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A screen needs only to know with which View it will be associated with and any methods needed to update the view. Flow also gives you a basic navigation stack, independent from the Activity and FragmentManager backstacks and much simpler. This allows you to navigate and persist state when moving back and forth between screens.

Creating a Fragment

If Flow encapsulates the UI and provides a navigation stack, where do we put our business logic? What if we need to hook into the lifecycle? Mortar is a library that uses the MVP pattern to wrap up business logic into presenters and interact with views.

Each presenter is scoped, thanks to Dagger , so that resources are cleaned up if a presenter gets destroyed. Mortar, also, gives you a very scaled back lifecycle to manage the life of a presenter.

Fragments: The Solution to All of Android's Problems

Lots of boilerplate code. It has been a year since the last minor update to Mortar. Flow finally hit 1. In the wake of the post, it seemed as though two communities instantly formed: If your app is structured using this pattern, then you might be able to switch back to using multiple activities.

If you are not using this pattern and are just trying to move away from Fragments, you could consider a custom view instead. There are challenges, however, with both of these approaches. In the case of switching to multiple activities, one area of interest we would need to pay extra attention to is how we optimize interfaces to support different form factors such as tablets. Android gives us the ability to qualify resources for the particular screen sizes, which would work great for simple layouts.

Fragments of Heraclitus

But what if you wanted to implement a master-detail interface where the experience is different between devices? You may find yourself coding special logic to handle each form factor or even creating entirely different activities to solve the problem. But this approach can lead to interfaces that are tedious and difficult to maintain.

One of the nice things about Fragments is they allow us to isolate our UI components so activities could focus on everything else. Could custom views give us the same benefits? The short answer is yes, unless we have to worry about the state of our UI. Remember, one of the goals of Activities and Fragments as an extension is that they always stay in the state where you left them.

There are several items to consider if you decide to implement custom views:. View State In the case of orientation changes, the view will be destroyed and recreated. The goal of both of these libraries is to eliminate the boilerplate needed to create a Parcelable. Managing the backstack How do you handle the back button? Depending on the use case, you may want to emulate the behavior you get with Fragments.

The fairest Cosmos is merely a rubbish-heap poured out at random. Numbers in brackets at the start of a fragment refer to the number given in Bywater, Heracliti Ephesii reliquiae Preller, Historia Philosophiae Graecae How could Herakleitos say that his discourse had always existed? It is only by taking the words in this way that we can understand Aristotle's hesitation as to the proper punctuation Rhet.

The Stoic interpretation given by Marcus Aurelius, iv. John's Gospel," in The Expositor , , pp. Bywater omits the words, but I think they must belong to Herakleitos.

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This use of the word is Pythagorean, and Herakleitos may quite well have known it. See, however, Diels's note.

Design Philosophy

It seems to imply the four elements of Empedokles. The gratification of desire implies the exchange of dry soul-fire fr. According to Stephanus, who is followed by Bywater, we should read: Now this reading is as old as Plutarch, who, in his Life of Romulus c. This yields the sentiment that "where the earth is dry, the soul is wisest," and is as old as Philo see Bywater's notes.


It is more likely the horizon. I take the fragment as a protest against the Pythagorean theory of a southern hemisphere. This is because it was used to prove that Pythagoras wrote books cf. Go to your university and check out the "Adventurer" category.

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Look mom, no packs! Hitting monsters, killing monsters, looting monster lairs, gathering from rss tiles, Luna's special gift. Basically, just play like you always do. I'm not talking about fragments, I see shards as a requirement for some research but have yet to see them anywhere. Shards can only be earned via tier 3 of the Expedition and other associated events, as well as through packs. I thought I saw monster shards as an option too, I was wondering if they were a specific level of monster IE level4 which i don't have yet. Its material for crafting.