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The letters were placed in all four corners, those in the upper portion of the stamp being the same as those in the upper corners, but in reverse order. French Allied Military Government stamps used. Handstamp available for handback service only.

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Set-of-3 bogus stamps created allegedly in connivamce with a German dealer by Zenon J. The postmaster was apprehended, and was sentenced to prison. An acidic salt used to retain rosin sizing in paper. Alum is acidic when dissolved in water, and is a primary source of acid in paper. When bonded to paper to form a laminate, it allows an impressed or printed stamp design. The heirs had to sue for back salary.

India States term for collection of revenue by government servants. S, slang common nomenclature to describe a range of bags used to enclose damaged mail by the postal service. American Bank Note Company: New York-based printers of United States and many foreign countries postage stamps; incorporated on 1 May by Messrs.

Rawdon, Wright, Hatch and Edson. American Bank Note Holographics: ABNCo-manufacrured hologram patches for use on U. American Ceremony Program Society: American Colonial Post Offices: American District Telegraph Co.: American Letter Express Co.: American Letter Mail Co.: American Merchants Union Express Company: Used stamps and labels.

American Military Government Stamps: American Philatelic Expertizing Service: Service that providess opinions on the genuineness of stamps and covers. American Philatelic Research Library: American Pneumatic Service Co.: American Postal Machine Co.: In , the U. Dutch America, Ametrican adj. United States of America, American adj. Dutch American occupation, United States occupation.

United States of America. Dutch Central America, also Middem-Amerika. Dutch North America, also Noord-Amerika. United States field post office. United States field post office Iceland. United States ship mail ship post. Dutch South America, also Zuid-Amerika. S Navyhand cancellations used at Cape Langanes, Iceland. S Navy machine cancellation used at the post office at Keflavik, Iceland. The Air Mail Entire Truth.

Handstamp for the Spanish civil war machine gun military company. Air Mail Field, used in airport postal facilities United States. Allied Military Government,, for civilian use in areas under Allied occupation, first issues Mar. Effective , used as fee receipts on post-World War II documents for persons entering and leaving Allied-occupied Germany. City and commune in northern France ca. Amministratore General della Posta Napoli: British Treaty Port P. O, was closed in Allied military government issue, Germany Portugal overprint to raise funds for Olympic team to go to Amsterdam.

Amtlich Eroffnet Durch die K. February Russian inscription for autonomous administration at Blagovestchansk, Amur province. Kitts sub-post office in Anguilla; 2. Netherlands Antilles, country code as used by UPU; 4. Turkey overprint; Annas, currency unit. Produced nine different issues of local Rural Post stamps in two primary designs, the earlier being circular, and the latter rectangular ; see Zemstvo Issues.

Turkish revenue stamps overprinted by Nationalist Government revolutionaries. Turkish Republic formed, and stamps of Turkey placed into use.

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  • Anbefalet Brev, Anbefalede Breve: WWII-era Tunisian semi-postal stamp overpint. A territory comprised of eight provinces of Spain, with Sevilla being the capital. During , the provisional government issued a local stamp. Andaman and Nicobar Islands: A series of bogus local stamps issued ca. French Post Office in Andorra. The were first noted ca. Andorra, Spanish Rule - Forged Issue: Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Overprint on stamps of Hungary. Anglo-Italian Consular Post in Morocco: Official name of the postal administration: Portuguese begin to establish rule over the coastal areas.

    Portuguese complete establishment of total rule over the coastal areas. Gerard, typography printed at the Portuguese Mint, in Lisbon. Angola - Issues Forgeries: Angola - Issues Reprints: Angola - Pioneer Air Mail Services: P flight services for the Luanda-Lisbon route; souvenir first flight covers carried. Thomas and Prince Islands; souvenir first flight covers possibly carried, but not recorded. Thomas and Prince Islands, souvenir first flight covers possibly carried, but not recorded. Angola - Government in Exile: Supposed freedom issues for Angola.

