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A few months later, she called me, tears in her voice. I was rocking the baby and looking at his beautiful face and thinking how much I love him and I suddenly understood how much you loved me.

How Much You Were Loved! Reflections On A Mother’s Love

Your email address will not be published. Over Consider This shows have been written by Annette Petrick and broadcast as daily radio shows. Dozens of the shows have been captured on this site. God does love you with a perfect motherly love. Though this may not be the most common way to speak of His love, it is of great benefit to ponder this beautiful revelation from creation See Diary How do you see God?

Reflect upon your image of God and rely first upon the various images in Scripture. But also ponder the many natural means through which God communicates His love.

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Ponder, today, especially the love that a mother has for her newborn infant. Like anything, your ability to love and nurture will grow with each new experience of motherhood.

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Many people, men and women, spend much of their life dodging any situation in which they are required to take responsibility. After all, it's much easier to just focus on yourself and what your immediate wants and needs are. However, being a parent is one of the quickest ways to give that taste of responsibility. When you have children, you don't have the luxury of being too introspective; instead, you automatically see things as how they would best benefit the development and safety of your children.

Don't look at this as a negative thing.

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It is impossible to claim your place in an adult society without accepting responsibility. Often, parents find that they had strengths and resources that they never knew were there. Parents just plain laugh more, one would think. After all, who can keep a straight face when exploring with and enjoying the antics of these small people- and people they are!

Fully autonomous little people with their own unique personality. These are some of the best moments of motherhood, bringing out mother love that is deep and fulfilling.

Let your hair down when your kids want to have fun; get dirty with them and learn together. Like most things, it can be hard to understand if you haven't experienced it. However, losing yourself in service to family and children becomes a way to find the best and most beautiful traits that are in your person.

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Children can be frustrating, to say the least.