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Stars Fell on Alabama. Random House, Da Capo paper bound ed. Richard Rodgers in his autobigraphy recalls that the period during which the team wrote the score for Too Many Girls represented a difficult time for Larry Hart and in the relationship between the two men, so much so that due to Hart's frequent absences from the scene, mostly due to his drinking, Rodgers was forced into writing and rewriting lyrics, though, as he says, "All of the major songs did have lyrics written by Larry," furhter noting that "because our story dealt more or less with an institution of learning, in "I Didn't Know What Time It Was," he [Larry] came up with the idea of discovering both love and wisdom" Musical Stages , p.

That his melodies were often subject to jazz improvisation was not, however, seen as a compliment by Rodgers, at least not during this period. William Zinsser suggests a musical irony in this attitude of Rodgers because it is his very solid and "elegant" compositional craftsmanship that so attracts jazz musicians providing them with the opportunity to do what they do:.

Good pianists and arrangers are seldom tempted to improve the base line of a Rodgers song; it can't be done. The descending bass of " My Funny Valentine " is the foundation that holds up the whole song; the contrapuntal bass line of "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" invites an instrumentalist or a singer to improvise on the melody, secure in the elegant safety net below Zinsser, p.

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Rodgers and Hart wrote "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" beginning with an opening verse followed by a refrain with a single chorus and concluding with a second verse. The lyric on the video below as sung by James Taylor for the the soundtrack of the movie League of Their Own includes only the refrain omitting both verses.

Finding the closing verse is difficult outside of the film Too Many Girls in which the song was introduced. James Taylor on the soundtrack of the movie League of Their Own Please complete or pause one video before starting another.

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To hear the the song sung with the opening verse, listen to the Nancy Lamott version below from her album performed c. The verse begins the song with, "Once I was young" and concludes with the line, "And now I know I was naive. I met you," thus setting up the transformative nature of the refrain. The verse that concludes the song, which is almost never heard beyond its use in Too Many Girls in which Lucile Ball [dubbed by Trudy Erwin] and Richard Carlson sing it , is reproduced below:. Once I was old-- Twenty years os so-- Rather well preserved The wrinkles didn't show.

Once I was old, But not too old for fun. I used to hunt for little girls With my imaginary gun. But now I aim for only one. This final verse reveals Hart's inclination toward irony and paradox by suggesting the singer had lost his youth and grown old by the time he turned twenty. His promiscuous indulgence in "fun" hunting for women made him old before his time; but now, having met the "you" of the refrain has been transformed, abandoning his childishness and in the process paradoxically regaining a youth of a much more satisfying kind--being "only for one.

Perhaps the most salient trope in the lyric is how the songwriting team takes a cliched figure of speech, "I didn't know what time it was," and through Hart's words and Rodgers' music make it into a movingly romantic expression of great force and tenderness. Click here to read Cafe Songbook lyrics policy.

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Helen Forrest, tenor sax solo Georgie Auld album: Artie Shaw and His Orchestra Shaw's rendition didn't chart as Goodman's and J. After hitting the big time singing with Les Brown's orchestra and starting a successful acting career in the '40s, Day spent most of the '50s releasing novelty sides and standards collections like this one.

Charlie Parker with Strings The Mastertakes.

I Didn't Know What Time It Was

There's a real sense of involvement from Bird on these sides, which collect up all the master takes and also include some live tracks from Carnegie Hall that — judging from the sometimes uneasy murmurings of the crowd — amply illustrate just how weirdly this mixture of bop lines against "legit" arrangements was perceived. The music on this collection is lush, poetic, romantic as hell, and the perfect antidote to a surfeit of jazz records featuring undisciplined blowing.

There's a lot of jazz, but there's only one Bird" iTunes album review. For complete album personel see CD Universe page.

I didn't know what time it was

Black Coffee was Lee's next major project [after she moved from Capitol to Decca and recorded her version of "Lover. Songs for Distingue Lovers. Although Billie Holiday did not record "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" until for the album above , she was singing it at least as early as when her piano accompanist at The Onyx on 52nd Street in Manhattan, Johnny Guarnieri, recalled how her performances of the song made it "a timeless tune.

The same track appears on a number of CD's.

Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Rodgers & Hart Songbook

I thought I had a trick or two up my imaginary sleeve. And now I know I was naive. Oh, what a lovely time it was, How sublime it was too! I didn't know what day it was You held my hand. Warm like the month of May it was, And I'll say it was grand. Grand to be alive, to be young, to be mad, to be yours alone! Grand to see your face, feel your touch, hear your voice say I'm all your own.