    Angola - Bogus Stamp Issues: French take control of the island, but return it to English control in under the terms of the Treaty of Breda. French fail to capture the island during the War of Austrian Succession. French fail to capture the island during the Napoleonic Wars. Anguilla placed under the administrative control of St. Kitts-Nevis formed, which included Anguilla.

    Associated Statehood granted to the islands of St. Christopher, Nevis and Anguilla. Anguillian populace lobbies for independence. Kitts-Nevis governmental authorities depart from Anguilla. Kitts-Nevis; the stamps are recognized by the international mails. Anguilla restored to direct British control by the Anguilla Act. Anguilla allowed to secede from St. Kitts-Nevis, returning to being of the British Colony status. British Colony administered under the Anguilla Constitution Order. Kitts-Nevis becomes an independent nation, remaining a member of the British Commonwealth,.

    Usage of aniline inks can usually be determined by examining the reverse of a stamp, as the strength of the ink impression can be seen by the color of the ink penetrating through the paper, especially for the deep shade reds; The inks are water-soluble, and fluoresce under ultraviolet light, see Aniline Color. Malagasy Indonesian , French. Anjouan becomes a de-facto French protectorate. France officially establishes the Protectorate of Anjouan.

    France strengthens its contol over Anjuoan by enacting legislation. French cancel showing anchor instead of numeral. Annam and Tonkin Tongking: Annam became part of the Union of Indo-China. Currently included in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Issued local provisional stamp in Anniversary Stamp or Cachet: This handstamp legitimized these issues into valid stamps. Chinese Treaty Port granted to Great Britain Transferred to Japanese control , at which time the Treaty Port rights were cancelled.

    Dutch picture postcard, also Prentbriefkaart. British Antarctic Territories B. Dutch at or near the South Pole; see Zuidpool. Treaty of Breda returns Antigua to England. Dummer allowed to name his own postmasters, appointing Richard Buckeredge as Postmaster of Antigua; loss of ships ruinous to Dummer, and his packet services were discontinued. British Packet Service to Antigua re-started; after the closing of the Dummers services, and up to the re-opening of the British Packet Service, all overseas mails were carried by merchant vessels.

    Augustine both now in Florida -Charleston South Carolina routing. Lucia, then returned to Barbados; the packet leaving on the third Wednesday sailed first to Barbados, then to Antigua, Dominica, Montserrat, Nevis, St. Kitts, Tortola, and St. Thomas, and then returned to England. June , when any line could carry the mails.

    Leeward Islands stamps used. Kitts, calling for designs embodying the material supplied on the instructions for the individual Colonies. Leeward Islands and Antigua stamps used concurrently. Antigua - Issues Forgeries: Antigua - Crowned Circle Handstamps: Antigua - Pioneer Air Mail Services: Lindbergh, the first flight leaves Miami southward for Antigua via St. Thomas, arriving at St. Port au-Prince , Santo Domingo ca. Thomas not recorded ; , September; Lindbergh continues the southward flight, with first flight covers carried to St. Lucia pieces carried not recorded , Trinidad , Georgetown, British Guiana 50 , Paramaribo, Surinam pieces carried not recorded ; , Sreptember: Lucia , , September: Thomas pieces carried not recorded , San Juan , Santo Domingo pieces carried not recorded , Port- au-Prince 24 , Havana pieces carried not recorded , Havana pieces carried not recorded , Miami pieces carried not recorded ; , 7 March: Uncacheted souvenir first flight covers were carried from Bridgetown to St.

    The bogus issue was noted as being in the philatelic the marketplace in the early s; its source has been traced to a European dealer. Resembles a stamp, but is not valid for postage. The Austrian Empire operated a post office in the city during the 19th century to facilitate the mails of the Austrian Lloyd Shipping Co.

    Finnish name for Olonets, a town in Russia. Inscription found on Swedish revenue stamps first issued in Angola, country code as used by UPU; 5. American Philatelist, publication of the American Philatelic Society; 2. A payer te Betalen: American Philatelic Society Expertising Service. Army Post Office; postal system used by military personnel stationed overseas.

