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Prior to giving his presentation, one of Dilbert's superiors assures him that they "don't shoot the messenger". Dilbert then proceeds to tell them the bad news that their idea is doomed to failure with Brutal Honesty , adding that they will probably be mocked for their stupidity and fired.

One of them actually pulls out a machine gun begging to be allowed to wing Dilbert, but is reminded that they "don't shoot the messenger". Instead, they tar and feather him. Also referenced in a comic strip involving a "Scape Goat", literally. He is shot by the PHB, who clarifies he was aiming for the messenger.

Dilbert suggests it was the Scape Goat's fault for standing there. Subverted in a regularly recycled Beetle Bailey gag: The officers receive a written order from the general, and it has one obvious spelling error that changes the meaning completely. Someone will point out what the general probably meant to say, but then someone else will always ask: Nobody dares to tell the general that he made a mistake.

Shooting the messenger

They prefer to follow out the order, exactly the way it's written, and look like idiots, rather than telling the general to make a correction. Lampshaded in The Wizard Of Id. The King, aware that his incompetent knight Sir Rodney is bringing news of his defeat, reminds him of the old Roman custom in which those bringing good news were rewarded with wine, women and song, whereas the bearer of bad tidings was put to death.

A sweating Rodney replies with the 'joyous' news that one of the King's more awful provinces with its rebellious peasants, stinking swamps etc, etc has been given to the Huns to worry about. In the scene involving Freeza, the henchman comes in, reports on the arrival of the Ginyu Force, and Freeza seems content to let him be, but then the henchman also announces that due to Freeza's tendency to kill them on a whim , the rest of his men have decided to form a union.

Freeza says that decision is "Adorable" in a mildly amused voice, then promptly kills the henchman without even turning to face him. In another episode, a messenger doesn't even get to say what the news is before Freeza blasts him. Freeza was just looking for a way to get out of the awkward conversation he was having with his minion Zarbon where it looked like he was going to have to admit that he thought Zarbon was gay. King Vegeta, meanwhile, kills his messenger out of annoyance when he feels the messenger gave a smart-mouth, Mathematician's Answer to a question King Vegeta asked.

Bardock has gone absolutely mad, Sire! What's all the commotion about? He's been telling everyone that Freeza plans to destroy Vegeta! Wait, my son, the planet , or me? Butarega is blasted by King Vegeta King Vegeta: Good manners are essential for a messenger. It gains us access to reluctant destinations and wins us favor with hesitant recipients.

Not to mention it saves us from the wrath of bad news. Two Imperial scouts have been captured by Shan-Yu. He mockingly congratulates them on finding his army, then gives them a threat to take back to the Emperor. As they run away: How many men does it take to deliver a message? Rotti Largo has the doctor who told him he was terminally ill executed. In , King Leonidas and the Spartans execute a Persian messenger and his armed escort for insulting their kingdom while bringing Xerxes' demand for "earth and water" as a token of submission to the empire, telling him that he'll find plenty of both down in the well, where they then proceed to throw them down.

Which is kicked off literally by Leonidas yelling "This! The real Leonidas actually did this. Leonidas did give him a fair warning, though, pointing out that he may be a messenger, but, in Sparta, each man is responsible for his own words. In the book, he recoils from Aragorn's Death Glare and says, " I am a herald and ambassador and may not be assailed! In keeping with Road to Perdition 's Black and Gray Morality , Michael Sullivan does this to a messenger sent to bribe him out of revenge.

For reference, the messenger was completely unarmed and nonthreatening. Of course, given that Michael himself had been set up for a Please Shoot the Messenger situation by the guys the messenger is representing less than 10 minutes earlier in the film, and that the messenger in question was sent to represent the interests of the Psychopathic Manchild responsible for the deaths of his wife and son Not only does Visser laugh off the posturing, he casually later on inverts the trope.

Parodied in Robin Hood: Men in Tights , in which the gaoler mentions that "good news is always rewarded and bad news is severely punished. Only instead of shooting the messenger, they sidestep the technicality by suffocating him with beer hoses. In The Warlords film starring Jet Li as Pang Qingyun and Andy Lau as Zhao Erhu, a new army called Shan led by the two main characters are sent on a mission with inferior numbers to attack and claim the territory of a much larger army with much more weapons and firepower.

The odds are against them , and the opposing army sends a messenger to tell General Zhao that the odds are against them and they can't win. The General pulls out his sword and slices the the messenger's neck without a word, then he and his men charge in for the attack. Battle Beyond the Stars. A Proud Warrior Race responds to Sador's demands by returning his emmisary as a jar of powder. A furious Sador destroys their entire planet to encourage the others. Clue the movie is all about this.

