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Function theoretic and functional analytic methods for pde, 2. Applications of function theory of several complex variables to pde, 3. Integral equations and boundary value problems, 4. Most but not all of the authors have participated in the congress. Unfortunately some from Eastern Europe and Asia have not managed to come because of lack of financial support. Nevertheless their manuscripts of the proposed talks are included in this volume. The majority of the papers deal with complex methods. Among them boundary value problems in particular the Riemann-Hilbert, the Riemann Hilbert and related problems are treated.

Boundary behaviour of vector-valued functions are studied too.

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The Riemann-Hilbert problem is solved for elliptic complex equations, for mixed complex equations, and for several complex variables. It is considered in a general topological setting for mapping The volume includes selected and reviewed papers from the European Automotive Congress held in Bucharest, Romania, in November Authors are experts from research, industry and universities coming from 14 countries worldwide. The papers are covering the latest developments in fuel economy and environment, automotive safety and comfort, automotive reliability and maintenance, new materials and technologies, traffic and road transport systems, advanced engineering methods and tools, as well as advanced powertrains and hybrid and electric drives.

Hong Kong continues to enjoy a high degree of autonomy, and has remained an important center of finance, information technology, tourism, trade and exchange in Asia. In addition, it enjoys increasing interaction with the rapidly developing Mainland China. Gilbert, the second named editor of this book, e-mail: The Congress is world-wide valued so highly that an application for a grant has been selected and this project has been executed with Grant No.

The finance of the publication of this book is exclusively the said Grant No. New mediterranean elements in contemporary housing. The case of Barcelona. Full Text Available In the face of increasing and differentiating the low-cost housing demand and the trend of establishing new paradigms in the contemporary housing design, the architectural investigation has replaced into its disciplinary statement the topic of housing as central question in research and design experimentation.

The city of Barcelona has codified in the last years innovative modalities of public management in social housing, offering interesting points of reflection on the idea of housing and of Mediterranean quality in urban, architectural and constructive terms. The paper proposes a key to the reading on the recent experiences of social housing in Barcelona illustrating the different forms through which architecture interprets the relationship between housing and public space, between innovation and constructive tradition.

Empresas familiares de inmigrantes en Barcelona y Montevideo. Full Text Available El objetivo de este trabajo es observar las diferentes dimensiones que adquiere la familia en las empresas familiares de inmigrantes. Latent variables definition for a new mobility model in Barcelona.

Based on the recent travel behaviour literature, time and space perceptions and the awareness of shared economy seem to gain importance in mobility patterns. The objective of this article is to evaluate how far the behaviour of new generations brings about different mobility patterns in Barcelona. For this purpose, we have designed a web-based survey that provides innovative revealed-preference data.

The value given by commuters to the variability of travel times is empirically analysed using stated preference data from Barcelona Spain. Respondents are asked to choose between alternatives that differ in terms of cost, average travel time, variability of travel times and departure time. Different specifications of a scheduling choice model are used to measure the influence of various socioeconomic characteristics.

Our results show that travel time variability. National congress of radiation protection. The congress of radiation protection tackled different areas of radiation protection. The impact of ionizing radiations on environment coming from radioactive activities. The biological radiation effects, the dosimetry, the different ways of doing relative to radiation protection,the risks analysis and the communications with populations, information about accidents and the lessons learned from them are included in this congress.

Small Big Data Congress Our congress aims at providing an overview of practical and innovative applications based on big data. Do you want to know what is happening in applied research with big data? And what can already be. Medical and health physics are covered by the papers and posters presented at this congress. A third group within the Association, the group of Radiobiological Scientists, was expected to be formed during this congress. This document is published before a congress which will address the struggle against climate change, the security of the gas supply chain, the responses of energy groups to environmental and economic challenges, the opening of the gas market, the European energy policy, the future role of gas in the third industrial revolution, and the security of gas supplies.

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After an introduction briefly discussing these issues and the impacts of the French 'Grenelle de l'Environnement' and the struggle against climate change for gas production and consumption, several interviews are proposed with actors belonging to the AFG Association Francaise du Gaz , ADEME, European Commission, Total, GDF Suez, other professional bodies, or local communities. Full Text Available Since the late twentieth century, the duality tourism and cinema, commonly referred to as film-induced tourism, has become one of the most emerging and dynamic tourist modalities.

Amongst the various types of film-induced tourism accepted by the academia, this research has been based on one that has a double filmic identity: Meaning a film that is shot in a particular place but is actually representing elsewhere. The main objective of this research is to identify and analyse the international audio-visual productions or co-productions that have been partially or completely shot in Barcelona yet in fiction represent another city.

The results were essentially obtained from an analytical-descriptive methodology. As a main conclusion of the study, it can be stated that international films which are shot in Barcelona but represent elsewhere in the film, have great potential to strengthen or create a competitive offer of film-induced tourism in Barcelona. This special issue of 'Gaz d'Aujourd'hui' journal is entirely devoted to the Gas Congress proceedings.

The congress was organized in 5 round tables and 12 workshops: Round table 1 - COP 21 2 years after, workshops El Raval de Barcelona , un laboratori d'estudis urbans. Full Text Available Barcelona is a city, which through the democratization of public space in the second half of the seventies, developed with a noticeable intention of balancing the public and private.

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However, since new phenomena have come to light that emphasise urban problems in which public interests become less important than private investment initiatives. The Barcelona Mobile Cluster: Actors, Contents and Trends. Full Text Available Communication mediated by mobile devices is one of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy and is transforming different aspects of our lives, including our ways of relating and our cultural production, distribution and consumption models.

Media studies should not ignore these transformations. This paper presents the results of a study carried out during to determine the actors, contents produced and trends of the mobile communication companies in Barcelona. The study outlines an initial map of the situation, proposes a series of analysis categories and lays the foundations for more specific future studies on mCommunication. For two weeks in August, more than mathematicians and other scientists gathered at the Universite de Sherbrooke. Geographically, those present came from the United States and the United Kingdom as well as from academic departments and government agencies scattered across Canada.

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In choosing this particular interdisciplinary topic the programme committee had two chief objectives. Communicate the benefits of nuclear energy; Promote the peaceful use of nuclear science and technology; Facilitate knowledge transfer between generations; Provide a platform for networking. To propose and reward innovative ideas focused on nuclear technologies for a sustainable development; To support young energy in thinking innovative solutions.

The congress is funded from sponsorship between and 45, euros and individual participant's registration fees euros including meals, technical visit and networking events. Congress smiles on research budgets. Congress has agreed to match or exceed most of the funding requests for the major science agencies requested by President Clinton in February. Many of them will receive their largest budget increases for years 11 paragraphs. Mercury Study Report to Congress. Congress 's Contempt Power: Although arguably any action that directly obstructs the effort of Congress to exercise its constitutional powers may constitute a contempt, in the last seventy years the contempt power This book contains selected contributions presented at the 10th International Geostatistics Congress held in Valencia from 5 to 9 September, This is a quadrennial congress that serves as the meeting point for any engineer, professional, practitioner or scientist working in geostatistics.

The book contains carefully reviewed papers on geostatistical theory and applications in fields such as mining engineering, petroleum engineering, environmental science, hydrology, ecology, and other fields. The proceedings of the 31st annual congress of the South African Association of Physicists in Medicine and Biology are presented. Topics covered at the congress include: In the EANM published their paediatric dosage card. In the North American consensus guidelines recommended a set of administered activities for paediatric nuclear medicine.

Report explores Congress ' science policy. Scientists interested in understanding how Congress develops science policy would find it useful to read a recent report by the Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government. Full Text Available This interesting example of urban architecture is situated in Barcelona , facing two streets of different widths, for which reasons the number of floors on the two sides is also different. The basements are reserved for parking space. Further the building comprises commercial ground floors with very attractive shopping arcades; a mezzanine commercial floor as well and the top floors, that are intended for housings.

Pleasant exterior with solid colours. This supplemental issue of the journal contains all abstracts of the papers presented at the meeting of the EANM , short descriptions of the poster presentations, as well as summaries of the objectives of the educational seminars. Y respecto a la ecoetiqueta, puede comprobarse que es fiable, pues se adapta a las exigencias tanto del modelo de Font como a los criterios del GSTC.

Construction and preliminary validation of the Barcelona Immigration Stress Scale. In the study of mental health and migration, an increasing number of researchers have shifted the focus away from the concept of acculturation towards the stress present in the migratory experience. The bulk of research on acculturative stress has been carried out in the United States, and thus the definition and measurement of the construct has been predicated on that cultural and demographic context, which is of dubious applicability in Europe in general, and Spain in particular.

Further, some scales have focused on international students, which down-played the importance of the migratory process, because it deals with a special subset of people who are not formally immigrating. The Barcelona Immigration Stress Scale was developed to measure acculturative stress appropriate to immigrants in Spain, using expert and focus group review and has 42 items. The scale shows acceptable internal validity, and, consistent with other scales, suggests that immigration stress is a complex construct.

Academic cheating and gender differences in Barcelona Spain. Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to present the issue of academic cheating, describe its causes, and examine the obstacles this behaviour creates for learning. The research was carried out with students from Barcelona Spain which were administered both with a psycho educational interview and a questionnaire. Results are similar to those from other countries and show that more than half of the students are in the habit of frequently cheating, and that boys cheat significantly more often than girls.

