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Biking From mtb to cyclocross, fixies to road bikes, we review the greatest new bike gear. December 13, Road, Cross, Gravel: December 7, Interbike Canceled: Show Organizers Hope for Return.

December 5, Crash Tested! December 4, Not So Underground: Bike Navigation On Road and Off. Then the boys always had to make one last shopping trip uptown. Eventually, we open our presents. Daddy sits there holding some new handkerchiefs and neckties in his big, rough hands. He has a new shaving brush — made in Japan.

With his Danish accent, he says, "We have too much.

MARILYN HAGERTY: On Christmas Eve, all roads lead to home

It is too much. As I tear white tissue paper from a Shirley Temple doll and greedily scan the bottom of the tree for more presents, I think, "It is not too much for me. Sisters Helen and Shirley fondle new sweaters and sniff their bubble bath. My brother Harley sits on the floor where the draft comes in under the front door. Walter sits beside him. Most of the year, I consider Walter my personal enemy. I give him a pinch every time I have a chance.

He slugs me back. On Christmas Eve with his hair combed and slicked down with oil, Walter looks almost like an angel.

On Christmas Eve, nothing is too expensive for Walter's sisters. He is generous with money he has earned delivering the Capital Journal. We put on our coats and buckle up our overshoes before we start out for church. As we walk down the back road and up the hill this night seems different from all others. Maybe it's because we girls get to leave off our long underwear on Christmas Eve. Maybe it's because we think we see the same star that guided the Wise Men.

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It's cold and clear in Pierre, S. Because we are early, we go up and stand over the big heat register in the floor at the front of the English Lutheran Church.

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Warm air blows up under our skirts. Later, the boys lucky enough to be chosen as shepherds have blankets draped around them. They come in the back door of the little church and go out the door up beside the pulpit.