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Then Elisha told the widow to sell the oil and use the proceeds to settle her debts.

Breaking The Bondage of Debts 3 - Dr D K Olukoya

This was supernatural provision for debt payment. In the end the widow not only had her debts paid, but she also had her on-going need for income taken care of. For with the measure that you use, it will be measured back to you. God will break into your debts, destroy or reduce them and pour the blessings that you need into your life. Walking with God and better off On 4th January , the Times ran a headline: Evangelicals demonstrate faith with a cheque book.

Evangelical churches are also the fastest growing segment of the church in Britain. The report also said other churches have wondered how the evangelical churches generated such large cash flows. The answer it suggested was that the evangelical pastors teach the biblical injunction to tithe. Also mentioned was that the protestant work ethics embraced by Evangelicals means that they are often high earners earning God will bless you and prosper and keep you if you walk with him. We have a winning formula!

Born in Kenya in , Colin also lived for a time in Australia before coming to London at the age of 16 to train for a career in the arts. Two years later he accepted Jesus Christ and in he left a successful professional life to attend Bible College. After graduation, Colin served in Christian drug rehabilitation, seeing many young men delivered from drug and alcohol addiction by the power of Christ. In , Colin married Amanda. They have one daughter, Elizabeth. In response to the Lord's call to preach and teach, Colin was accepted into the Kensington Temple ministry in Soon after that, Colin began to experience a new and powerful anointing on his life as the Lord released revelation gifts of prophecy, words of knowledge and healing.

In various missions around the world, he began to see signs, wonders and miracles accompany his ministry and rejoiced to see dramatic church growth. Also at this time, Colin founded the International Bible Institute of London which is one of the nation's premier centres of training for ministry. Colin's vision to equip and release workers for the end-time harvest is being fulfilled as hundreds of students pass through the school's various programmes.

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Over the years Colin has been closely involved in serving KT's vision to set up satellite churches. He pastored KT's first officially recognised satellite church in Barnet in and planted a church in Northolt. Colin became Senior Minister of KT in and, as a dedicated servant of God with a passion for Christ, is being used by God to build on the successes of the past and take the church forward into the Cell Vision.

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Breaking the Chains of Debt Outline | Leadership Principles

What makes a move of God happen? The Prince of Life. Shine with Jesus, the Light of the World. A time to shine! Home Life Breaking the Chains of Debt. Breaking the chains of debt.

Debt and Freelancers: Break the Chain of Cause and Effect

Breaking the Chains of Debt was last modified: February 6th, by Colin Dye. Colin Dye Born in Kenya in , Colin also lived for a time in Australia before coming to London at the age of 16 to train for a career in the arts. Discerning The New Age, Explaining its influences in our society. Two weights, two measures … double standards. You may also like. Is there a moderate Islam?

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Thanks for supporting Eat Pray Budget! The more we talk about it, the more folks seem to want to learn more. Blood, sweat, and tears kinda stuff. Once we finished that, we started on baby step two which is the debt snowball. The debt snowball has you start paying off debt with the lowest balance first. You get small wins in the beginning and gain traction by paying off smaller debts. Once you pay off a debt, you then use that monthly payment combined with ALL of your extra money, to start tackling the next debt.

This creates a snowball of money to attack debt, and it works! Below is what our debt balances looked like in the beginning. We started making traction quickly, and before we knew it, we had paid off the first three loans. To be honest, paying off the first student loan was surreal for me.

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I had honestly resigned myself to the fact that I would have student loan payments for years. When paying the minimum balance, our estimated student loan pay off date was But once we started getting some of those balances paid down, it finally clicked in my brain that we do not have to pay on those forever!!! At that point, we started selling everything we could. Clothing, purses, motorcycle gear, we even listed our motorcycle for a short period of time.