To finish, the text suggests teaching strategies to control academic cheating in educational institutions, such as: The Congress was held in Aalborg, Denmark, August , In the last decades, the growth of metropolitan region has been characterized by some critical problems: The sprawl, together with changes in economic and social structure, caused a loss of landscape and environment values in the territory, a reduction of natural areas, involving an increase in consumption of resources.

The sprawling development was already evident in the early s, and a study of dynamic of the sprawl was conducted to show the main features of this process. The morphology of discontinuity, fragmentation and heterogeneity are common features of the metropolitan regions in Southern Europe. The changes from the traditional compact city to a dispersed one caused important effects in the functioning of the territories and in the lifestyles of their users. The main problems addressed by the plan have been identified in the sprawl, the territorial fragmentation and the growing social segregation.

The adoption of the Barcelona Metropolitan Plan is a notable innovation in the scenario of spatial planning and urban policies in Catalonia. In fact, the PTMB, that comes to close more than 40 years of controversy and failed attempts, presents some aspects of particular interest and represents a planning tool providing a methodology for administrative and political management for the future. The plan has been proposed by regional government in concert with municipalities through an interesting participatory process that has secured a broad consensus.

The plan structure founded on three main systems: Open Spaces, Settlements and Infrastructures; all of. The idea was that of Jane Somerville, who worked with enormous energy and enthusiasm to bring together paediatric cardiologists and surgeons from around the world. Although cardiac surgeons were heavily involved in these early meetings, a separate World Congress of Paediatric Cardiac Surgery was held in Bergamo, Italy, in , organised by Lucio Parenzan.

Thereafter, it was recognised that surgeons and cardiologists working on the same problems and driven by a desire to help children would really rather meet together. A steering committee was established with membership comprising the main organisers of the four separate previous Congresses and additional members were recruited in an effort to achieve numerical equality of cardiologists and surgeons and a broad geographical representation.

The next was to be held in Japan, but the catastrophic Kobe earthquake in forced relocation to Hawaii in This report covers the activities of the Department from the publication of the Annual Report to Congress through Activities of all elements of the Department except the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission are included herein. During this period, activities for the Environmental Survey of facilities were finalized, the onsite studies by DOE Survey teams were inaugurated, and Technical Safety Appraisals of our nuclear facilities were performed.

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve surpassed the million-barrel milestone, and a successful market test of the Reserve's drawdown and distribution capability and sale of one million barrels of oil were completed. Particular attention was directed toward coal research and acid rain-related technologies. Work continued in petroleum and unconventional natural gas recovery. The focus in conservation research and development, as well as renewable activities, was to assist the private sector by expanding the technology base. DOE-supported research in high energy and nuclear physics continued. The Department supported basis scientific research in the fields of materials, nuclear and applied mathematical science, engineering and geosciences, biological science, advanced energy projects and magnetic fusion energy; and research on the effects of energy systems on biological and environmental processes and on the use of nuclear materials in medical diagnosis and treatment continued.

Internationally, we continued efforts in the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Department's responsibilities for national security included weapons research, development, and testing, as well as the improvement of safeguards and security at production facilities. The Department also continued to pursue a variety of activities to dispose of high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. Full Text Available Barely three months before the Civil War began, Barcelona was the meeting point of o the Third International Congress of Musicology and the XIV International Festival for Contemporary Music, two events celebrated simultaneously that were, both of them, exponent of the irrepressible process of modernization and Europeanization in which the musical activity and culture of that city was immersed since the early twentieth century.

We also disclose information to any committee or subcommittee of either House, or to In order to further our understanding of, and disseminate the latest findings on the healthy properties of cocoa and chocolate, the International Society of Chocolate and Cocoa in Medicine ISCHOM was founded in in Florence http: This Society aims to gather information and become a forum of discussion and debate on cocoa and chocolate, not only among researchers from around the world, but also to introduce the science involved and the latest findings to the public VGB congress 'Power Plants '.

Nearly 1, participants attended the plenary and technical lectures and had the opportunity to discus the current topics of electricity and heat generation. Specific papers were addressing further topics. The Congress was rounded off by a side-programme and technical visits. More than 1, participants from Germany and abroad attended the plenary and technical lectures on the topics 'Market and Competition' as well as 'Technology, Operation and Environment' for information and discussion.

Special papers were dealing with further issues like 'Generation Market in Europe', 'Clean Power Technology Platform', French policy for new power plants as well as potentials and technology of renewables. ATSR congress - Proceedings. This document brings together the available presentations given at the Nuclear safety authority ASN viewpoint: Carrez Ponts et Chaussees: This document brings together the available abstracts and presentations given at the Lecomte ; 2 - November legal changes in the public health law M.