    Appendice di Propaganda Bellica: War propaganda labels attached to Italian postage stamps. Headqyuartered in New York City, printed the first printed stamp album in American Philatelic Research Library. Army Postal Service, postal system used by U. Argentinian Spanish-language philatelic periodical. February; also Febiral romanized Kaz. Plantation and village in Ethiopia ca. Arab Government of the East: Arabic inscription, Jordan issues, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian adj. Gum Arabic gum from the acacia plant q.

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    Dutch Arabia, Arabian adj. Used as the first Spanish cancellation devices. Arbe occupation overprint on the stamps of Fiume; see Reggenza Italiana del Carnaro. Printed stamps for the Confederate States of America post office. Archer Perforation, Archer Roulette: Panamanian overprint on the stamps of Colombia indicating an acknowledgment of receipt.

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    Dutch at or near the North Pole; see Noordpool. Produced twenty-one different issues of local Rural Post stamps in nine primary designs , see Zemstvo Issues. Postage Due, Portugal, Portuguese Colonies inscription. Local post established by G. The local post was continued by N. Official name of postal administration: Crowned Circle handstamp q.

    See Buenos Aires Province. Tierra del Fuego is a South American archipelago located off of the far sounthern portion of the continent, being separated from the mainland by the Strait of Magellan. Argentina governs the the eastern portion, and Chile the western part. The issue paid the postage for mail originating from the various far-flung mining camps in the Tierra del Fuego region to the closest Argentinean or Chilean Post Office.

    After the mail was received by the governmental post offices, they had to be franked with additional stamps previous to being allowed to enter the national postal systems. Argentina - Bogus Classics-Era Overprints: Argentina - Crowned Circle Handstamps: The British stamps were sold until the office closed at the end of June Until , the British Consul sold stamps that were used with those of the Argentine for payment of the internal postage rate.

    Dutch Argentina, Argentinian adj. Turkish stamps surcharged and issued when the city was occupied in by Greece. Local post established by a Mr.

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    Arica, Peru - Crowned Circle Handstamps: Two surcharged stamps surcharged by local authorities in WWII marking on mail from enlisted U. Navy personnel assigned to protect merchant and cargo vessels. Stamps of Armenia replaced by those of the Transcaucasian Federated Republics. Armenia - National Government Issue: Chassepot , the term refers to the Armenian set-of stamps with designs depicting scenery, citizens, or buildings in an oval frame, or an allegorical Eagle, which were prepared but not issued for postal usage, though they are documented as having been used for revenue purposes.

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    Printed in Paris by the authority of the central Armenian National Government, they were not issued officially, as the Bolshevists took control of the government by the time of their readiness. Reprints of the issue exist. Dutch Armenia, Armenian adj. Covers postmarked on 11 November , the day marking the end of WWI. Armia Polska we Wloszech: Army pilots during 15 May August ; 2. Emergency period during when President F. Roosevelt cancelled Contract Air Mail contracts, and the U. Army Air Corps carried the mail. Army of the North: Used special postage stamps.

    Army of the Northwest: Army charged with the responsibility of collecting, processing and delivering the mails of U. S military recipients; see A. Allan Taylor representing a non-existent United States local post. Part of the Netherlans Antilles, one of the four constituent political entities comprising the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island is located in the S Caribbean Sea ca. W of the Windward Islands and 18 mi. Spanish conquistador Alonso de Ojeda first European to visit, laying claim to the island inhabited by Arawak Indians in the name of Queen Isabella.

    Spain begins active colonization procedures. Aruba - Pioneer Air Mail Services: Snip extension flight from Willemstad to Aruba; return flight on the same day; souvenir flight covers with special cachet carried. Hungary semi-postal inscription, food sufferers, Produced seven different issues of local Rural Post stamps in three primary designs , see Zemstvo Issues.

