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I understand your message about space. Space for you…" and President Obama continued his statement, "This is my last election.

After my election I have more flexibility. I will transmit this information to Vladimir. The Polish government responded nervously.

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Some politicians voiced concern that the country would lose its special status in Washington, and that the move by Obama was to appease Moscow. Jaroslaw Gowin , a member of Poland's governing Civic Platform party, said Obama's decision had been made independently of Polish sensitivities. Polish newspapers showed mixed responses to the discontinuation, with some seeing it as a positive action, [37] and some seeing it having very negative connotations.

However, Slawomir Nowak , a senior adviser to Polish Prime Minister Tusk , responded positively to the proposed short- and medium-range missile systems replacing the long-range systems: The Polish daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita conducted a survey which showed that 48 percent of Poles believed the decision was good for Poland, while 31 percent had the opposite view.

USA sprzedaly nas Rosji i wbily nam noz w plecy" which translates to "Betrayal! The Associated Press reported, "The move has raised fears in the two nations they are being marginalized by Washington even as a resurgent Russia leaves them longing for added American protection.

Reactions in the US to Obama's decision were mixed.

Some Republican critics saw the decision as a move to placate Moscow. Defeated presidential candidate John McCain called the decision "seriously misguided". Conversely, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the decision was "brilliant" and was clearly based on an accurate summary of the current threats. Obama rejected accusations that the decision was an appeasement of Moscow. He stated in an interview: If the by-product of it is that the Russians feel a little less paranoid President Medvedev welcomed the news as "positive". Prime Minister Putin said it was a "correct and brave" move.

The main reason for President Barack Obama's decision was "Russia's uncompromising position on the issue," according to Russian foreign policy expert Mikhail Margelov , chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Federation Council of Russia. Leaders in the western European Union reacted positively. German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the move, calling it "a very hopeful signal" for relations with Russia.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus said the step by the U. However, Mirek Topolanek , who was prime minister when Prague agreed to co-host the shield, said the U.

United States missile defense complex in Poland

The reformulated project announced most prominently by Vice President Biden in October, , would entail smaller, mobile SM-3 interceptors, to be placed by A more advanced system would be deployed by , including to Poland as EPAA phase 3, and a more-advanced generation EPAA phase 4 , theoretically capable of shooting down intercontinental missiles, by The planned land base will still be located near Redzikowo.

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NATO Military Authorities are responsible for developing a military doctrinal framework for BMD and related operational planning, training and execution. During the next decade, proliferation will be most acute in some of the world's most volatile regions ". As a defensive capability, BMD will be one element of a broader response to the threat posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles. The Deterrence and Defence Posture Review of states that missile defence can complement the role of nuclear weapons in deterrence; it cannot substitute for them.

It is a purely defensive capability and is being established in the light of threats from outside the Euro-Atlantic area.

It is expected that NATO's missile defence capabilities would complicate an adversary's planning, and provide damage mitigation. Effective missile defence could also provide valuable decision space in times of crisis.

Like other weapons systems, missile defence capabilities cannot promise complete and enduring effectiveness. NATO missile defence capability, along with effective nuclear and conventional forces, will signal our determination to deter and defend against any threat from outside the Euro-Atlantic area to the safety and security of our populations.

NATO and Russia examined possible areas for cooperation in this field. November At the Prague Summit, Allied leaders direct that a missile defence feasibility study be launched to examine options for protecting Alliance forces, territory and populations against the full range of ballistic missile threats. April The study concludes that ballistic missile defence is technically feasible within the limits and assumptions of the study. The results are approved by the CNAD.

NATO - Topic: Ballistic missile defence

They call for options for a comprehensive ballistic missile defence architecture to extend coverage to all Allied territory not otherwise covered by the US system to be prepared in time for NATO's next Summit. To this end, they decide that the scope of the existing TBMD programme will be expanded beyond the capability to protect forces to also include NATO European populations and territory. September The Netherlands announces plans to upgrade four air-defence frigates with extended long-range radar systems as its national contribution to NATO's BMD capability.

December The Aegis Ashore site in Deveselu, Romania is technically completed and handed over to military users.