Ammerich ; 3 - November legal changes in the labour law T. Ammerich ; 4 - events and culture in radiation protection: Delabre ; 5 - TSN nuclear transparency and safety law and the new nuclear safety authority M. Grolleau ; 7 - Dosimetric study of an industrial gamma-graphy workplace D. Pizzorno ; 8 - experience feedback of controls and inspections at a gamma-graphy workplace in PACA region G. Grolleau ; 9 - experience feedback from the industrialist's viewpoint, respect of the charter, evaluation questionnaire S.

Lahaye ; 11 - patient's radiation protection in medical imaging service: Simon ; 12 - patients radiation protection principles in medical imaging H. Madoux ; 13 - the exposure sheet, its implementation challenges in an operating room with image intensifiers A. Bourdeloie ; 14 - building up of a radiation protection control approach for patients in radiotherapy L. Kueny ; 15 - impact of recent advances in scintiscanning on patients and personnel exposure S.

Balduyck ; 16 - Dose rates evaluation during scintiscanning for dependent patients G. Fagot ; 17 - dealing with patients dosimetry: The members of the Stanford Organizing Committee, which was responsible for the detailed organization of the Congress , are also given, as are the names of the sponsors and the industrial and educational organizations that contributed so generously to the financial support of the meeting. Those attending the Congress came from 32 countries and totaled persons, plus wives and children.

A list of the registered participants is included in the volume. The technical sessions of the Congress comprised four General Lectures and contributed papers, the latter being presented in groups of five simultaneous sessions. The final choice of the contributed papers was made on the basis o Integration should not be confused with standardization, neither differentiation with segregation. I also encourage you all to hurry and register to participate in the World Allergy Organization Symposium.

Hot Topics in Allergy: V Congress of Spanish Geochemistry. This proceedings book present the lectures of V Spanish geochemistry Congress. The collection consists of sheets, the complete list provided in the annexe. We also present information concerning the localities of certain specific recollections, the taxonomic groups and families, as well as a list of sheets of special interest.

This list contains witness of cornfield weed now very rare or extinct in Iberian lands, such as Hymenocarpos circinatus L. Savi or Securigera securidaca L. Savi o Securigera securidaca L. Trabajo sexual en Barcelona.

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  7. Full Text Available In this paper, the author will reflect on the management of public spaces in Barcelona through the case of sex work. The different ways that the Barcelona City Council has promoted the control and restriction of the free exercise of street sex work will be discussed. Recognising that the spaces are not fully accessible to everyone, the model of "civility" that Barcelona plans to implement will be explained.

    As a result of former zoning practices, there is a political will to make this activity "invisible", which perpetuates the vulnerability of sex workers themselves. Download this paper from SSRN: Full Text Available L'article desenvolupa alguns dels aspectes de la tesi doctoral de l'autor Sales, This part applies to Congress , individual Members of Congress , and other employees or representatives of Congress in Chlorinated organic pesticides in marketed food: This paper reports concentration levels of 22 chlorinated organic compounds both primary compounds and metabolites in food marketed in the city of Barcelona Catalonia, Spain in Samples included meat products, fish and seafood, eggs, milk and dairy, vegetal oils, cereal products and derivates, vegetables, fresh fruits, dry fruits, spices, formula and baby food, tea and wine.

    Levels of chlorinated organic compounds were determined by gas chromatography with selective detectors: Chlorinated organic pesticides were detected in 7 of the 1, samples analyzed in the period 0. A decrease in both the proportion of samples with detectable residues and in the variety of chlorinated pesticides found is visible when comparing these results with those of the previous period.

    These results suggest the gradual disappearance of regulated chlorinated organic pesticides as a consequence of the growing worldwide implementation of current regulatory agreements. Ciudadanos del este de Europa consumidores de drogas en Barcelona. Si no abandonan las drogas, el retorno es un fracaso y tienen dificultades para proseguir los tratamientos con metadona o antirretrovirales. La respuesta asistencial ha de adecuarse a sus necesidades. The users were aged between 18 and 30 years old and maintained family contact. The knew the risk of disease transmission, but often exchanged needles.

    If they did not stop taking drugs their return would be a failure and they would have difficulties in following methadone and antiretroviral treatments in their countries of origin.

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    The healthcare provided in these centers should respond to user' needs: Annual report to Congress , Created by Congress in as an independent entity within the Department of Energy, the Energy Information Administration EIA is the principal and authoritative source of comprehensive energy data for the Congress , the Federal Government, the States, and the public.

    Develop and maintain analytical tool and collection and processing systems; provide analyses that are accurate, timely, and objective; and provide information dissemination services. Among an extensive list of possible subjects the following were selected as congress topics: Applied Mechanics comprises both solid mechanics and fluid mechanics. These can be subdivided further into: This proceedings focus on solutions for sustainable mobility in all areas of passenger car, truck and bus transportation.

