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Company Law in Ireland Anthony Thuillier. Law and Guidance Helen Tse. Transforming Compliance Michael D. Corporate Finance Law Jennifer Payne. Other books in this series. How to Protect Investors Niamh Moloney. Convergence in Shareholder Law Mathias M. Comparative Corporate Governance Andreas M. Independent Directors in Asia Dan W. Economic Transplants Katja Langenbucher. Table of contents Introduction; Part I.

Convergence in Shareholder Law

The Object and Course of the Investigation: Dimensions of convergence in shareholder law; Part II. The Status Quo of Convergence: Bases for a shareholder typology; 4. The 'Shareholder as Such'; 5. This exciting volume opens the road for further enrichment of the academic and policy-making dialogue on financial regulation and regulatory practice, and reflects new trends in legal and social-science scholarship. This book explores the foundations and evolution of modern corporate fiduciary law in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Today US and UK fiduciary law provide very different approaches to the regulation of directorial behaviour. However, as the book shows, the law in both jurisdictions borrowed from the same sources in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century English fiduciary and commercial law. The book identifies the shared legal foundations and authorities and explores the drivers of corporate fiduciary law's contemporary divergence. In so doing it challenges the prevailing accounts of corporate legal change and stability in the US and the UK.

What happens when a corporate subsidiary or network company is unable to pay personal injury victims in full? This book sets out to tackle the 'insolvent entity problem', especially as it arises in cases of mass wrongdoing such as those involving asbestos exposure and defective pharmaceuticals. After discussing the nature of corporate groups and networks from the perspectives of business history, organisation studies, and social theory, the book assesses a range of rules and proposed rules for extending liability for personal injuries beyond insolvent entities.

New proposals are put for an exception to the rule of limited liability and for the development of a flexible new tort based on conspiracy that encompasses not only control-based relationships but also horizontal coordination between companies. The book concludes with a general discussion of lessons learned from debates about extended liability and provides guidelines for the development of new liability rules.

Puchniak , Harald Baum , Luke Nottage https: The rise of the independent director in Asia is an issue of global consequence that has been largely overlooked until recently.

International Corporate Law and Financial Market Regulation

Less than two decades ago, independent directors were oddities in Asia's boardrooms. Today, they are ubiquitous. Independent Directors in Asia undertakes the first detailed analysis of this phenomenon. It provides in-depth historical, contextual and comparative perspectives on the law and practice of independent directors in seven core Asian jurisdictions China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia.


These case studies reveal the varieties of independent directors in Asia, none of which conform to its original American concept. The authors develop a taxonomy of these varieties, which provides a powerful analytical tool for more accurately understanding and effectively researching independent directors in Asia. This new approach challenges foundational aspects of comparative corporate governance practice and suggests a new path for comparative corporate governance scholarship and reform. Why and in what ways have lawyers been importing economic theories into a legal environment, and how has this shaped scholarly research, judicial and legislative work?

Since the financial crisis, corporate or capital markets law has been the focus of attention by academia and media.

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  • Formal modelling has been used to describe how capital markets work and, later, has been criticised for its abstract assumptions. Empirical legal studies and regulatory impact assessments offered different ways forward. This book presents a new approach to the risks and benefits of interdisciplinary policy work. The benefits economic theory brings for reliable and tested lawmaking are contrasted with important challenges including the significant differences of research methodology, leading to misunderstandings and problems of efficient implementation of economic theory's findings into the legal world.

    Katja Langenbucher's innovative research scrutinises the potential of economic theory to European legislators faced with a lack of democratic accountability. This is a case study of legal transplant, economic development, cultural adaptation and political integration. But Hong Kong's future is even more interesting: A Financial Centre for Two Empires presents Hong Kong's story, examines its corporate economy and securities market, assesses its corporate, securities and tax laws for doctrinal soundness and appropriate remedies, and evaluates the quality of their enforcement empirically.

    It closes with a view of Hong Kong from the perspective of developments in Beijing and Shanghai, including an examination of the important political dimension. With contributions by distinguished scholars from legal and financial backgrounds, this collection of essays analyses four main topics in the corporate governance of European listed firms: The authors provide new comparative evidence and analyse its implications for the policy debate. They challenge the conventional wisdom that corporate governance in European firms was systematically dysfunctional.

    While proposals aimed at increasing disclosure and accountability are usually well-grounded, caution is suggested when bringing forward regulatory changes with respect to proposals targeting specific governance arrangements, especially in the fields of board composition and shareholder activism. They argue that the 'comply or explain' principle should be retained and further efforts should be exercised to enhance disclosure.

    Fleckner , Klaus J. The business corporation is one of the greatest organizational inventions, but it creates risks both for shareholders and for third parties. To mitigate these risks, legislators, judges, and corporate lawyers have tried to learn from foreign experiences and adapt their regulatory regimes to them. In the last three decades, this approach has led to a stream of corporate and capital market law reforms unseen before.

    Corporate governance, the system by which companies are directed and controlled, is today a key topic for legislation, practice, and academia all over the world. Corporate scandals and financial crises have repeatedly highlighted the need to better understand the economic, social, political, and legal determinants of corporate governance in individual countries. Comparative Corporate Governance furthers this goal by bringing together current scholarship in law and economics with the expertise of local corporate governance specialists from twenty-three countries.

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