codices, so, why are the quantum mechanists and other scientists unable to fathom their own minds. The quantum world of matter may be examined in detail within each of us which if accomplished properly leads to a brain that is felt like a hand feels a flame or anything else that is tangible. This consciousness within us all becomes conscious of being conscious and uncoils all of the evolutionary impressions gathered by evolution through a process of involution of consciouness to then annihilate the finite ego mind entirely, becoming infinitely conscious of such consciousness.

There are 56 such individuals alive and living all of the time who have this full and complete experience. There are only five Masters alive all of the time who return to normal human consciousness and work in the world on endless projects the Infinity IS about doing. When these folks die they then become immortal individuals who immediately are off to more university upon death between heaven and earth, so to speak.

Sadgurus do not return to Earth with certain exceptions found in the Works of Meher Baba. The formation or creation of universe is now become a complete atom and this atom derives from condensation which precipitates into innumerable atoms in universe, while the original three-dimensional atom of hydrogen continues to expand and contract approaching the speed of light. Since Space is infinite, it is hard to fathom that the finite space of universe returns to the infinite Space of the Nothing, but that must be the case, since, it is all fluff and illusion in the mind of God anyway.

A conspiracy to control the world for political and monetary gain is a big incentive. The date is set, and the clock is ticking for the Host to be unleashed. NV is an air-borne virus so deadly it will kill all that come into contact with it. Only a selected few know of the antidote, until the unthinkable happens. Jack Sanders discovers there plan. Jack has a power so unique that he must decide whether or not to use it in order to expose this sinister plot. He knows that by using his gift he leaves himself vulnerable and endangers the very people he loves. Can Jack convince foreign governments that the virus is controlled by the Waters Administration, or will they be more interested in what Jack has to offer?

The hunt for Jack Sanders has begun. The world stands poised to unleash Armageddon, blaming each other for the virus, and Jack is the only person that can stop it. He is in a race against the clock to avoid capture and convince the world it is all a conspiracy. One bullet, one slip up, and Jack Sanders is gone. Read more Read less.

Here's how restrictions apply. Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: I hadn't read any good reviews on this book yet, the language was crude, theatrical and had many sexual flashbacks but overall I really liked it. The Marlow Chronicles was a short interesting read.

I'd recommend it to anyone who'd want something different and entertaining. Dec 27, Richard rated it did not like it. Written by anyone else, I would not have gone past page The cute twist at the end did not save it. Not sure if I really liked it or not Oct 12, Dave Nichols rated it did not like it Shelves: Daisy rated it liked it Oct 15, Jim Bain rated it really liked it Jan 28, Jennie rated it liked it Jun 24, Allen rated it it was amazing Jul 26, Craig rated it really liked it Jan 26, Shaun rated it it was amazing Aug 20, Francoise rated it really liked it Feb 08, Sheila rated it liked it Sep 15, Stephen Burdette rated it really liked it Mar 30, Cindy rated it liked it Jan 21, Joshua rated it liked it Oct 04, Sally rated it liked it Apr 11, Andrey rated it liked it Jun 25, Jeannie Schlindwein rated it it was amazing Jun 18,