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It could lead to some big moment of "Now it is your turn to teach us That's probably cliche, but everyone likes when characters have purposes larger than themselves, right? I got this awesome idea! Let's just do nothing at all and see the look on their faces! It'll be sooooo funny! Personally, I like my gods having shallow, petty reasons for acting the way they do.

It's really so much more fun than ineffable wisdom of the ages. A god that limits his creation to what he could create, in the end limits itself. Even an almighty being could lack the power that only comes from subtraction: The difference between a big block of marble and a statue is the LACK of marble in places where it makes the whole thing rather un-statue-like In many stories, the gods' power is in some respects linked to the worship of their followers.

The more followers a god has, the stronger or at least the more able to influence the world, perhaps through those followers that god is. It is common in such stories for Man to outgrow the need for gods, and so the gods, deprived of their worship, can no longer act in the world.

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Petty gods might have an attitude of "well, fine then, if they won't worship me I'll take my ball and go home. In such a scenario, they would best serve their loyal following by teaching humanity how to get along without them, as they know their power is fading and soon they'll be unable to help even their most devout worshippers. In the face of waning faith and reliance on the gods, benevolent gods would not want to cling to the last remnants of the faithful, dooming those followers to continue relying on them and worshipping them in vain. Those gods might instead help their followers learn how to be self-reliant, to ensure an orderly transition to life without the gods' guardianship.

And, perhaps, the gods might then use their last powers to bestow powers or gifts upon their most devout adherents. Those gods could then fade from the human sphere of influence knowing they'd left behind people who could make it on their own, and who would not remember the gods for having abandoned them, but would instead remember them fondly as the teachers and guides who led them beyond themselves and showed them how to stand on their own.


Well, gentlemen this sounds interesting so I'm going to explain you through a very basic example. There is nothing in this world in this universe which God haven't given us from strength in our body to a sharp mind. From air to water, from food to alcohol from bed to pillow. Well whatever is around us is given by God and there is nothing left in this world which is not a gift of God so even after giving so many things to us he wants us to evolve so that we should become a better person.

We shall not be dependent on anyone because if we strive by ourselves without any help or without any dependency, a true adorable human with a great personality will rise who will change the world. He has already given us all the things which are vital for a living. Still if you're dependent on him then we don't deserve to be here on this earth.

Because a diamond never gets its shine until and unless it has been through a rigourous shaping. Also, a rolling stone gathers no moss. Suppose you are a god and each time there is an event in which luck or "god's favor" is involved you will get a ton of request to win and each of those is incompatible with the rest Even if you are a god you just can't please everybody because there will be many times where helping someone implies prejudice others, for example in business what do you do when two companies are competing an both ask for divine help to overrun the other,both are good insert cult name so you just don't help or do you?.

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In the end anything you do or don't will annoy someone so the only options you have are:. This could be for example because the gods live in a separate dimension, and most humans are simply too weak to be sensed by them except for the prophets , unless they actively pray. In order to limit the destruction to the mortal plane, the gods decide to withdraw from their worshippers.

They instruct them to stay silent and never pray again. Soon, the only ones left praying are your typical cultists who want to bring about the apocalypse.


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The gods are powerful, but they have powerful enemies, including other gods. The gods are immortal, which means that know that they won't die peacefully asleep amongst their loved ones. Even the gods of murder and mayhem are terrified of their own demise. The only reason they gods would put themselves at any real risk would be to put a permanent end to their enemies.

For thousands of years, the gods have been watching each others actions, finding hints as to how to find and kill their enemies before their enemies do the same. For this reason the gods almost never intercede in this doings of humans. If the need of their worshippers are great enough, they might help very indirectly, by showing their worshippers how to solve their problems for themselves. Any more direct show of divine power might be traced back to their realm and allow their enemies to assassinate them in a time of weakness. This might be seen as cowardly.

However, gods' lives are very important. If say you are god of Hope, you could directly solve many of your followers problems. However, you have promised your followers that one day you will put an end to the god of Suffering once and for all. Even if you never actually do anything, just the knowledge that you are still out there, gives hope to your followers, and ensures that the god of Suffering will not be too bold in his depredations. Of course, the actual god of Cowardice is still round somewhere, but praying isn't much use. Truly omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Deities, would need to have a far higher level of consciousness than that of a human.