    Australian Specialist Booklet Album. Australian Stamp Catalogue ; 2. Air Service Company q. Volcanic island in the S Atlantic Ocean ca. Regulations of enlisted Seaman and Officers , mail from men in the Royal Navy serving abroad had the postage prepaid with British postage stamps, supplies of which were issued to each ship; the usage of British stamps ended effective December Army Base at Ascension Island.

    The major portion of his philatelic estate was sold at public auction in by Harmers of New York, NY. Spanish services established in Spanish Moroccan revenue stam issued foir social welfare; 2. Romanian charity stamp inscription. Asociatia Filatelistilor din Romania: Philatelic Association of Romania abbr. American Society of Polar Philatelists. Assistencia Nacional aos Tuberculoses-Porte Franco: Timor stamp overprint denoting social welfare usage. Spanish Guinea stamps overprint for usage in Elobey, Annabon and Corisco.

    Association of British Philatelic Societies: Association for Stamp Exhibitions: Paraguayan official overprint to commemorate the 15 August founding of the city. Tax on Classical Books. Austria cancel for in transit; 2. Austria, country code as used by UPU; 3. Atelier de Fabrication des Timbres Postes Paris: Athens, Georgia, Confederate Postmasters Provisional: Produced twelve different issues of local Rural Post stamps in five primary designs , see Zemstvo Issues.

    Atlanta Trial Color Proofs: The proofs were printed on a thin white card stock especially for distribution at the Atlanta, Geotgia, Cotton Exposition. Mollison, who was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean from west to east on 18 August Faunce's Penny Post local issue; 2. Altantic Ocean; also Atlas Okyanusu. Atlantic Ocean, also Atlantti. Labels resembling commemorative postage stamps were issued during for various esoteric subjects, to include: Atlantic Ocean, also Atlantin Valtameri.

    Altantic Ocean; also Atlantik Okyanusu. Automatic Teller Machine, when used as philatelic nomenclature. During employed an affixing machine to stamp its newsletters. The treasure-hunting ship S. Enterprise , commanded by a Capt. Gatling, was employed for the search of the S. The first recorded philatelic auction was conducted in Paris on 29 December Germans defeated by the Soviet Army; city re-taken.

    Dutch August month , also Oogstmaand. Au Profit de la Vroix Rouge: Aussig Wir Sind Frei: An unauthorized overprint on the stamps of Germany for use during the German takeover of the town. Austin, Miss Paid 5: Austin, Tex Paid Australasian New Hebrides Company: A country comprising the entire continent of Australia, and including the island of Tasmania, and many smaller adjacent islands. Stamp Duty revenues issued. Tax Installment revenue stamps issued. Stamp Duty revenue stamps issued. Australia - Camel Post: Australia - City Express Messanger Co. Six individual colonies established during that were federated to create the Commonwealth of Australia.

    Queensland separated from New South Wales. Australia - Occupation of Japan: Australia - Post Sprintpak: Australia - Torres Straits: In , it was reported that a series of stamps supposedly issued for a steamship service between Australia and Singapore via the Torres Straits were in the philatelic marketplace.

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    The set-of six stamps were printed in different colors by lithography, and were perforated Their status is considered dubious. Dutch Australia, Australian adj. Australian ship mail ship post. A branch service is also run from Proskurov to Odessa. The service expands on 11 July by adding Budapest to its destinations, but later collapses with the defeat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Austria - Rouletted Stamp Issues: They can be expertized as being genuine only if they are tied to a piece, or are on a cover with Homonna or Tokaj postmarks. Counterfeits of all five rouletted issues are plentiful.

    Austria - Newspaper Stamp Forgery: Austria - Pioneer Air Mail Services: Zeppelin Sachsen flight on 20 October was interrupted by bad weather,with the 9 November attempt having the airship forced to land at Liegnitz; it finally arrived to visit the original flight requestors, the German Sports Club at Haida, on 9 November; souvenir flight mails carried with several different types of cachets.

