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The love scenes were sizzling sometimes literally , there was plenty of action to keep your adrenaline pumping, and tons of political scheming and intrigues that kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Add to that Rush's increasingly powerful ability and Ambrea's determination to make him see it as a gift rather than a curse, and you end up with a delightfully gratifying read.

Nov 15, Cindy Rich rated it it was amazing. This book has it in spades. We have the hero, Rush, who is hiding a deep, dark secret from his team. We met that team in Seduce Me in Dreams and they essentially his family. Like all tragic heroes, he tries to just not use this talent which is why when he gets very emotional — POOF — his talent surfaces and has a tendency to explode then he has to figure out how to snuff this talent quickly before anyone sees what he can do.

Rush is ashamed of his talent which he considers a curse. On the other side of the coin, we have Ambrea. She is our tragic heroine.

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She is a princess that has been denied her birthright all her life and has stoically carried on no matter what her father, uncle, brother or anyone from her royal family has thrown at her. She always remains optimistic for her people. Ambrea has been tortured throughout her short life both mentally and physically and still remains regal and poised for the sake of her people. There is molten chemistry between cool, calm Ambrea and seething, explosive Rush. I loved the banter between the two characters as you watch them get to know each other and both realize that they really are not so different after all.

So, you have a captive princess, a dashing hero, an oppressed planet with a power hungry madman, an elite combat team ready to put things right and all you need are some droids. This is a great plot and a great story. This is another great tale that keeps you guessing and wondering what next until the very end. I found myself holding my breath, so I suggest having the oxygen tank handy because you are going to need it by the time you finish this must read book.

This review was posted at Under The Covers 3. First, it doesn't really follow in the storyline of book 1 that much; yes it could pretty much be read as a standalone. Second, we don't the see much of the Chosen, which were a big part of the first book. Rush "Ender" is HOT! He's kept quiet about his mysterious power of burning this, his body overheats, he causes fires, he burns things and people. He's lived his whole life isolated because of th This review was posted at Under The Covers 3. He's lived his whole life isolated because of this.

Not even his closest friends and teammates for the IM Interplanetary Militia know about this. He is assigned to "save" the princess and heir to the throne of Allay. Princess Ambrea is not your standard royal. She grew up away from court.

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Her father would've preferred she didn't exist and she was treated that way. Now with her father dead, she needs to be eliminated. Of course the IM's job is to police the Three Worlds, and they want a fair chance for Ambrea Vas Allay to make her claim for the throne and ruler of Allay. Rush just needs to break her out of some pretty nasty catacombs, then out of her world and safely into the hands of the IM council.

I liked the fact that in their own way, both characters were strong yet innocent. Yes, they are both virgins, obviously each for their own reasons, but it gave them a sense of comfort. For all that Ambrea seems like a breakable little girl, she can be strong when she needs to be and go after what she wants i.

We didn't get a lot of sex scenes in this book BUT when we did get it, it went on for what it seemed like forever! In general I liked this story, it had some action, even though at times it dragged a bit too slow and things became a bit repetitive. As usual, I'm interested in Justice's story and I was happy to see Ravenna and Bronse as part of this story. May 29, Ada rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Absolutely loved this book. It's so different yet quintessentially Jacquelyn Frank.

I missed the Nightwalkers and Shadowdwellers but I quickly fell in love with the Tarians and Allayans. Unfortunately I haven't picked up the first book of this series however that does nothing to stop the enjoyment and understanding of this book. Our heroine is Ambrea, the daughter of the Emperor of the Allayan empire. Unfortunately for her, her father was a tyrant and had her mother killed and Ambrea exiled when Absolutely loved this book. Unfortunately for her, her father was a tyrant and had her mother killed and Ambrea exiled when she was young. Our hero is Interplantary Militia fighter Rush Blakeley, a Tarian who also has secret abilities to control fire - although in Rush's case, he had never knowingly controlled it so for him, it was a curse.

The story revolves around Rush and his IM team rescuing Ambrea from her prison and keeping her safe until she can retake the throne of Allay as the next heir after her father died and her younger half-brother was killed. The one thing I loved was Ambrea and Rush. Separately, they were so easy to get behind.

She was mistreated for most of her life just because her father declared it so yet still have a loving nature and could see the best in others. He was so afraid that he'd hurt others with his powers and spent his years hiding his true self yet working as a dedicated fighter for the IM. Together, they are explosive and loving and so romantic. If the story itself had been garbage, I would have stilled loved the book because of their romance but as it was, the storyline was amazing.

