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The abnormal antibody does not work properly and isn't able to fight infections.

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To understand why myeloma affects you the way it does, it helps to understand how blood cells are normally produced and what they do. All blood cells start as the same type of cell, called a stem cell. As they develop mature , they turn into one of three types of blood cell:.

What Is Multiple Myeloma?

Plasma cells develop from a type of white blood cell called B lymphocytes. In myeloma, too many plasma cells are made and they are all of the same type. They crowd the bone marrow. This means that there is not enough space for making normal white cells, red cells and platelets.

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The white cells are important for fighting infection. Red blood cells carry oxygen round the body.

Blood cells and myeloma

This can make you tired and breathless. Platelets are important for normal blood clotting. If you don't have enough platelets, you might bleed more.

Multiple myeloma - NHS

About Cancer generously supported by Dangoor Education since Call freephone or email us. When someone with myeloma gets an infection, they may be slow to respond to treatment. That person may stay sick for a long time. Pneumonia is a common and serious infection seen in myeloma patients.

They can also have other problems, such as:. Others can have common symptoms of the disease including: Bone problems Bone pain, which can be in any bone, but is most often in the back, the hips, and skull Bone weakness, either all over osteoporosis , or where there is a plasmacytoma Broken bones fractures , sometimes from only a minor stress or injury Low blood counts Shortages of red blood cells, white blood cells, and blood platelets are common in multiple myeloma and might lead to other symptoms.

A reduced number of red blood cells that can cause weakness, a reduced ability to exercise, shortness of breath, and dizziness. Too few white blood cells that can lower resistance to infections such as pneumonia.

Targeted Oncology Launches its Latest Virtual Tumor Board on Multiple Myeloma

When blood platelet counts are low which may cause serious bleeding even with minor scrapes, cuts, or bruises. High blood levels of calcium High levels of calcium in the blood called hypercalcemia can cause: Extreme thirst, leading to drinking a lot Urinating peeing a lot Dehydration Kidney problems and even kidney failure Severe constipation, Abdominal belly pain Loss of appetite Weakness Feeling drowsy Confusion If the level of calcium gets high enough, you can even slip into a coma. Nervous system symptoms If myeloma weakens the bones in the spine, they can collapse and press on spinal nerves.

This is called spinal cord compression and can cause Sudden severe back pain Numbness, most often in the legs Muscle weakness, most often in the legs.

What myeloma is

Nerve damage Sometimes, the abnormal proteins produced by myeloma cells are toxic to nerves. It can slow blood flow to the brain and cause: Confusion Dizziness Symptoms of a stroke, like weakness on one side of the body and slurred speech Patients with these symptoms should call their doctor. This can lead to symptoms such as: Weakness Shortness of breath Itching Leg swelling. Infections Myeloma patients are much more likely to get infections.

They can also have other problems, such as: The heart may enlarge and become weaker. In some people, the heart becomes so weak that fluid builds up in the lungs, making them feel short of breath.