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Prime Book Box for Kids. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I found 2 plays in here that I thought were well-formed enough to use as is in an adult play-reading group Not a great hit rate, but better than none. A number of the others are intriguing and promising but somehow, to me, didn't come together as discrete plays in the end. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

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I appreciated the realism but can't help but feel there should have been a little more imagination behind it. It's important to be able to relate yet I felt I needed taken a little further. The writing and the emotion, however, were dead on. Sam Post's thirteen short plays are about regular people, doing everyday things.

Does that sound like much? A lot of our best plays are about the gravel and grist of our days. All of our days. I like Selling Shoes, where Post tries to get at what it feels like to work in your dad's shoe store. Maybe selling shoes is a dream job. It is just not the dream job that our protagonist imagines for himself. He wants to do fine things. He wants to express truth. He is not Karl Marx's Natural Man, who wrests meaning from the salty taste of earth, sweat, and toil. He desires to express himself.

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It is a classic expression of the generation that was raised by the World War II generation. You have to admit that to such a person, shoes do present some challenges. Even if they put food on the table and pay for college, feet are always going to smell and no amount of creative energy is going to turn a pair of Clarks into a Capezio. Having read it, I can't decide.. I would suggest that you read all three.

I said that these stories are about things that happen to people every day. Isn't there some great material in a daughter that spends up her dad's credit card bill? I think that any drama teacher would be well served by this collection. January 21, at 8: Hi, Could you recommend some sites that could provide me with some short min comedies written in French? I would like to find some for both Junior and Senior School students.

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January 23, at 5: March 8, at 8: I Sarah, I invite you to visit my website. I am a french playwright and scriptwriter and I offer the full scripts of my plays to free download on my website http: Thank you for your attention.

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December 3, at September 28, at 5: August 18, at August 2, at 7: June 26, at May 13, at 5: Hey, Was just wanting you to email me some of the good plays for sixth grade. Short 10 mins play. Thankyou, Hope to get a reply. April 11, at April 11, at 9: April 3, at 9: November 8, at 4: November 28, at 2: April 27, at 4: February 7, at April 26, at 5: Can someone help me find a solo 10 minute play because one of the plays that me and three other people were doing, one kid kicked me off because I messed up once when we were practicing.

So I have to do it by myself. April 26, at Several of them are for one performer. April 25, at 1: May 1, at 4: Most play scripts still in US copyright, however, will not be found online. You will only find historical play scripts.

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January 6, at April 3, at 2: I have some great scripts at freedrama. February 11, at 8: December 30, at January 28, at 2: January 16, at 8: February 12, at 9: November 15, at 2: Moral value based on Morals; value based Love Truth, Peace, non violence etc. Thank you so much. Here is one about Martin Luther King Jr http: March 16, at 4: October 9, at 6: April 29, at 7: June 6, at 6: Could you recommend a good play for 6 to 8 year olds please.

I am currently working on Beauty is a Beast… my older kids at this school for the underprivileged, absolutely loves the play. February 9, at 8: May 16, at 3: Try Alex Broun 10 min plays, they are free and dramatic and some not all are suitable for year September 12, at 7: July 22, at 8: Does anyone know a good min comedy that would be good for a Year 10 class of 10 girls? February 12, at 7: November 22, at 7: January 27, at 9: May 27, at 5: April 22, at 1: I am running a 12 performance class where children learn the basics of theatre and dance.

I am currently looking for scenes for them to perform infront of each other. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Anna August 20, at 7: Mike September 18, at 6: Sthandiwe July 24, at I need a play script on 3 females and 3 males on the theme Affection. Daisee July 7, at 3: Can somebody suggest a play script for a ;musical for children 11yrs and above. Sylvia Woodcock June 28, at 7: Doreen salve June 15, at 4: I want a English drama script with moral for grade 5.

Desmond jeh June 5, at 2: Marc Stewart April 4, at 4: Hi, if are all of these scripts free to use for a non profit radio station? Shelly Mandelbaum April 1, at 2: Dannie March 7, at 5: Dixie March 2, at 5: Noor February 20, at I am searching for 6th grade graduation party theme and play for around 26 characters. John Sekwaila February 20, at 2: Jai February 8, at 1: Richard Stuart Dixon January 18, at Justin Cash January 23, at B February 15, at 4: Can i ask ur help for making me a script for 10 minutes play and about characters?

Shontel January 7, at 9: I am looking for a christmas play for yrs and around characters. Melisa Kumdere September 21, at 4: Ben Gitman August 31, at 6: Hi, guys, I am a drama codirector do you guys know of any plays that are 45 min and 15 people. I need a play on any topic with 5 characters and 4 mins.

Georgiana April 7, at 2: Renati March 20, at Kyle February 12, at 4: Muhammad Anang Hasyim February 9, at 3: Muhammad Shams February 5, at 6: Kashmira January 19, at 5: I want a drama on moral values. For at least 10 minutes. Justin Cash November 29, at Perhaps another reader can assist you?

Hi , did you find some plays?? Hira imran October 22, at Preeti Sai Thandavan September 30, at Anamika Vyas September 20, at Desira Nicole Keener August 17, at 1: Oliver August 3, at 9: Sahithi June 17, at 2: Varsha May 13, at 1: Hopeless and if you think you will get something here. Vishakha jain April 8, at 1: Vanessa March 1, at 1: Hi, I need three melodrama ten minute scripts suitable for year old performance groups; there are 5 to 6 actors in each group. Monday June 6, at 7: Sarah Evington-Smith January 21, at 8: Justin Cash January 23, at 5: Jean-Pierre Martinez March 8, at 8: Ritika Joshi August 18, at Maureen Chiremba August 2, at 7: Hie Would be very grateful if you pot plays for grade 5 to 8.

Tamarian Maxey June 26, at Karly May 13, at 5: Please i need a short french drama for kids 8 to 10yrs old. Fearless Unicorn November 8, at 4: Can someone help me find a minute play with 22 persons performing? Abby April 27, at 4: Abby April 26, at 5: Justin Cash April 26, at Justin Cash May 1, at 4: Sad Sam, Try some of the following websites through Google: