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5 myths about teeth whitening | Downtown Dental | Dentist in Nashville, TN

Even then, you may need additional treatments after six months to a year. At-home whitening kits may need more frequent applications. It all depends on your teeth, the whitening solution you use, and your habits. Smoking and drinking coffee can make teeth discolor more quickly, for instance. Dentists use a concentrated bleaching gel and a light to help whiten teeth.

5 myths about teeth whitening

They make sure the amount used is safe and apply something to protect your gums. And, even if you need to repeat the procedure, just one visit can provide results. The American Dental Association has not approved at-home bleaching strips, gel kits, and whitening toothpastes. Ask if a specific teeth-whitening kit would be safe for you.

Some patients may experience mild sensitivity after a these types treatment, buy any discomfort usually goes away after approximately 10 minutes.

Teeth Whitening: Myths and Facts

It is no surprise that teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after dental treatments. However, while teeth whitening is a good option for many adults, the process is not recommended for Scarborough-area patients under the age of In addition, pregnant and lactating women should not seek teeth whitening in Scarborough. Anyone with gum disease, and those who have untreated fillings, exposed roots, worn enamel, or other teeth issues need to pursue corrective treatments prior to seeking teeth whitening treatments.

In many cases, dental professionals can resolve many outstanding teeth problems and help patients achieve the good oral health needed to make teeth whitening an effective choice.

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Many people expect teeth whitening to give them a bright, white celebrity smile right away. In truth, natural teeth are not bright white, but rather a yellowish-gray color. However, many of patients opt for more gradual approaches, which provide whitening improvements over time. For example, traditional take home whitening trays, which feature custom-fitted molds and custom-prepared solutions, can help patients achieve teeth, which are two to eight shades whiter in approximately two weeks.

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For most people, this level of whitening provides a significant enough improvement to their appearance and is reasonably easy to maintain. Teeth naturally darken as we age. This is a proven scientific fact, and occurs whether we opt to whiten our teeth or not.

Therefore, the results of whitening processes do diminish over time. Dental experts note that professional whitening treatments can last from one to five years.

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Those who use tobacco or drink coffee, tea, soda, or other staining beverages will see their results diminish more quickly than those who abstain from such substances. Despite the popularity of this procedure, a lot of misconceptions about teeth whitening persist.

Don Jones of Social Circle Dental is here to debunk the myths about having your teeth whitened. Myth 1 — Teeth whitening is painful The procedure is not painful — in fact, it's not even uncomfortable. Jones takes impressions of your mouth to create trays with a customized fit. The trays are flexible and smooth. They fit snugly to keep the whitening agent on teeth not soft tissues to minimize risk of sensitivity.

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  6. You simply fill the trays with prescription strength whitening gel and wear them for an hour or so each day at your convenience, until you reach the desired shade of brilliance. Myth 2 — Teeth whitening harms tooth enamel Because teeth whitening products are not considered to be drugs, they are not regulated by the FDA. However, many have received the American Dental Association's seal of acceptance, affirming safety and effectiveness.