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Speed Comparison 2 : Faster than Light

At every change of name a little bell sounded. I was struck with the amount of order and the quietness with which everything was carried out. No one was on the teeing ground except the player and his opponent.

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Not even a caddie. On my remarking upon this to my friend, he replied: Adams spoke of; a perpendicular rod about four feet long, supported on three wheels, the whole rather resembling a small tricycle with a small mast stepped where the saddle should have been.

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This rod was weighted at the foot and hung on the wheels, so that it was always perpendicular, however steep the gradient it was going up or down. On this contrivance the clubs were carried, and the players seemed to drag the whole affair after them. It seemed to me a poor substitute for the good old-fashioned caddie, about whom so many stories are told, and who were always ready with advice, and good advice too.

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  4. At the foot of the steps we were met by two caddies—for I suppose I must give the things the old name. They simply followed wherever we went, at a distance of twelve feet or so, and regulated themselves to our pace, stopped when we stopped, and so on.


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    Their wheels shot out spikes when necessary, so that they might not slip going up steep bits, or through bunkers and places of that kind. My friend explained that we had a sort of magnet behind our jackets which attracted them, but at the same time did not allow them to come nearer than the twelve feet before mentioned.

    Of course you could go up to them when they had stopped; but when you moved on they remained stationary until you were the twelve feet away, and not till then did they follow. Each carried its clubs in an oblong box, where they lay with the heads exposed, as in my own time.

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    I took out what I supposed was a driver. It was a very powerful weapon with a remarkably thin shaft, which, on closer inspection, turned out to be made of steel—indeed the head, too, was made of that metal. The shaft terminated in a little white disc, under glass, with figures on it and a hand like the face of a very small watch.

    There was another small disc on the sole of the club. This one was, however, quite plain. My friend, seeing my look of astonishment, said: I thought we would show you something new in the way of clubs. What do you think of that, eh?

    Golf in the Year 2000

    It is on every club, and as the strokes you have taken with each club are registered, the total of the set is your score for the round. At the end of the round your clubs are handed in to the secretary, who with his clerks counts the scores and awards the prize-money accordingly.

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    6. You must understand that every day there is, so to speak, a competition. Every player pays five shillings before starting the round. This money is divided into two parts: There is one scratch prize and about six handicap. We have got handicapping as near perfection as possible, for you see we have a record of every round a man plays, and by taking his average from day to day, and from week to week, we soon arrive at his right figure.

      Every man keeps an account with the secretary, and at the end of the week draws his winnings, that is to say, if he has any. Some men make quite a good thing of it.