    Austria - Allied Military Government: Created in by the Congress of Vienna mandate; disolved in when the territory became part of the Kindom of Italy. Austrian kingdom, first stamps for Lombardy-Venetia, required different stamps than Austria because their currency was based on silver while Austria based on paper currency. Lombardy annexed to Sardinia, Venetia annexed to Kingdom of Italy,.

    Vienna, printer of stamps for Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, etc. Austrian Lloyd Shipping Co.: The Austrian Post Office maintained operations in the various river towms and seaports located on Lloyd Co. The postal history of this shipping company carrying the mails is widely collected; it is recognized by the origin of the cancellations, or other manuscript or handstamped markings on the cover.

    Austria - Military Post: Bosnia stamps with "K. Austria - Newspaper Tax Stamps: They represented a tax placed on newspapers, which was collected by the Post Office. Austria - Offices in Crete: Austrian stamps valued in French currency, and were available throughout the Turkish Empire. The island was ceded to Greece, and the Austrian post offices closed. Austria - Offices in the Turkish Empire Levant: Between and , the stamps of Lombardy-Venetia were used at these offices Levant usage determined by the town name cancellation , while stamps printed specific for the areas were in use effective Tarabulus ash Sham; also Tripoli in Syria ; q.

    Austria - Postage Stamps used in Cyprus: Austria - Postage Stamps used in Poland: Austrian State Printing Works: Vienna-based printer of Austrian stamps. Headquarters, 15th Army Group, in Austria. The services carried passengers, mail and frieght to various ports in Italy, and New York, with services to New Orleans and South American ports begnning in Their Marianne and Martha Washington ships are recorded as having carried mails. Austria and Hungary used the same stamps, Hungary had its own issues. Brief invasions of Serbia and Russian Poland in October and November; stamps not issued, but postmarks for a few occupied towns can be found used on Austrian and Bosnian stamps.

    Occupation of Northern and Central Albania, no new stamps issued but cancels of Albanian towns used on Austrian fieldpost stamps, , 1 March: USPS vending machine introduced in that permits customers to use a debit or credit card to purchase computer-generated stamps. Automatic Letter Facing Machine: Winn-Dixie Supermarkets chain; withdrawn from use in December Automatic telling machine ATM stamp s.

    USPS computer printed postage sold via Autopost machines. Avery, Sir William Beilby, 1st Baronet: Permits the sender, upon payment of a fee, to be notified of confirmation of delivery. Danish prepaid information stamp inscription on printed paper stamp. August month , also Tamez; 2. August month ; also Avgust romanized Taj. Paraguayan semi-postal overprint inscription for aid to earthquake victims. Ayuntamiento de Vega-Baja Selloede Telegrafo: Azerbaijan, country code as used by UPU; 2. Expertise France has a portfolio of over projects in more than countries of operation.

    Expertise France advises, trains and supports its partners by developing technical cooperation projects tailored to the regional and local context. Our actions mainly aim to build the capacities of actors national or local administrations, civil society or the private sector who contribute to the smooth functioning of a democracy, adaptation to climate change, strengthening health systems, and education and vocational training for populations. Expertise France is an implementing agency, a field actor able to come up with innovative solutions which meet the needs of its partners and the expectations of donors.

    It relies on in-house teams which have in-depth knowledge of the regional and local context and an extensive network of partners. Its cross-cutting expertise allows it to design and implement development projects covering several thematic areas at the same time. Le magazine Octobre - Novembre est en ligne! Vous pouvez effectuer vos dons: Archives du Palais Princier. Contactez les paroisses pour plus de renseignements.

    Voici celle du mois de juillet! Rendez-vous l'an prochain du 2 au 7 juillet En route vers Lourdes Retrouvez le reportage photos ci-dessus. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes! Plus d'informations sur le site de la Mairie de Monaco. Catherine Maupas 20, Av. C'est aussi le jour du "lavement des pieds". Programme de la Semaine Sainte Exceptionnel! Je vous assure que si vous le faites, vous ne le regretterez pas.