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One email for each search. Sustainability , 10 6 , ; https: However, few studies have been conducted on how the traditional focus on green building can be effectively transitioned to green communities. In order to facilitate the transition process, this paper reviews and analyzes the credits obtained from LEED ND certified plans. The performance of these neighborhood development projects, including project landscape, percentage of achievement and predictors of LEED ND rating, was analyzed. He continues by stating that the majority of literature on sustainability and the green economy exist at a microeconomic dimension externalities, taxes, emissions trading, subsidies and so forth and that there is a dearth of literature on the green macroeconomy.

He asserts that there are four issues that need to be analysed from a macroeconomic perspective: Trade, sustainable development and a green economy. This paper by Aaron Cosbey explores the potential opportunities and risks of trade, arising in the transition to the green economy.

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The paper discusses the reasons why a green economy is desirable and how trade policy can ease the transition, the relative positions of trading partners pursuing a green economy, and the role of the international community in ensuring that trade and investment policy contribute to a widespread pursuit of the green economy.

Challenges of the green economy concept and policies in the context of sustainable development, poverty and equity.

Importantly, Khor raises several concerns and risks associated with green economy from the perspective of developing countries, including: Related Resources August A Guidebook to the Green Economy - Issue 1: A guidebook to the Green Economy. A Guidebook to the Green Economy - Issue 3: Exploring green economy policies and international experience with national strategies.

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