Wadsworth points out directly that "everyone who's died gave vital information about one of [the guests]. A heroic example, from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Excuse me, Professor, perhaps I heard you wrong. I thought you said "the four of us. No, you heard me correctly , Mr. Malfoy; you see, honourable as your intentions were, you too were out of bed after hours. You will join your classmates in detention. So - where're the kids?

Don't tell me they stopped at McDonald's! The children regret they're unable to attend. Have a disappointing day.

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It doesn't make sense to shoot the messenger. Your penguins — they're not responding to the launch command.

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My son lies dead, and yet you live. It is fitting that my son dies with dogs at his feet!

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This is an old trope that appears in medieval literature. For example, in the Beatrix version of the old French chanson de geste La Naissance du chevalier au cygne 12th century , the evil crone Matabrune, infuriated by the bad news brought to her by a spy, merely a young boy, kills him with her knife in front of her disapproving court.

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Happens so many times in Romance of the Three Kingdoms that it's eventually Lampshaded when Liu Bei writes a letter to Guan Yu to inform him of where he was, "but there was no one to take it. The unhappy bearer of the letter was decapitated, and his head sent back to Cao Cao by the hands of his escort. Will you be wanting your office restored, or do you wish to redecorate?

But I'm not the fool who's going to try and tell him that. No one tells Visser Three. Said lawyer is returned in three buckets. A Justified Trope as he was trying to either scare Angel off or anger him into a direct confrontation. A vampire goes to a bar and informs all the monsters there that Buffy is M. The leader of a demon biker gang thanks him, then casually rips his head off his shoulders with his bare hands, simply because he asks to ride with them and demons just don't like vampires.

Despite having spent most of the episode talking instead of fighting Buffy kills Holden Webster after he drops the bombshell about Spike siring him, even though Spike has a soul and an inhibitor chip that should prevent him from harming humans.

Don't kill the messenger - phrase meaning and origin

Due to a scene cut we don't see if it was because Holden attacked or in a violent response to what he said, but Buffy's position as Holden's dust swirls around her is the same, implying that it happened immediately afterwards. Presented the version in which the heroes do in the messenger in The Train Job. Since this was the unintended pilot episode, it also established just how far down the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism this batch of heroes and anti-heroes were, although the killing was Played for Laughs after the 'messenger' decided this was a good time to announce his plans for eventually murdering the heroes personally.

Luckily, they had a second captive henchman who became extremely cooperative after the first one made his - exit: Oh, I get it! Best thing for everyone. I'm right there with you! Sure, disintegrate the messenger. In his song "Message Boy", Charlie Peacock contends that as a messenger it is his job to deliver both good news and bad news. A line from the song is "all I ask is remember, I am only the message boy. Apollo turning the raven black because it brought him bad news in Greek mythology. Except on those websites which say it was Athena. The Skavens in Warhammer.

Skaven leaders usually kill the messengers, always the messengers of bad news. Scourges individuals who have been modified to have wings are highly valued by the various kabals for being couriers as well as flying troops, so the kabals tend to come down hard on anyone who makes a habit of messing with them. Shakespeare 's Richard III in the last act, who strikes the messenger before he even finishes his sentence about his enemy the Duke of Buckingham, crying "Till you bring better news!

The scene shows that Richard is beginning to crack up under his confident facade. Although when the messenger finishes delivering his message Richard apologizes to the man and gives him some money to make it up to him. And it's worth pointing out that the messenger was actually the third messenger in a row to come to Richard with news and the first two had been all bad.

In Antony and Cleopatra , a messenger tells Cleopatra that Antony has remarried, so she threatens to more or less play football with his eyeballs, among other nasty things. This trope even gets lampshaded by a messenger in an earlier scene. The nature of bad news infects the teller. You know that old saying "Don't kill the messenger"?

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Radiant Dawn , the three-country Laguz Alliance sends a messenger to the Begnion senators demanding answers to a crime they are accused of namely, the Serenes Massacre. This trope, then big war. However, given that even in an Orwellian timeline he's still incorruptibly good, it's highly unlikely he'd take any steps past yelling without good reason. In Colonization , other Europeans present in the New World will honour your scouts and allow them to perform diplomatic actions, even if they are at war with you except for the Royal Expeditionary Force , naturally.

Meanwhile, if you are at war with any native group, they will kill any scout sent to their settlements. In the first Shogun: Total War , if the rival faction you're sending an emissary to really hates your guts, your emissary may come back to you missing everything from the neck down. In the game Castles 2 , you can do this to any messenger of any count and the Pope. Killing them got you into bad blood with the opposite party, but threatning to kill them and then letting them go lets you off scott free.

First off gentlemen, let me thank you for shooting yet another messenger. And when you kill the messengers, they can't return their miniature televisions, which it may surprise you to learn don't grow naturally on their chests. I have to buy them. Dispose of this idiot. How have I failed? You were stupid enough to personally deliver ill news to Lord Bale. And we cannot abide stupidity.

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