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When his brothers Justin and Charles Gentry hear of his arrest, they embark on a desperate race against time to save Christian from the hangman's noose and quickly discover their brother's fate is in the hands of a crooked town marshal and a double crossing cattle baron, who the locals call El Gato. Eleven short stories are compiled into this 28,word audiobook novella.

Showing results by narrator "Clarence Bart Melton". Whispersync for Voice 5. All Categories 5 results. The Cooper Saga 3 Stories By: Bill Bernico Narrated by: Visit the residents of Albert Square in Walford for another dose of domestic drama and excitement. When a man and a woman claiming to be social workers come to Katy Heath's house and tell her that they need to take away her son Kyle, Katy complies. Banks and his team now have a murder enquiry on their hands, as the body found on the moors is identified as eleven-year old Andre Petri.

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Banksy's French pen pal Le Rat comes to stay resulting in a brush with the law, while 80s rapper Curtis finds himself a bit out of place in the London grime scene. Things get ugly when New Guy and Charlie train a gang of office geeks in the art of flirting.

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