I highly recommend this book not just to Jacquelyn Frank lovers but to anyone who delights in a great story. Mar 16, Tamara rated it really liked it. Ms Franks is usually a sold 5 for me , but, this book just didn't quite live up to her usual standard. It was good, But I missed the camaraderie between the IM members that was a big part of the fisrt 3 worlds novel. And the romance sex was not as steamy as expected. Ender, Tarian, Mutant, IM soldier.

How to Control People - The Art of Seduction Animated Summary (Complete) Part-1 of 2

Rush "Ender" is from the planet Tarie, A hard, brutal world with little in the way of resources and no luxuries. His mutant ability is discovered when he is 21 and his clan tries to kill him, so he leaves his home planet and joins the IM, Interplanetary Militia, where he hides his mutant abilities from everyone, but axcells at everything else. He is strong, fast and loves to blow things up.

He is sent on a mission to rescue the princess of Allay from the catacomb prisons where she is being unjustly held and embarcks on the mission of his life. Princess Ambria Vas Allay has been imprisoned many times in her short life. Her mother was executed for treason when she was only 4 years old, and her father has disinherited her and falsely imprisoned her for fear of her usurping his power.

Seduce Me in Flames

Upon his death, her treacherous Uncle demands she sign away her rights to the thone and when she refuses she is thrown in the catacombs again. When she is rescued by the powerful terian and her throne restored through the power of the IM, Ender becomes her protector against the traitors in her kingdom, and her secret lover. Ambria is the only one who knows his secret. Ender is the only one she can trust. Together they must find a way to preserve her life, keep her kingdom safe and along the way fall in love. Jan 20, Julie rated it liked it Recommends it for: This fantasy romance is a part of the "Three Worlds" novel series by Jacquelyn Frank.

This is the first I've read in the series, but not sure whether it is actually book 1? However, I completely understood everything, so I do not think it matters which order they are read. This particular book is the story of Ambrea Vas Allay heiress to the throne and Rush "Ender" Blakely warrior extraordinaire from another planet. This heroine is noble not only by birth, but by right.

She repeatedly earns This fantasy romance is a part of the "Three Worlds" novel series by Jacquelyn Frank. She repeatedly earns this title by the many selfless acts she commits and decisions she stands by. The story does follow a predictable pattern of tragic beginnings to end with heavenly happiness. However, the path to the final destination is full of adventure, danger, seduction, and even a little supernatural surprise. This heroine is definitely a woman worthy of respect and admiration, and one who is totally enjoyable.

In the beginning, the hero cannot really compare to the heroine. Oh sure, he's sexy, strong, and all alpha, but he's just too "monotone" to bring out any real enthusiasm. That is, until his long kept secret is uncovered by none other than his heroine. Then, his mask is ripped away and the surprise, anticipation, and danger turn two-fold. Ender's and Ambrea's story also involves a whole lot of political intrigue for those who like to use their head as well as their heart. Jul 27, Michelle rated it really liked it.

This was a really good story and in fact I came out of it liking it much more than I thought I would. Ambrea Vas Alley is a member of the royal family and is in fact the direct heir to the throne but has lost favor with the king when her mother was accused of being a traitor. But there is a secret faction who will do what they can to put the rightful heir on the throne. Rush "Ender" Blakely is a man with a fiery secret in his past from everyone he knows.

Ambrea Vas Allay is a princess in exile thanks to her father and uncle. Ambrea is summoned to Blossom Palace but she isn't even sure why. She gets some stunning news about her father, the Emperor of Allay from her half brother that their father is dead. He wants her to sign away her right to the throne of Allay which she refuses to do. Ambrea is jailed in the wet rooms with no hope of ever getting out. Ender is Rush "Ender" Blakely is a man with a fiery secret in his past from everyone he knows. Ender is taken to the same level of wet rooms as his target and helps both her and her servant escape them.

Ender is stunned by how much he is attracted to his target whom he calls Blue Eyes. Ender knows that he shouldn't get involved with Blue Eyes but can't seem to stop himself either. Ambrea knows that she is safe with Ender from the first moment she touches him but cannot explain why she has to keep touching him. She receives her first kiss from Ender and knows that she must not be parted from this man ever.

What is Ender's secret? How will Ambrea help Ender explore his past? Can Ambrea gain the throne of Allay? Who wants to see Ambrea dead at all costs? These questions and more are answered in Seduce Me in Flames. Apr 15, Texas Reader Stacy rated it really liked it Shelves: I am always amazed at Franks imagination. Over and over she creates new worlds for her series.

