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I discovered that Wuunferth the Unliving was the Butcher of Windhelm, and helped bring him to justice. Get assistance from Jorleif Objective Patrol the streets of the Stone Quarter at night Objective Catch the murderer Objective I've discovered that Calixto Corrium was the Butcher of Windhelm, and helped bring him to justice.

The Butcher has struck again in Windhelm, after Wuunferth the Unliving was imprisoned. It appears he may have been innocent. I need to find the real killer. Speak to Wuunferth Objective Talk to Jorleif for reward. I've discovered that Calixto Corrium was the true Butcher of Windhelm, helped bring him to justice, and exonerated Wuunferth. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening. Fixed Bugs Patch 1. If the Windhelm guard who initiates the quest is killed by the vampires or their thralls, the quest cannot be initiated.

Therefore, the only option is to acquire the key to Hjerim, and start the quest alternatively, skipping most of the dialogue. If a dragon attacks the city before the Dragonborn starts this quest and kills too many guards, there is a chance that the quest cannot be "started," even though there is a murdered body in the cemetery. After chasing Calixto into Hjerim he cannot be killed, and will become hostile when the Dragonborn enters.

After starting the quest, the quest journal permanently states "Get Assistance from Jorleif," rendering the quest unable to be finished. Jorleif will also bug, so he will be unable to provide any assistance. A possible fix for this is to pick up a butcher flyer and show it to Jorleif, who will then direct the Dragonborn to Viola. As long as they picked up the amulet and showed it to Calixto, they should be able to question Viola about the flyer and then accuse Wuunferth.

Blood and Ice

Sometimes, going to the marketplace shortly after the conclusion of the quest may cause nearby townsfolk to become hostile for no apparent reason no bounty added. A way to avoid this is to leave Windhelm and return a few days later. Killing any of the Windhelm guards may cause the quest to never start.

Talking to Viola Giordano still completes the quest. The quest will still proceed and be possible to complete, but after speaking to Wuunferth, Calixto's house will be locked and he will not be there, making it impossible to sell him the Strange Amulet and thus the Necromancer Amulet cannot be obtained. It is also impossible to buy Hjerim as Jorleif who is still the only one selling Hjerim says, "There is a house available but there was some Nor does talking to Viola.

This will occur if all of the marked locations have been visited properly. Calixto cannot be spoken to during this time. The only way to finish the quest is through console commands, but the characters will remain stuck there. Wuunferth will also remain, in the jails, despite being exonerated. If the local map is followed, it indicates his true location Hjerim. However, the amulet can not be removed from inventory. The new quest says to capture the butcher, but he will immortal, thus rendering the quest unable to be completed. This will cause the guards to apprehend the Dragonborn.

After the Dragonborn has paid the fine or served their sentence the guards will now be able to be interacted with. A simple reload to an earlier save and then talking to Jorleif for that step may fix this. Commands cannot be used to force start quest.

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If Calixto's key is stolen and the Butcher's journal taken from the locked chest above the entrance, Calixto may disappear entirely. Finding said journal does not start the quest nor does killing Susanna or Calixto himself. This can be remedied by talking to Wunnferth, who can be found in jail via the barracks. Trigger the next part of the quest by choosing "the killer has struck again.

Upon leaving the building, Calixto will be seen running through the city. This side quest takes place entirely within the city of Windhelm. It can be available once your character has visited the city a certain minimum number of times, either by fast travel or by simply leaving and returning through the front gate, and begins when the player enters the graveyard district near the Temple of Arkay. A Windhelm city guard who is watching over the aftermath of a recent homicide there will halt the player's progress to inquire if your character has seen anyone suspicious fleeing the scene.

When the player enters the graveyard district, there will be a city guard and a few NPC characters standing near the scene of a grisly murder. A young woman lies dead, and is being tended to by the Priestess of Arkay under the watchful eye of the guard.

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If the player speaks to the guard and asks what happened, the guard will mention that this seems to be just the latest in a string of murders with the same modus operandi that have been taking place in Windhelm of late, but nobody has been able to witness the culprit and the city guards are spread too thin to be able to invetigate. This is where the player comes in. Ask the guard if they need help with the investigation, and the guard agrees as long as permission is obtained from the Jarl's assistant before you go snooping around.

The Jarl's assistant can be found within the Palace of the Kings , the keep in Windhelm wherein Ulfric Stormcloak presides and coordinates the Stormcloak Rebellion with his military advisors. During the day he is often nearby the Jarl's throne, but by night he may be found sleeping on a bedroll in the keep's kitchen just off the throne room. Speak to him, and he gives you permission to proceed, pledging both his support and that of the city guards if needed.

With permission granted, head back outside to speak to the guard in the graveyard again. He or she will ask you to interrogate the witnesses who are standing nearby, none of whom can give you any useful information about the murderer.

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Speak to the guard again and relate the lack of any findings, and he or she will confirm that this is typically what has happened for all of the previous murders. Enter the catacombs of the Hall of the Dead and find within the Priestess, who is already engaged in preparing the body for its eternal rest. Aside from a bit of gallow's humor, she also imparts the details of the victim's wounds, which were inflicted by a curved blade not unlike that of one of the embalming tools she uses frequently herself.

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Outside of her own line of work, she has only ever seen such a tool used by necromancers. While interesting, this revelation doesn't quite provide any new leads, so exit the Hall of the Dead to search for more clues. Outside once more, the murder scene confronts you with more evidence: Following it, you arrive at the doorstep of an abandoned house , its front door firmly locked.

At this point, if your Lockpicking Skill is high enough you may attempt to pick the lock; otherwise you will need to speak to several different NPC's around town in order to acquire the key. Either way, enter the abandoned house to continue your search. Upon entering the house, you quickly note the presence of cobwebs and a thick layer of dust on its interior surfaces; it appears that nobody has been here in a long time. Upon closer inspection though, you notice another trail of blood smears leading to a small chest that has been pushed up against the far left wall.

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It too bears spatters of blood on its surface, and within you find a number of pamphlets warning of the night creature its author, a local woman known as Viola, calls "The Butcher", along with a journal. Read the journal, and it speaks of the horrible intentions of its owner. In it is described a motive behind the murders, which is that the killer is collecting body parts for some nefarious purpose. This is one seriously disturbed individual! Moving farther into the house, you notice a wardrobe and a bookcase on the far wall, and another wardrobe to your right as you enter a small alcove.

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The wardrobe yields only a few articles of clothing, but the bookcase next to it has several more of the pamphlets you encountered in the chest, as well as a strange amulet lying beneath them. As you examine the other wardrobe, it reveals a false back that can be opened, leading into a secret room filled with the bloody, skeletal remains of prior victims strewn about the floor.

An operation table sits in the center, its surface marred with congealed blood, and to its left is a set of shelves bearing the implements with which these bodies were dissected. Upon one of the shelves is another journal, this one just as graphic as the previous one and further detailing the owner's intention to use the collected body parts in some sort of necromantic ritual.