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So, why am I bringing up the resurgence of true crime in the context of Killing Eve?

Killing Eve is first and foremost a spy-thriller, involving two women chasing each other across the globe, out-maneuvering government agencies, and featuring bucketloads of double-crossing and intrigue. At a closer look, we see that there are certain parallels between women who eagerly consume true crime and the obsessions of titular character Eve Polastri on Killing Eve. She has settled into the boring life of a middle-aged woman with a loving husband, stable job, and a knack for singing karaoke with her boss on the weekends. Then Eve has her world cracked open as she is exposed to the crimes of international assassin Villanelle.

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Yet even as she is thrust into a world of psychopathic murderers, Eve remains remarkably unvexed, intrigued even. Eve is seduced by Villanelle, in more ways than one. By the end of the first season Eve has lost friends, risked her marriage, and gambled with her own sanity in pursuit of Villanelle. Mulligan enters the room English relocated to. Some small talk about dropping it passes and English has a theoretical breakthrough.

It appears that his illness that presumably is killing him is getting worse. This we have all seen before. You find someone with a motive they otherwise would not act on. Share with them their own mortality. My only skepticism is that 24 minutes into a finale, and this feels to soon to be true. As polite as English tries to be with his probing questions, James Harbach sees right through it from the jump.

Betty Harbach seems more than willing to be as forthcoming as she possibly can be in her elder state. James is far less accommodating. They need to get her overnight bag together because she has to go to work. These murders have got to stop. A new thing to focus on to deviate their attention away from anything Blunt related. We have a woman allegedly drowned in the bathtub. English slips away to pursue other leads in the Niers case that more directly have his attention. Koto, upon figuring this out, gets a little snippy with Mulligan.

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Mulligan asks to speak freely to Koto. English went to visit Walton in prison to try to find some clarity with what Walton may or may not know. And even when English showed a picture of James Harbach, Walton had nothing. Mulligan drives out to intercept D-Hop leaving school. She shows him the picture of James Harbach. After Mulligan adjusts her vantage point so she is eye to eye to D-Hop, he reluctantly and timidly admits that James Harbach is the man who held a gun to his head.

If you encourage someone to kill, are you guilty of murder?

Long and short of it is that the woman died of a heroin overdose and just happened to be found in the tub. Also there are two punctures near her shoulder blades that she could not have possibly given herself. English and Mulligan bounce their theory about Harbach back and forth to see if it seems workable. As Koto arrives, they quickly spit out at him everything they have on the overdose case.

  1. Dr. John and Bobby Rush - “Another Murder in New Orleans" (video) (Premiere).
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He is not there to talk about the overdose case. At the scene, the weapon of choice was an antique There is a fight and somebody is stabbed. Should someone at the back of the crowd — or someone who had merely been in touch with the group by phone — be convicted of murder? It recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to support legal submissions in the Jogee appeal. It must be bad enough to find that your teenage son is involved with what the police regard as a gang. It must be appalling to find that the teenager is facing a mandatory life sentence — with a starting point of 15 years — because somebody he hardly knows has committed murder.

And yet we are all responsible for the consequences of our acts. And getting high on drink or drugs is no excuse. There is cogent evidence to suggest that the law has gone too far, particularly on the question of foresight. At the end of , the Commons justice committee, then chaired by Alan Beith, recommended an urgent review of whether the threshold for charging secondary participants with murder should be raised.

The MPs also suggested allowing those on the periphery to be charged with an offence that does not attract a mandatory life sentence, such as manslaughter.

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Allowing secondary participants to be charged with lesser offences would require legislation. So would abolishing the mandatory sentence for murder, which is to blame for so many anomalies in the law. But it should still be possible for the supreme court to limit the use of murder by joint enterprise to cases where the secondary participant clearly foresaw — or certainly should have foreseen — that the person he was assisting or encouraging would commit murder. Topics Joint enterprise Opinion. Order by newest oldest recommendations.