This is the second in the Three Worlds series, and not really my favorite. I was not sucked into it like the first. I did like it. I love Rush and Ambrea. But the back story of the Allay society dragged for me and I found myself skimming parts of the book with no dialogue towards the end. At first, I was anxious to get to the action I knew was coming. And Rush "Ender" was a character that intrigued me I am always amazed at Franks imagination. And Rush "Ender" was a character that intrigued me in the first book, I couldn't wait to read about him.

Rush and Ambrea are perfect for each other, she just has to get him to get over his phobia. But she has the patience of a queen to guide her into getting what she wants. Usually its the male saving the female, but truthfully, I feel like Ambrea was the one saving Rush. We see glimpses of the IM team from the first book, and a few help Rush in this one. Still, I think it was the Allay world that I didn't connect with. I always connect with her characters, and will always pre-order her books. Which is why one slow one for me will never stop me from reading all her books.

If you haven't read the first one, you have to start there so you understand the IM team. Mar 26, valee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Book 1 was a funny and entertaining read Completely took me by surprise and blew my mind away. I never thought it would be this good! Amazing characters and an excellent plot based on a highly appealing world building.

I loved how original this story was, how different from everything else I have been reading lately. A guy who can fire up his body at will, who has powers even he doesn't completely understands himself A disturbing past, a complicated future, changes so big that will alter a whole country. Cheaters and deceivers who want stop at anything to get what they want Just loved this main couple, everything about them just felt right.

So many things go on in this book, I just loved it. Seduce Me in Flames completely grabbed my attention from page one and never let me stop reading until I was done. I strongly recommend this read! This one takes place 2 years I think, after the previous, and no; she didn't answer the question why someone was trying to kill Bronse in that one. While these were the first two of a promised series, it was dropped after this with the vague "series on hold indefinitely" thing.

The hero has the same problem the 7th brother in the Sons of Destiny has - he burns things when he gets out of control. The difference - why this gets a 4 when that one almost got a DNF - is this hero is a This one takes place 2 years I think, after the previous, and no; she didn't answer the question why someone was trying to kill Bronse in that one. The difference - why this gets a 4 when that one almost got a DNF - is this hero is a well-rounded individual rather than a man-child.

He's afraid of hurting a woman, sure, and has gone out of his way to avoid the risk. He's also an adult, who has made a place for himself in spite of his abilities. The heroine is a bit of a stumbling block in this book. She's been ostracized since she was 4, has been imprisoned twice at 11, and 14 I think , and yet is still a strong capable leader with a sense of self. I'm not sure how that works really - to be oppressed all your life and go from that to leadership within a day or two seems Seems as if she'd be very close to broken at this point.

Sep 24, E. Rush "Ender" Blakely is part of the elite team from the Interplanetary Militia that has been tasked to rescue princes Ambrea Vas Allay when she is imprisoned yet again during the upheaval over the throne of the empire of Allay. The last true heir, Ambrea has been downtrodden over all of her life, partly because of the machinations of her ambitious uncle. Rush is a Tarian and subject to the distrust and discrimination of the race but he is fascinated by the plucky and innocent Ambrea yet reluctant to share all of his closely guarded secrets with her, especially since he hasn't even shared them with his trusted teammates.

Cameos by Bronse and his wife Ravenna and her siblings. Great chemistry between main characters, interesting handicap suffered by Rush, solution to issues are a little disingenuous and a little unbelievable but enjoyable read. When she is called to the palace for a royal audience, she is unsure what to expect, but it was not to find out her father had died and that her adolescent half brother is now the Emperor. Thrown in prison for her refusal to sign away her name and all claims to the thrown, her innate dignity keeps her for begging for mercy.

Rush Ender Blakely is an elite soldier with IM, The Interplanetary Militia, and he is sent in undercover to break out the princess and help restore her to the throne. With the help of the rest of his team, Ambrea and Ender fight for the lives of themselves and the freedom of her people. Aug 04, Natalie rated it it was ok Shelves: I would like to preface this with; I have been a dedicated fan of Jacquelyn Frank for the past 5 years. That being said, I am having a hard time connecting with any of her recent books.

I find myself skimming and growing bored. It feels like she doesn't have a clear path when writing new books and is just trying out new concepts. It doesn't feel like she is dedicated to the characters or the stories. She will write a couple books or just stand alone titles for a series and then move on. This se I would like to preface this with; I have been a dedicated fan of Jacquelyn Frank for the past 5 years.

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