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Nocturnal Breed - Fields Of Rot (2007)

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I personally discovered this album at a time when I was reading a lot of Lovecraft short stories. If I had to compare this album to something else, i'd go with Dodsengel's "Mirium Occultum", for the dreadful atmosphere and the whole "communion with occult forces" thing, y'know. Awesome atmospheric black metal!

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    NOCTURNAL BREED LYRICS - "Fields Of Rot" () album

    A thoughtful album that speaks of the vastness and indifference of the universe but doesn't succumb to it. Punishing grindcore on the HPGD label, the latest from Blood Freak is a pitch-black cacophony of scuzzy, skull-splitting riffs. Please don't leave me here On the fields of rot Send me home in pieces instead I feel it coming Lung-rot - Gang green Inflectional disease In rotting white flesh More maggot now than meat Slowly blood-flies eat me up My hands are rotting off Hacked apart - The living Hell Upon the fields of rot Buried alive in mass graves Side by side with the dead Abandoned here - In no-man's land Flung to the four winds we're spread Out of the trench it came Into the midnight black His rottenness - The Ghost of war The Devil's on his back To walk the fields of bone The curse of necrotising black A rotted ruin of a face Is licking at my soul Burning with the fever It is tearing down at me A lipless grin - And rotten teeth Insane and splenderously Rotting and forgotten Buried face up in the mud Through the stink of death My soul cries out Last breath of sanity Oh God Please kill me Crawling through leprous-white corpse-flesh Bone-ash is choking my lungs Forced to drink rottified corpse-blood I'll crawl back to Hell on my bones Massacre beyond all sickness Nothing but eternal rot Left to die - Born to rot Worm-eaten into your soul 3.

    Breeding mongrel scum Abberation - Annihilation Mutagenic viruses oblivion has come Pandemic hyper-disease You walk the path to ruin In a state of nuclear bliss 10, Megatons of evil A hydrogen - deceiver The undoing of us all Carcass-society Contagious Idiosyncrasy In lobotomized silence you fall Too Damned To Conquer You're breathing lungs of fire Black lungs pumping death You boneless human cattle Erased from your existence There is a bad moon rising What the Fuck?

    I'll skin you alive As you plough on towards Hell Excommunicating everything in sight In sickness and in Hell we stand Beast of Bourbon - The Devil's hand You have a dawn appointment with the gallows "When you fucked with us An Army was born Havoc It's foaming at my mouth Better run for your life No more warnings, no more signs Scream for retribution This time I'm first in line In sickness and in Hell Primus - Denominator Spitting bolts in tongues of fire Enforcer - Eradicator 'Come drag you to the funeral pyre It's quite a sight, we've come full circle You have to kill me now to shut me now Inflictor - Annihilator You better check your pulse You might be dead I the ground Objective - Damnation Objective - Dead ahead Drunk on blood I smell your fear The Blood-froth's in my veins In sickness and in Hell 6.

    Cold blast - Cold run - Into neutron-fires Born bastard to the bone Outburst - You'll be whipped in the streets Like a Jackal raping your soul A walking nightmare Famine spreads our name Creeping through the desert sand Sledge-hammering insane Optimum arises Thrashing wild from side to side Invasion of the Body-thrashers Systematic blight