    Vehicle Design and Testing II focuses on: SAE-China is a national academic organization composed of enterprises and professionals who focus on research, design a One of the mandates in this legislation is that EIA prepare for Congress an annual report summarizing both activities and information collected and published.

    Appendix A contains abstracts of significant reports issued by EIA in and a chart of all titles and a list of all feature articles published during the year. Appendix B contains graphs of selected performance measures. Appendix C lists contact information for EIA subject matter specialists.

    Annual report to Congress Appendix A contains abstracts of significant reports issued by EIA in , and a chart of all titles and a list of all feature articles published during the year. Satisfaction and behavioural intentions of congress attendees: Evidence from an international congress in Novi Sad Serbia.

    Full Text Available The congress industry, as a part of business tourism sector, is globally recognized for its valuable economic contribution to tourism destinations. Regardless economic benefits, there are as well as numerous social, cultural and environmental benefits that congress industry brings to destinations. This is the reason why the congress industry is becoming one of the fastest growing sectors of tourism industry.

    At the same time, the congress destinations worldwide are competing in bidding international congresses. According to the Strategy of Tourism Development of the Republic of Serbia , congress tourism is recognized as a quick win product that could contribute in a short period of 3 to 5 years to tourism development and image of Serbia. Novi Sad, as administrative, economic, cultural, scientific and educational centre of the region of Vojvodina northern part of Serbia and known as 'town of fairs' it has long tradition in organizing fairs - since has strong potential for smaller international congresses.

    In order to improve quality of ' congress ' tourist product, provide stability of congress destination and congress centers, it is necessary to understand meeting planners' and congress attendees' levels of satisfaction and reaction to their experience in destination.

    In Serbia there is no research regarding mentioned items. The aim of this paper is to examine and analyze the perspective of the congress attendees, as they are final consumers of congress tourist product and their experience and behavioural intentions regarding Novi Sad is thus essential to destination marketing and management organizations, congress centre, hotel managers and meeting planners.

    The book covers a wide range of automotive topics, presenting the latest technical achievements in the industry. Many of the approaches presented can help technicians to solve the practical problems that most affect their daily work. These Proceedings gather outstanding papers submitted to the SAE-China Congress , the majority of which are from China, the most dynamic car market in the world. Many of the approaches it presents can help technicians to solve the practical problems that most affect their daily work.

    Upon receipt of a By Congress in as an independent entity within the Department of Energy, the Energy Information Administration EIA is the principal and authoritative source of comprehensive energy data for the Congress , the Federal Government, the States, and the public. During , EIA provided information and analysis in response to many energy-related issues and events, including Hurricane Andrew.

    In addition, EIA made substantial strides in a number of critical special projects, most notably development of the National Energy Modeling System, preparation of National Petroleum Council studies on petroleum refining and natural gas, and establishment of oxygenate data program mandated by the Clean Air Act Amendments of EIA also took advantage of new opportunities for international consultations and energy information exchanges.

    This report to Congress contains energy-related information on the following: The effects of hot nights on mortality in Barcelona , Spain. Heat-related effects on mortality have been widely analyzed using maximum and minimum temperatures as exposure variables.

    TOMAS NAVARRO TOMAS - Biblioteca Digital de Albacete

    Nevertheless, the main focus is usually on the former with the minimum temperature being limited in use as far as human health effects are concerned. An exposure-response relationship between mortality due to natural, respiratory, and cardiovascular causes and summer night temperatures was assessed using data from the Barcelona region between and The non-linear relationship between the exposure and response variables was modeled using a distributed lag non-linear model.

    The estimated associations for both exposure variables and mortality shows a relationship with high and medium values that persist significantly up to a lag of days. In mortality due to natural causes, an increase of 1. The hourly description of night heat effects reduced to a single indicator in duration and intensity is a new approach and shows a different perspective and significant heat-related effects on human health.

    French validation of the Barcelona Music Reward Questionnaire. Full Text Available Background. The Barcelona Music Reward Questionnaire BMRQ questionnaire investigates the main facets of music experience that could explain the variance observed in how people experience reward associated with music.

    Currently, only English and Spanish versions of this questionnaire are available. The questionnaire was then administered through an online survey aimed at adults aged over 18 years who were fluent in French. Statistical analyses were performed and compared to the original English and Spanish version for validation purposes. A total of 1, participants completed the questionnaire. Most responses were obtained from France Analyses revealed that congruence values between the rotated loading matrix and the ideal loading matrix ranged between 0.

    Factor reliabilities of subscales i. In addition, reliability of the overall factor score i. Finally, the internal consistency of the overall scale was 0. The factorial structure obtained in the French translation was similar to that of the original Spanish and English samples. Potential applications of the BMRQ include its use as a valuable tool in music reward and emotion research, whether in healthy individuals or in patients suffering from a wide variety of cognitive, neurologic and auditory disorders.

