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Once your faculty chair feels your project is complete, another faculty reader will review your project report and deliverable.

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Incorporate their final edits. When you have edited the document appropriately, your faculty chair will indicate project completion. There is no final defense for MA Projects. This site is maintained by Department of Sociology. To report problems or comments with this site, please contact pennivo fullerton.

CSUF is committed to ensuring equal accessibility to our users. Let us know about any accessibility problems you encounter using this website. We'll do our best to improve things and get you the information you need. MA Project Guidelines The MA Project is an applied study that gives students the opportunity to use sociological research to inform an organizational or policy related problem. Analysis Report a report that highlights significant analytical findings from the research and recommendations that address the needs of a program or governmental body.

Project Evaluation, or a developed Program Evaluation Design that could be used by the program project evaluations typically take from months to design and implement; the Program Evaluation Design is a detailed plan for the type of data, points of data collection, and the assessment instrument that can be used by the program. Informational Brochure a visually compelling document that details insightful project information and recommendations; information is presented in such a fashion that it engages a broader but relevant public for the project.

Abstract Write a word or less comprehensive summary of the contents of the paper, including the project deliverables and recommendations. Address why the problem is sociologically relevant. Introduce what methods you employ to generate data to address the problem.

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This should not just be a summary; it should be a critical and engaged analysis that highlights the main sociological arguments in the areas you are covering. Use this literature to show why you are doing this exact research project; show what you hope to contribute to our understanding of the problem. You should include at the end of this section your main research question generated by your consideration of the literature and that will be answered by your data analysis, report, or recommendations.

Research Methodology Discuss what you did to research this topic your research design, sampling, and methods of data generation, analysis, and write-up Give enough detail so that another researcher could replicate your study based on what you have shared. However, with the written approval of their major advisor, students may substitute Math , Math , or a disciplinary statistics course from another social science for SOC Majors who receive approval to fulfill this requirement with a course from another department or university are required to take an additional upper-level Sociology course in lieu of SOC We will maintain a list of qualifying events on our website and our department administrator will coordinate a sign-in procedure to verify attendance at events.

Majors will choose any one of the following options:.

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Capstone paper tied to upper-level course 1 credit — Students electing this option may align the research paper with any upper-level sociology course taken during or prior to the semester in which they undertake this accompanying capstone paper. Capstone research papers typically are pages in length, and represent some application of course content to a related topic developed by the student in consultation with the instructor. Students interested in this option should register for the section of SOC Research in Sociology assigned to the relevant instructor, who will then 1 approve the capstone paper topic at the outset of the semester, 2 be available for consultation at all stages of the project, 3 assign a final grade for this one-credit course, and upon completion 4 certify the final product as fulfilling the capstone requirement.

Students should request to schedule a meeting with the relevant instructor at the start of the semester i. Internship 2 credits — Students electing to complete a field internship are able, in consultation with their internship advisor, to identify and select a position with an organization of their choosing. For help identifying options in St.

Over time, our department website will also provide resources to connect with local organizations in need of student interns with a background in sociology. As the university stipulates 45 hours of work for each academic credit earned, students will need to complete at least 90 internship hours, along with a series of reflective assignments arranged in consultation with their advisor, to fulfill their capstone requirement.

While only 2 credit hours are required, students can register for up to 3 credit hours. Honors thesis 6 credits — See the section on honors later in this guide. To be eligible for Latin honors in Sociology, students must complete an Honors thesis. One level sociology course. Introduction to Research Methods, or an approved course in Statistics. Note that minors who take statistics in a different department will need to take SOC to fulfill this methods requirement. Any two or level courses. Students may seek credit toward the major requirements for up to two courses from a domestic study program i.

Download Sociology Projects: A Students\' Guide

Minors may seek course credit for one course taken at another institution. Majors are eligible to use transfer credit to fulfill either 1 one lower-level plus one upper-level course requirement, or else 2 two upper-level courses. Note that student options for using transfer credit to fulfill core requirements are limited to SOC Students interested in receiving credit for outside courses should ask to meet with their major advisor about the proposed courses.

This conversation should be initiated in advance of the semester in which students enroll in the transfer course in question — i. Students with unusual circumstances, such as transferring from another institution, may contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss possible exceptions to the general policies discussed in this guide. Completion of an honors thesis is the only path to Latin honors for sociology majors. To set a reading intention, click through to any list item, and look for the panel on the left hand side:. Further information for staff.

Short video tutorials for staff. This item appears on List: Materials on Doing and Writing Dissertations Next: The good research guide: The student's guide to preparing dissertations Have you read this? Please log in to set a read status Setting a reading intention helps you organise your reading.

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