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As for the regenerative fabrics, these are designs that are made from leftover residue to create new materials.

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A leader in the field is Econyl which uses nylon from rugs, clothes and fishing nets to elaborate their pieces. Designs by Whip Appeal of Sweden. Their objective is to create a fabric that is completely natural and sustainable, as the material is biodegradable and can be turned into compost. One of the best examples is Muskin. Discovered by Grado Zero Space , Muskin is a leather obtained from fungi that looks similar to leather and uses a completely chemical free tanning process.

Thermoregulating microcapsules allow clothing to find a balance between the heat generated by the body and the surrounding environment.

Regenerated Fibers

They are used mainly in sports fabrics where differences in body heat and the environment can effect performance. With this reward you can take a class to sew it with the designer. Broken into 2 groups of 5. The current pattern Sarah has made offers small and medium sizes. We will work with everyone who choses this reward to create small groups for coming to our mill on a day and time that works for you. You will get to come to our mill to see our equipment and our process for making fabrics. You can see an example of what can be made from the car curtain above where we discuss our fabric types.

The tour will give you and your guests the opportunity to have a more intimate tour of our facility and see what happens behind our barn doors. We could not have gotten here without you and your help. Scheduling the tour rewards of the campaign will be a good challenge.

Leveling Up Environmental Responsibility from Soil to Shelf.

It can be hard to schedule things with my own family. Scheduling tours with multiple peoples schedules will put us to the test. The tangible or digital reward items are fairly easy and straight forward as they can be done in batches. Our biggest risk and challenge will be getting the additional funding that this campaign will be bridging us to.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Vintage style clothes pin bag pattern including fabric, buttons, label, and hanger. Want to learn how to sew The Pin Bag? We will work with you to have a skirt Small or Medium sizes only at this time made from our Car Curtain fabric and sewn by Sarah at Mendocino Wool and Fiber from her pattern. You will receive 5 yards of organic cotton car curtain fabric and an invitation to a backer's only tour.

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You will receive 10 yards of organic cotton car curtain fabric, and an invitation to a backer's only tour. You will receive 15 yards of organic cotton car curtain fabric and an invitation to a backer's only tour. You will receive 20 yards of fabric, an invitation to a private tour for you and 5 guests, and a lunch with Ryan after. We will write a dedication to you on our support page, your private tour will be for you and 9 people, and you will receive a shuttle with your name on it.

Feb 26, - Mar 25, 26 days. Share this project Done. Resurgence of Domestic American Textiles. Our vision is to make high quality, small-batch cloth, from domestic, sustainable, organic, and climate beneficial fibers. Weaving cloth is an ancient craft that has been well documented throughout history. It has become so integrated with our lives that imagining a world without woven fabric is practically impossible.

Daily, we use it to fill basic human needs: Yet, while we exist in this intimate relationship with cloth, we often know surprisingly little about how it was made, where it was made, and who it was made by. Photo by Paige Green. Photo by Kat Huston. Our warehouse floor before our latest looms arrived photo by Karlos Rene Ayala.

Photo courtesy of Flint Outdoors. Toddler jeans made from botanical organic denim designed and sewn by a dear friend of ours. But regeneration has not been commercialized yet. This technology offers a way for [brands] to keep these resources in their supply chain.

Resurgence of Domestic American Textiles by D. Ryan & Kat Huston — Kickstarter

Flynn started the company in with Christopher Stanev, a textile chemist and engineer. A year veteran of the clothes industry, Flynn had become concerned by the impact of so much fabric being produced and then thrown away. But she says breaking down and cleaning the waste to make new yarn offers wider possibilities.