    The Manifesto was discussed and approved during a round table at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona on 27 February , in which delegates of several stakeholders took part. The Agreement is a revision of the most important points that the authors consider to be fundamental for a sustainable development of spearfishing in the future. The authors expect that this manifesto will be a starting point for a constructive discussion to increase knowledge, efficient practice and effective management of spearfishing. World Energy Council 15th Congress. All energetic aspects collected within the main topic 'Energy and life' are gathered in 14 volumes.

    Environmental questions were devoted special attention because of public concern. The congress resolved to promote clean technologies and renewable energies with less environmental impact but without forgetting profitability. Experts in energetic topics attended the Congress. Tourism Planning and Tourismphobia: Full Text Available The exponential growth of tourism has brought new challenges to destinations; how to plan themselves to avoid overtourism and this new form of intolerance, the so-called tourismphobia.

    In order to address the negative impacts of tourism and enhance the positive ones Barcelona has developed and implemented a strategic tourism plan. This paper seeks to understand how Barcelona addressed the tourismphobia problematic through planning: Air quality in schools and children's exposure to particulate pollution in Barcelona. World Congress on Engineering This volume contains fifty-one revised and extended research articles written by prominent researchers participating in the international conference on Advances in Engineering Technologies and Physical Science London, UK, July, , under the World Congress on Engineering WCE Topics covered include mechanical engineering, bioengineering, internet engineering, wireless networks, image engineering, manufacturing engineering, and industrial applications.

    The book offers an overview of the tremendous advances made recently in engineering technologies and the physical sciences and their applications, and also serves as an excellent reference for researchers and graduate students working in these fields. This proceedings volume gathers outstanding papers submitted to the SAE-China Congress , the majority of which are from China, the biggest car maker as well as most dynamic car market in the world. The book includes insights into the current challenges that the whole industry is currently facing, and it offers possible solutions to problems such as emission controls, environmental pollution, the energy shortage, traffic congestion and sustainable development.

    It also presents the latest technical achievements in the automotive industry. The contributions, authored by eminent specialists, present some of the most exciting recent developments in mathematical analysis, probability theory, and related applications. The volume also presents a lecture on the visual exploration of complex functions using the domain coloring technique.

    Thanks to the accessible style used, readers only need a basic command of calculus. The book of abstracts contains abstracts of papers read at the German Radiological Congress in Berlin as well as abstracts of two papers not read for lack of time. Further, there are 31 brief descriptions of the scientific exhibition. Diagnosis of gall bladder diseases and inflammatory diseases of the large intestine; hyperthermia and irradiation in tumour therapy; nuclear methods in the diagnosis of growing and displacing processes, skeletal diseases, thromboses, embolisms, gastrointestinal and liver affections; new techniques and methods, diagnostics of the spinal tract; radiooncology; carcinoma of the ovaries; diagnostics and therapy of tumours of the lungs; computerized tomography; angiography; ultrasonic diagnosis.

    Medical and health physics are greatly stimulated by the exchange of personal experiences and research results among scientists working in their particular fields of interests. Individual contact is of exceptional importance in those rapidly developing areas of high technology which we find in hospitals and industry and therefor the social exchange of ideas at the Summer School and Congress is very important.

    Research in the fields of medical and health physics is covered by the papers and posters presented. Dominican single-parent families in Barcelona and New York. Several international and Spanish studies have shown that one-parent families are at considerable risk of poverty in contemporary and developed societies, particularly when the mother is the head, which is usually the case.

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    Study of compost maturity produced in the composting plant in Granollers Barcelona , Spain ; Estudio de la madurez del compost producido en la planta de compostaje de Granollers Barcelona. The following article presents the determination of important parameters, which have been traditionally used in the evaluation of the compost maturity. Compost from a tunnel plant placed in Granollers Barcelona has been chosen during the maturation stage.

    The results showed that self-heating test and organic material content are the most significant maturity indexes, whereas Solvita differed from the rest of analysis. Other important parameters, such as ion exchange capacity, water content, conductivity and pH were also determined. Storm water detention tanks in Barcelona ; Los depositos de retencion de aguas pluviales de Barcelona: These solutions are often cheaper and have less impact on the urban activities than the classical solutions such as trunk sewers.

    In Spain, Barcelona was the first city to build this tanks to avoid flooding and also to reduce the contamination to the receiving waters, with a total volume of These works have meant a big improvement in the management of the wet weather flows in Barcelona. These tanks have increased the capacity of the sewerage system and decreased the combined sewer overflows to the receiving waters Besos river and Mediterranean sea.

