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In total, he left the United States 99 times, visited 80 countries, and spent 1, days at sea on 48 ships. And I had never had the chance to ask him many questions about his travels like why he went to Venezuela twelve times or what he was doing in Syria and Beirut in the s. So, in an effort to discover more about him, I decided to make an infographic of his travel logs. Today, we take for granted that we can check stocks on our phones or go online and view records from doctor visits.

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But my grandfather had no recording method besides pencil and paper for most of his life, so this was a normal and especially vital part of his daily routine. As the country he visited the most twenty-two times , Bermuda would have a graph bar stretching percent across the screen, while a country he visited eleven times St.

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Thomas, for example would stretch roughly 50 percent across, the proportions adjusted slightly to fit the name and visits. The big issue to start was that some of the data was on paper and some was already transcribed into a text file. I needed a JSON file.

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I tediously transcribed the remaining travel data into a tab-separated text file for the countries. I added the name, number of visits, and flag color:. First, I used Node readFileSync and trim to remove any quotation marks at the end of the file so as to avoid an empty object in the results:. The Wilson family even found an entry in Wilson's journal where he recorded Wayne Redd's name, along with the baptism and confirmation date.

The second surprise came in Monroe County. Finding the community of "Jones Mills" was a priority for the Redds because Elder Redd had gone there three times to attend conferences and once met two apostles — Francis M. Lyman and Matthias F. Cowley — who had come to dedicate a new meetinghouse. Elder Redd even sketched the chapel in his journal. It was also there, in his first months as a missionary, that Elder Redd baptized his first convert, Ada L.


Her testimony and influence led most of her family to join the church. Members were "astonished" and "grateful" to learn of Elder Redd's journal and his link to Johnson. They introduced the Redds to a Johnson family cemetery with rows and rows of Latter-day Saint graves. Harold Redd came away from his Alabama family history experience having formed a special bond with his grandfather.

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He also gained a new appreciation for the importance of journals. He encourages anyone with missionary ancestors to find their journal and distribute copies among your family. Deseret News Church News Subscribe. The new American grandparent: A place in the family, a life apart.

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