We wrongly see the Gods as made in our image, thinking they think like us.

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The Gods do not decide anything, they just created a Universe with established rules. Even us humans, must live by them.


It is in fact us, who teach ourselves , by exploring these rules. Those who get closest, will bathe in enlightenment and those who stray, will linger in the darkness. We learn these rules, in the same way we learn everything, by trial and error. We live in strange times, where "not relying upon the Gods" is, what more and more believe to be the best religion. Humans have been very superstitious and have always adored some deity since the dawn of their age; we need a religion.

Luckily we now have football players, pop stars and other wild things as substitutes for our lost faiths And those who do not rely upon Gods, do rely on these things. Religion is for us a framework that can be filled with anything and it cannot be void the Gods forbid it. We fill it with something consciously or unconsciously and we then must rely on whatever we filled it with. For is relying on something greater than ourselves, were it just for spiritual comfort, not the essence of religion? How much we must consciously rely on it, is determined, either by the personal experience of trials and errors, or by the rules of an organised religion.

The gods are powerful, but they are few, and humanity are many. So they want humanity to be able to take care of themselves. When they created humanity on the pre-existing world, they did not have full knowledge of what they were creating. They never imagined that humans would grow to be as powerful and as technologically advanced as they have today. The gods are genuinely stumped by some of the questions that are being asked of them. So they need humans to answer the questions themselves.

The gods are not all of the deities out there. There are other such beings. The gods need humanity to be strong, so they can fight even when their divine commanders are not directly present. I think Ville Niemi's answer is perfect, but I wanted to add a specific case of "the gods want us to grow up" which has very different ramifications: What if the line between a god and a person is more muddled than we've been lead to believe. What if the only thing separating us from them is simply maturity and experience?

The gods may stop helping us because the only way for us to ascend, ourselves, is to find our own voice. Once we can sing under our own power, then the gods may teach us how to sing in the upper register, as masters of our realm. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Why would gods decide to teach people to not rely upon gods? My current ideas are: When the Daruma doll turns toward the blackboard it exposes a button on its back that the students can attempt to press to end the game but if the doll spins back around and sees anyone moving then those students' heads will explode. Everyone in the class except Shun dies in this first game. After the game, Shun finds his childhood friend Ichika and they make their way to the school gym.

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There they play a Maneki Neko , where students dressed as mice attempt to throw a ball into a hoop attached to the collar of a giant cat doll. Those who miss are killed. Amaya wins this challenge and enables the students to move on to the next challenge in a giant cube hovering Tokyo, as hundreds of schools in Japan and elsewhere face similar tests where only handfuls of students survive. Shun must keep winning a series of different deadly children's games in order to protect himself and Ichika.

He has no knowledge of who is behind the games or what their ultimate purpose is. Meanwhile, a troubled classmate named Takeru seems to revel in the opportunity to cause the death of other students. When he and Shun fight, they and Ichika were being put out of consciousness by sleeping gas released by the giant cat doll. The next game is Kokeshi , where the students have to be blindfolded and will guess which of four floating Kokeshi wooden dolls is behind them within 10 seconds. If they fail to do so, they will be hit with a red laser and the dolls will use telekinesis to destroy their bodies.

If the Kokeshi lose, they will explode and one of them releases an answer key which opens the doors and frees the students to the next level. There, Shun meets Takase, whom he will save and will enter the next level. He also saves another man and Ichika from being killed by a fifth Kokeshi by holding their hands. Shun and three others join two men to use their keys to unlock a giant smiling head. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Let The Gods decide Lyrics Warriors take the field The battlefield of life You cannot run You cannot hide I am the keeper of the laws Decided by the Gods Only one of us will win And return to fight again I am the keeper of the laws Decided by the Gods Our ancestors cheer From far beyond the grave One will survive Face me Then let the Gods decide I've sworn a oath in blood to defend the land And all who wish to test their steel well here I am I am the keeper of the laws Decided by the Gods Our ancestors cheer From far beyond the grave One will survive Face me Then let the Gods decide.

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