    Another advantage is the protection of WWTP against flow variations. Also, the contaminated sediments trapped in the detention tank are sen to to the WWTP so the don't reach the receiving waters. Disclosures to members of Congress. Members of Congress shall be furnished in their official capacity in any Not later than September 23, , the Commission will prepare and the Secretary will submit to Congress a report on the payment of claims under this part Spatial variability of trace elements and sources for improved exposure assessment in Barcelona. Trace and major elements concentrations in PM10 and PM2.

    Three 2-week samples per site and size fraction were collected during using low. Autoridad e imagen de la epidemia. La fiebre amarillean la Barcelona del siglo XIX. The aim of this study is an approach to the epidemic background in Barcelona during the XIX century. Specifically, the research is focus on the yellow fever that was suffered en and How was the official reaction of the municipal powers? What kind of artistic productions were made during and after de epidemic infection in Barcelona?

    Trends in socioeconomic inequalities in cancer mortality in Barcelona: Full Text Available Abstract Background The objective of this study was to assess trends in cancer mortality by educational level in Barcelona from to Methods The study population comprised Barcelona inhabitants aged 20 years or older. Data on cancer deaths were supplied by the system of information on mortality.

    Educational level was obtained from the municipal census. Age-standardized rates by educational level were calculated. All were calculated for each sex and period —, —, —, and — Results Cancer mortality was higher in men and women with lower educational level throughout the study period. Less-schooled men had higher mortality by stomach, mouth and pharynx, oesophagus, larynx and lung cancer. In women, there were educational inequalities for cervix uteri, liver and colon cancer. Inequalities of overall and specific types of cancer mortality remained stable in Barcelona ; although a slight reduction was observed for some cancers.

    Conclusion This study has identified those cancer types presenting the greatest inequalities between men and women in recent years and shown that in Barcelona there is a stable trend in inequalities in the burden of cancer. Assessing Public Leadership Styles for Innovation: A Comparison of Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Barcelona. It is based on a survey of senior public managers in Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Barcelona.

    Five perspectives on leadership were identified and tested using a number of items. This candidacy was devised by activists involved in the Spanish 15M movement to transform citizen outrage into political change. On the one hand, the 15M movement was based on a decentralized structure. On the other hand, political science literature postulates that parties develop oligarchical leadership structures. In this study we develop a computational methodology to characterize the online network organization of every party in the election campaign on Twitter. Furthermore, results on the network of replies also shows a dual structure: Schooling Effects on Undergraduate Performance: Evidence from the University of Barcelona.

    This study analyzes the effects of several factors related to high school, such as the kind of school public or private , the type of education general or vocational , school location and peers on undergraduate performance from students of the University of Barcelona Spain. Particular attention is given to the functional form and to the…. Barcelona 's water supply, — Barcelona 's water supply since 14th century to , the Eixample's water supply problem the development of modern water supply since to the new sanitation system impact on water consumption water's slow entry into the domestic sphere from post-war restrictions to widespread water consumption.

    Teaching and Learning in the Virtual Campus: The Case of the University of Barcelona. This article is based on a research project aimed at analysing the teaching and learning models explicit and implicit in the different uses of e-learning platforms. From qualitative analysis of the interview with the coordinator of the Virtual Campus of the University of Barcelona VC-UB and the focus group with the 8 lecturers, emerged both the…. Urban Health Equity Assessment and Response Tool HEART is a tool developed by the World Health Organization whose objective is to provide evidence on urban health inequalities so as to help to decide the best interventions aimed to promote urban health equity.

    The aim of this paper is to describe the experience of implementing Urban HEART in Barcelona city, both the adaptation of Urban HEART to the city of Barcelona , its use as a means of identifying and monitoring health inequalities among city neighbourhoods, and the difficulties and barriers encountered throughout the process. Although ASPB public health technicians participated in the Urban HEART Advisory Group, had large experience in health inequalities analysis and research and showed interest in implementing the tool, it was not until , when the city council was governed by a new left-wing party for which reducing health inequalities was a priority that Urban HEART could be used.

    A provisional matrix was developed, including both health and health determinant indicators, which allowed to show how some neighbourhoods in the city systematically fare worse for most of the indicators while others systematically fare better. It also allowed to identify 18 neighbourhoods-those which fared worse in most indicators-which were considered a priority for intervention, which entered the Health in the Barcelona Neighbourhoods programme and the Neighbourhoods Plan. Several barriers were encountered, such as having to estimate indicators in scarcely populated areas or finding adequate.

    Nature-based solutions for urban landscapes under post-industrialization and globalization: Using Barcelona and Shanghai as case studies, we examined the nature-based solutions NBS in urban settings-specifically within cities experiencing post-industrialization and globalization. Our specific research questions are: Urban land use and green space change were evaluated using data derived from a variety of sources, including satellite images, landscape matrix indicators, and a land conversion matrix.

    The relationships between economic development, globalization, and environmental quality were analyzed through partial least squares structural equation modeling based on secondary statistical data. Both Barcelona and Shanghai have undergone rapid urbanization, with urban expansion in Barcelona beginning in the ss and in Shanghai in the last decade. While Barcelona 's urban green space and green space per capita began declining between the s and s, they increased slightly over the past two decades.

    Shanghai, however, has consistently and significantly improved urban green space and green space per capita over the past six decades, especially since the economic reform in Economic development has a direct and significant influence on urban green space for both cities and post-industrialization had served as the main driving force for urban landscape change in Barcelona and Shanghai.

    Based on secondary statistical and qualitative data from on-site observations and interviews with local experts, we highlighted the institution's role in NBS planning. Furthermore, aspiration to become a global or globalizing city motivated both cities to use NBS planning as a place-making tool to attract global investment, which is reflected in various governing policies and regulations.

    The cities' effort to achieve a. The congress was held in Amsterdam on July 3 to 8, , with the participation of specialists from 44 countries. The number of papers came close to one thousand, most of them being posters. The congress met in 44 sessions grouped by problem areas of which there were five: Chemistry and Physics; B.

    Somatic and genetic effects; D. Biology and therapy of tumours; E. Dosimetry, radionuclides and technology. The congress brought out the immense quantitative growth of knowledge in the field of radiation biology and biochemistry. A general idea of the effects of radiation on organisms is yet to be attained. First International One Health congress. The Organising Committee recognised from the outset, the need to provide a forum not just for scientific presentation, but for open discussion and dialogue around the policy and political issues, as well as the science that drives the One Health agenda.

    The Committee was also cognizant of the need to embrace a definition of One Health that includes food security and food safety and included the social and economic pressures that shapes this area. The meeting was therefore organised under four themes with plenary sessions followed by breakout parallel sessions for each of these.

    The plenary session commenced with one or two keynote presentations by world leaders on the topic being covered, followed by panel discussions involving six to eight experts and involving all participants at the congress. Each of the panel members spoke briefly on the topic covered by the keynote speaker and were asked to be as provocative as possible. The discussions that followed allowed debate and discussion on the keynote presentations and the panel members comments.

    Throughout the conference at various times, sponsored sessions dealt with particular areas of science or policy providing a further framework not only to learn current science but for debate and discussion. A full copy of all abstracts is available on the web at http: In concluding the Congress recognised the interdependence of, and seeks to improve human, animal and environmental health; recognised that communication, collaboration and trust between human and animal health practitioners is at the heart of the One Health concept; agreed that a broad vision that includes other disciplines such as economics and social behaviour is essential to success.

    They provide a comprehensive account of the current state of the art of geostatistics, including recent theoretical developments and new applications. In particular, readers will find descriptions and applications of the more recent methods of stochastic simulation together with data integration techniques applied to the modelling of hydrocabon reservoirs. In other fields there are stationary and non-stationary geostatistical applications to geology, climatology, pollution control, soil science, hydrology and human sciences.

    The papers also provide an insight into new trends in geostatistics particularly the increasing interaction with many other scientific disciplines. This book is a significant reference work for practitioners of geostatistics both in academia and industry. This volume presents selected peer-reviewed, revised and extended research articles written by prominent researchers who participated in the World Congress on Engineering , held in London, UK, July, This large international conference covered advances in engineering technologies and the physical sciences, with contributions on subjects including mechanical engineering, bioengineering, internet engineering, image engineering, wireless networks, knowledge engineering, manufacturing engineering, and industrial applications.

    This book offers a snapshot of the state-of-the-art, highlighting tremendous advances in engineering technologies and physical sciences and their applications, and will serve as an excellent reference for researchers and graduate students working in many different disciplines of physical sciences and engineering. Congress turns cold on fusion. Legislators became uneasy about the escalating costs of the new devices. Rescue Book 5 Beneath The Heavens: Winning Communication Games Hardwired: Study Guide I Was Wrong: A Navajo Nation Mystery Treyf: Baseball's Flawed Genius Uncovering Clinton: The Testing, Book 2 X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse Vol.

    Pass The Word Darkness Wanes: An Introduction The Ending Series: Zapatista Women's Stories G. A Real American Hero Vol. Black Cat, White Cat: Savior In The Saddle Belinda: The Killer Guide Razzle Dazzle: Oxford Lectures Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy Railed: Capital Crimes 3 Book Series Tolstoy: An Autobiography National Geographic Readers: An Extreme Horror Novel Insane: Breona Smiths Story Volume 1 Shep: Part 1 The Shadow Legions: A Novel Judicial Clerkships: Computers In Society Pass: Prepare Assist Survive And Succeed: