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Chernobyl Dogs Headed To U. In , the Chernobyl nuclear power plant melted down creating a huge evacuation zone for more than , humans with many pets being left behind. Over the last 32 years, the surviving former pets have multiplied, creating a community of hundreds that live in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Now, a dozen of those homeless puppies will head to the United States for adoption.

She'll teach you how to evaluate and treat your pet when a veterinarian isn't easily accessible. Before you take your dog on a summer trip or camping, make sure you're prepared for the unexpected. The proposal asks for comments about questions such as: When Pets Attack Many of us have stories of being bit or attacked by companion animals. Some careers are inherently vulnerable to attacks, like veterinarians and postal carriers. Jeremy Turner , Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Illinois College, studies the sounds that humans can't hear, but that may be loud and clear, and maybe even annoying to your pets.

Turner says the proliferation of electronic devices introduces un-heard noise that can actually stress our furry companions. Dog Shoots Man An Iowa man's dog shot him while the two were playing together. They were roughhousing on the couch when the large mixed breed dog bounded back up on the sofa, somehow disabling the safety on the gun, which the man had in his belly-band.

The dog then stepped on the trigger, hitting the man in the leg. After the gun went off, the dog knew it was no longer playtime because he laid down beside his owner and cried because he thought he had done something wrong. For months she raised the pup, but kept noticing odd behaviors. The dog never barked and at three-months-old it began refusing to eat dog food. She turned to a friend who worked at a nearby zoo who told her that her dog wasn't a Spitz; it was really a white haired domesticated fox!

Pawfficer Donut Sworn In A suburban Detroit police department is giving a kitten a new home after their newly selected police cat, Pawfficer Badges , was too sick to join the force. Badges will receive treatment and will eventually be adopted into a home. However, the Troy Police Department has officially sworn in a new cat named "Pawfficer Donut," who has some big paws to fill.

She says it's much easier to work with dog actors than human actors. Human Meds for Pets Dr. Lisa Radosta explains the use of common human behavioral medicines, including Prozac, for use with anxiety-ridden dogs and cats. She says veterinarians are more eager to prescribe psychotropic drugs to help our pets live a Fear Free life. Can Animals Predict Earthquakes?

It's been believed by many people that dogs, cats and other animals can anticipate or predict an earthquake. Now, for the first time, researchers have scientifically studied the claim. It is near impossible to determine whether the unusual animal behaviors are predictive or coincidence. However, the experts acknowledge, " the animals may sense seismic waves generated by fore shocks, but probably can't predict an earthquake. Christian Savalas , son of Kojak star Telly Savalas , has just finished designing a smartphone gaming app revolving around his mother's dog. He joins us to share the inspiration behind "Wild Wiener," the wildly addictive dachshund game.

It will be a few months, but United will again accept dogs and cats in the cargo hold starting July 9 if the pet parent is booked on the same flight. United will now no longer allow 21 dog and four cat breeds that are prone to physical problems from heat or other travel stress. He even drove bikes and motorcycles. But his life changed dramatically when he met his first service dog, Corky. This dog assisted him and even taught him some valuable life lessons. The Truth About Raccoons Over the years, many people have tried to make pets out of raccoons.

This is nearly impossible. Raccoons not only make bad, destructive pets, but they also inherently carry disease. Debbie has to let down a listener that was dead-set on making a wild raccoon a family member. Recreational Drugs and Alcohol - Not For Pets The Family Center for Recovery surveyed over 1, pet owners who admitted to seeing their pet ingest drugs or other substances. Dog Park Hijacked For Ten Years The Tribeca Dog Park in New York was literally stolen, or hijacked, ten years ago by area residents who put a lock on the gate, began charging fees, banning non-member status mutts and enforcing its 22 rules with an iron fist and the city never noticed.

The roommate told police that the cat-hair-hating-guy fired in his direction and said, "The next one's going to be you. Cat Hair Hater is being held without bond and is facing charges of shooting into a dwelling, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom The little known insurance company would've sunk into obscurity if it weren't for the marriage to the iconic television programming it hitched its name to. Marlin Perkins and his monkey hosted the Sunday evening tradition.

The show lives on today as a web series hosted by this week's Animal Radio guest, Peter Gros. Peter talks about several harrowing experiences filming wild animals, including chasing a foot python through the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan. Meet Your Breed Don't just get a dog because it's cute. To ensure a long lasting relationship, you should get a breed that suits your activity level, as some dogs require lots of stimulation while others, like the unsuspecting Greyhound, would rather be a couch potato.

Behaviorist Kim Brophey is here to help you pick out your new furry family member. Starting with veterinarians, changes were made to make vet visits a better experience for the pet and everyone involved. Now, with the help of Fear Free father and renown author, Dr. Raccoon Overdoses on Heroin Firefighters at Wayne Township in Indiana must still be laughing about a recent visit they had from a frantic woman who showed up at the station house early one morning with her pet raccoon.

The raccoon was stoned after being exposed to too much marijuana and the owner thought the raccoon was overdosing. Later, they discovered the raccoon had actually gotten into someone's stash of heroine. He checks in with Animal Radio from China where he's rescuing thousands of dogs from a horrific life and ultimate slaughter.

He reports that the Chinese are changing their view on pets. Shelters may apply at http: Think About Your Pets When Buying That Tech Gadget Tech expert Kim Komando says every piece of technology we put into our homes could very easily emit a sound that cannot be heard by humans but comes in loud and clear for pets. That's not to say pets are suffering because of our gadgets, but that the possibility exists and it is something you may want to consider. In scientific terms, humans can hear sounds up to about 20, Hz, while dogs can hear sounds up to 45, Hz and cats 64, Hz.

That means there are frequencies undetectable to us but very noticeable and even hurtful to animals. Lights can also be a problem, because animals see the world differently than humans. LED lights flicker more than others, though the speed at which they do so isn't really noticed by humans. Dogs, however, are sensitive up to 80 Hz or flickers per second. Amy Fultz is currently fund raising to help build more habitats in the acre refuge.

Read more about this week's show. These are only a smattering of celebrities that will be singing their heart out. Mindy is our guest this week. Do cats do things they don't want to? Stephane Garnier joins us from France to tell us how to structure our life to be more like the serene feline. Who knows, you may learn a little something something that will make your mundane existence a little better. You might remember that Smucker was just called to the mat for pentobarbital in their pet food. Elizabeth Bales says it's great to socialize your kitten early, just like a dog. There are even kitten socialization classes.

She has some quick tips for enriching your cat's life. She's been studying the correlation between pets and dating. Fisher says, "Dogs are chick magnets! But interestingly, or not, this does not work in reverse. In fact, the 'cat lady' has a negative stigma. Major Pet Store Raided After Whistle Blowing Employee Police in Bellevue, Tennessee recently raided a national pet store chain location after getting a tip and photos concerning animal cruelty.

That tip, along with the pictures, came from an employee at the PetSmart store. Mandatory Pet Rental Laws If you don't own a home and you have a pet, you know that finding a home to rent that accepts pets can be difficult. Of course, opinions varied between homeowners and tenants. Some breeds predisposed to certain ailments, like hip-dysplasia, may be excluded from certain insurance policies, especially if your pet has been seen before for problems related to the claim.

Hidden Pain In Cats Cats may feel pain but there may be no obvious signs. Robin Downing specializes in pain and palliative medicine for pets and she explains why cats may not exhibit the signs of pain, or at least how humans perceive pain. Downing also discusses pain treatments for our furry friends. This segment is part of the Fear Free Expert Series. Sea-furring Felines We remember the bold seafarers of yore, from Magellan to Shackleton, for their extraordinary exploits; New lands discovered, storms weathered, and battles won.

But somehow history has neglected the stalwart, hardworking species who made it all possible Philippa Sandall joins us from down-under to describe these under appreciated sea-furring felines. United Suspends Pet Cargo After three mistakes in a single week, all involving dogs that made international headlines last month, United Airlines has now suspended its transport of animals in the cargo compartments of its planes.

However, animals for which arrangements had already been made before March 20th will still be able to fly. United won't accept any more reservations for pets until it has completed an internal company review of its programs involving animals. United carried the most animals in cargo of any airline last year and the most animal deaths in each of the last five years. Firefighters Thought They Were Rescuing Puppies Firefighters in Colorado Springs say they are pretty surprised to learn that the littler of "puppies" they rescued from a storm drain were actually baby foxes.

Before learning they actually had baby foxes in their care, they were taken to a veterinary hospital where they were told the tiny little things were really newborn red fox kits. Mistakes Veterinarians Make As hard as it may be to believe, doctors are human too. Common errors include forgetting to take out an IV catheter to leaving a thermometer in. This latest case happened when a United flight was diverted to Akron, Ohio after the airline realized a pet had been loaded onto the flight by mistake.

That plane was headed to St. Louis, Missouri with 33 passengers. What do you do when you're an airline that's had as bad of a week for pet disasters as United had? You get that dog to where it was supposed to be - never mind the 33 passengers that are supposed to be going to St. You take those passengers along for an emergency drop off of the dog in Akron, Ohio. Comforting The Kids After Shooting When students and teachers returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after the Valentine's Day school shooting, a team of golden retrievers were there to offer comfort and hope.

Cubby, a comfort dog from Fort Collins, was among the furry, four-legged counselors, gently placing her paw on the hands and arms of the traumatized students and teachers. Bonnie Fear , Cubby's guardian explains how her church is deploying comfort dogs regularly. He's able to quiet the barking a several dozen dogs by playing guitar and singing to them. The shelter videotaped one of his sessions.

The video went viral and adoptions increased. Stress and Skin Did you know that stress could be a factor in your pet's skin issues? The number one reason animal guardians visit the vet revolves around skin and dermatological problems. Tom Lewis specializes in these sorts of health issues. As a proponent for the Fear Free movement, he says it's made a big difference in his practice. Lewis is next up in the Fear Free Expert Series. Shock Collars Banned In England A ban on pet "shock collars" will be enacted in England, under plans confirmed by the government.

Shock collars are often marketed as a harmless quick-fix solution or training aides, but animal experts say shock collars can easily cause more problems than they seek to fix. High Rate Of Veterinarian Suicides Santa Barbara, California is dealing with a crisis in its animal care community, which is a problem happening all over the country.

In fact, vets have the highest rate of suicide among all professional groups. He's a list-maker and he has the top toxins that you may have in your house. Make sure your pet is safe by putting these items out of their reach. Researchers Alex Benjamin and Katie Slocombe set out to investigate if so-called dog-speak improves bonding between pets and humans, and specifically, whether it is useful for the dogs to hear that high pitched baby talk. They found that adult dogs were more likely to want to interact and spend time with the speaker that used dog-directed speech with dog-related content.

Are People Harming Their Pet For Drugs A lady in Kentucky was charged with fraud and torture after she cut her dog multiple times to get the opioid and pain-killer Tramadol. Is this just the tip of the iceberg? Kevin Fitzgerald is back to chime in on the national opioid crisis and how it affects our pets.

Mindy Tenenbaum has joined the ranks of the increasingly popular pet DNA testing industry. Her company, DNA My Dog uses a sophisticated, yet easy to use cheek swab test that reveals your dog's genetic make-up. This information can be used to moderate your pet's health and understanding its behavior. Mindy will be giving away a DNA test to a deserving listener. Dogs Are Chick Magnets As much as it can irk cat people, studies show people with dogs are thought to be more approachable, happier and more empathetic.

For men, there is also the chick magnet effect. But why is that? Helen Fisher a longtime relationship researcher who also consults Match. A little over a year ago Betsy Boyd of Baltimore got the bad news that her year-old cat Stanley's kidneys were failing and he likely had only a few months to live.

Jaclyn Bowen of the Clean Label Project is back to explain why our pet's food supply is constantly jeopardized. What are the implications of the Blue Buffalo's sale to General Mills? You should listen before you shop for pet food again. Did you know stress could cause a UTI in your cat or dog? Tony Huffington explains how a stressed animal is at higher risk for infection. People Prefer Pets Over Partners A study of 2, cat and dog owners shows more than half often prefer spending time with their pet instead of their partner. This is because they love unconditionally, they don't nag, they never talk back and are always in a good mood.

The dog was also not up to date on shots. The adults, who were bitten by the dog, have begun rabies treatment. Rabies is an infectious disease affecting the nervous system of humans and other mammals. Infection happens through the bite or scratch of an infected animal or if saliva from an infected animal gets into the eyes, nose, mouth, or an opening in the skin of the bite victim.

Sleeping In The Doghouse A cold winter has led to the deaths of several dogs left outside in the elements. Ian Matheson spent the evening in the brutal cold weather to bring awareness to pet owners about the risks of leaving your dog outside overnight. Listen to Ian tell his story. Con Slobodchikoff Professor Emeritus NAU believes we are close to developing a gadget that will translate what your dog or cat is saying into English words. While several novelty items are currently on the market, his work is based in science. Slobodchikoff says " So many people would dearly love to talk with their dog.

With cats, I'm not sure what they'd have to say. A lot of times it might just be 'you idiot, just feed me. What's Really Behind The Smucker's Pet Food Contamination What appears to be the biggest recall to date this year, Smucker's yes, the jelly people is pulling some of the market's lowest-grade food for pets. Names you've known forever, like Gravy Train, Kibbles 'n Bits, Ol' Roy and Skippy have been found to have the euthanasia drug pentobarbital in low but illegal doses.

This is indicative of problems with the food supply. Probably euthanized animals have been used as proteins. But if you think that's the worst stuff in this food, you should see how it's made. The deaths and injuries were only a small percentage of the nearly , animals transported by 17 airlines. The biggest air carrier at Newark, United Airlines, accounted for most of the deaths and injuries nationwide. A spokesman for the company said United saw a significant increase in the number of pets it transported last year, which may have accounted for the rise in transported pet deaths.

Counting Cats Because most everyone has their own opinion on whether cats or dogs are smarter, a new study has created quite a stir when it suggested that dogs might have an intelligence edge over cats. On the other hand, a few other studies have shown that cats have a greater mathematical ability than dogs. Meanwhile, other less traditionally "smart" animals like fish and frogs, according to new research, are able to count.

Dating Advice For Pet Parents Things can get complicated if you are in a relationship that progresses to the point where you are thinking about moving in together. And if the other person is also bringing a pet to the new household then you have a lot to consider. Animal Radio News Director Lori Brooks has some good advice for pet parents who want to combine households. Clinical Forensic Psychologist Dr. John Huber culled research indicating that, given the choice, we prefer puppies over people. Respondents to a recent survey are significantly less distressed when adult humans were victimized, in comparison with human babies, puppies and adult dogs.

Myths of Dog Training Monique Feyrecilde breaks the common fallacies associated with training your dog. She'll share the mistakes we make when trying to change our dog's behavior. Pets of the Homeless Genevieve Frederick heads up an organization that connects pet food and veterinary care with homeless folks and their animals. Since , her non-profit has found health care for 17, pets. Now, the organization is on the hunt for more veterinary practitioners to offer discounted assistance to the homeless. Airline Passenger Allegedly Told To Flush Hamster Down The Toilet This story has become the latest controversial case in airlines versus people seeking to travel with emotional support animals.

It sure started a lot of conversations and caused a lot of online emotional venting and virtually all of it not good. It all began Thanksgiving weekend when a beloved pet hamster was flushed down a toilet in an airport bathroom, supposedly after the airline, Spirit Airlines, refused to let a 21 year old college student bring her pet hamster.

Not another Hallmark card opportunity. This is the ideal opportunity for your veterinarian to check for dental issues that could ultimately be fatal if gone unchecked. Dental care isn't about vanity as much as it's about preventing organ failure because you thought a 'non-anesthesia dental cleaning' was all you needed.

The success of the program can be seen around the country as more police departments express interest in these dogs. Fixing A Broken Heart Even the most grounded person can be devastated by the loss of a pet. Guy Winch is an authority on broken-hearts and has answers to common questions following the death of a pet. He says you should avoid the 5 common mistakes when grieving the loss of a pet, including not getting rid of reminders like feeding bowls and leashes and feeling guilty about getting another pet.

Can Dogs Really Smell Fear? If you've ever been nervous around a dog and told to just be calm because dogs can "smell fear," well, that is good advice though most people can't suddenly calm their fear. Believe it or not, the sentiment behind that guidance is rooted in some truth. While dogs probably can't literally smell fear, they do seem to respond to fearful people with more aggression according to a new study in the British Medical Journal. Emotional Support Peacock Not Allowed on United The stories of unruly flights caused by animals continue to grab headlines around the world, like the one where a woman attempted to bring her pet peacock onto a flight out of New Jersey's Newark airport.

The woman was told the big bird would not be allowed on the plane even though the owner had bought a separate ticket for the peacock. United Airlines issued a statement saying the peacock did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size. She explains how she managed to convince Southwest Airlines to donate a round trip flight to rescue animals from hurricane stricken Puerto Rico.

The pilots and flight attendants all donated their time, unpaid for this jaunt to America's own third-world territory. The animals are suffering. This rescue flight helped many dogs and cats to escape the damage ravaged island. A petition has already attracted signatures from more than 85, supporters.

Though experts say the petition has very little chance of success, it asks the federal government to modify food-stamp rules to make it easier for low-income people to buy food for their pets. These groups say that allowing food stamps to be used for pet food could potentially keep tens of thousands of animals out of shelters and prevent low-income people from giving their own food to their pets. Is Pet Insurance Worth It? The pet insurance industry is booming. So many players that it's hard to select the proper insurance. But pet insurance isn't the only way to pay for those vet visits.

You'll hear about some other options to care for your pet. This is a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day. After all, who gives you unconditional love year round? Marty Becker created a way to make vet visits enjoyable for your pet. The new mindset is proliferating all aspects of pet care.

Now, you can make your home and Fear Free Happy Home. Becker will tell us what's on the docket for for your pets and Fear Free. When your cat knocks your favorite coffee mug off the counter, does it use its left paw or its right? There's no need to break your favorite cup for the answer because your cat's gender should tell you enough. According to a small feline-behavior study published in the journal Animal Behaviour, female cats are significantly more likely to be right-paw-dominant, while male cats typically favor their left paws. There have been some new advances in Artificial Intelligence A.

With the help of A. For humans, there is a flu season in which the virus is spread, but dog flu is seen year round in pets. You cannot give your dog the flu and you cannot get the flu from your dog. However, dog flu signs and symptoms are much like what people experience such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose and gooey eye discharge.

People get flu shots to protect themselves and there IS a flu vaccine for dogs too. Most Common Reasons Pets Go To Vets After treating more than 15, animal patients last year, Dove Lewis Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Animal Hospital in Portland has compiled a list of the most common medical issues pets are taken to the vet for, as well as the most common items eaten by pets.

The top item pets eat that they shouldn't is chocolate followed by marijuana and human medications. For some reason, the rumor that the chemicals used in Swiffer Wet Jet cleaner is killing pets is making the rounds again. But don't worry - it's not true! This urban myth has been around for a number of years and seems to get run through the social media grinder every few months. She visits with fourth graders and teaches responsible pet ownership. Tickles Saves Pickles When this little pig got sick and needed a blood transfusion, his guardian, Maddie worked effortlessly to find a match.

Thanks to social media, Pickles the Potbellied Pig was saved by Tickles - a lb. This will make the visit easier and more pleasurable for your pet. She says these medications are not sedatives or painkillers, but are effective for easing anxiety. Microchips FAIL About 15, family pets need to have a new microchip inserted because their old microchip no longer works. Especially sad news since it could lead to some pets being mistaken for strays and put down.

Pets that are micro-chipped with a product called BioTec, manufactured by Virbac, are at risk. A letter from Virbac says, " It now seems possible all of those BioTec chips might fail over time. Couple Stows Cat in Luggage A young Florida couple is facing animal cruelty charges after airport security agents at the Erie, Pennsylvania airport found a cat in their luggage. The 6-month-old female cat named Slim was literally inside the suitcase along with the couples' clothing and other items.

Luckily, the Erie TSA team spotted the cat during pre-flight inspections. Couple Rescues Handi-cats Joe and Lauren DiPaolo have devoted everything to rescuing handicapped cats, or 'handi-cats. They're providing life-long care for a feline without eyes, a kitty using a wheel contraption in place of legs, and one with a cleft palate, just to name a few of the maladies.

You must hear them tell you their story of undying devotion. She says North America's only marsupial is quite misunderstood. Beth cares for injured and orphaned Opossums, which are different than Possums. Well, apparently everybody, as rescues and social media sites centered on the Opossum are popping up everywhere. Besides, who can resist the little guy in this picture? Denver Bans Cat Declawing Denver has become the first city in Colorado to ban elective cat declawing. The city has decided to prohibit veterinarians from performing the procedure unless it's medically necessary.

That makes Denver the first major U. However, the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association opposes the measure saying the decision to declaw a cat or not should be left up to a veterinarian and the pet owner. Judges Decided Pet Custody Divorcing couples in Illinois who can't agree on who keeps the pets will have a judge decide custody, thanks to a new state law.

Usually companion animals are treated like property to be divided up between the couple, because in most states pets are still classified as property. But now with the rise of two-income families opting not to have children, the issue of pet custody is gaining more attention. As much as this problem irritates many people, some disability advocates worry that if State Senate Bill becomes law, it may cause more problems and misunderstandings.

In , she told us about her eating disorder, Bulimia. She was throwing up 20 times a day. It was killing her. No doctor or therapist could help her. Things didn't change until she met a special dog. Now, she's advocating the use of animals to help others suffering from eating disorders.

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You have to hear this incredible and inspiring story told by Shannon. Officer Robert Voorhees took a big risk when he decided to cross an ice covered lake in New Jersey. He'll share his heroic story with Animal Radio listeners. He says anyone would've done what he did. But not all states are equal in terms of safety and amenities for pets. You may be quite surprised by the findings. Where does your state fit in? Pet Owner New Years Resolutions Fear Free certified trainer Debbie Martin thinks both you and your vet should make resolutions and promises to your pet. She'll share her techniques for creating a Fear Free environment and schedule for your dog.

The Chinese government is calling for residents to create 1, "Specialty Towns" by In Pyongyang County, the specialty theme is pets. There is no doubt that the Chinese pet economy is thriving mostly because of an aging population and declining birth rates. You've heard about Spot, a little 3 and a half-pound calico kitten that was tossed high into the air by a teenage boy in the Southern California. Police got their guy. The San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office has filed a charge of felony animal cruelty against the year-old suspect. Chad Hall with Remodel Mate has tips to help you reduce the damage and do it without selling a kidney.

They've co-written a song about a special dog. Victoria just battled stage 3 cancer and won, with the help of "Daisy," her four-legged medicine. Pet Stores Offering Pet Leases Do you want that cute doggie in the window so much that you would lease it if you couldn't afford it? And if you miss a payment, they can come and repossess your dog, because pets are 'property' in the eyes of the law.

They're currently fed kibble composed mostly of turkey, chicken and lamb byproducts. If they approve the switch, it would make the Los Angeles shelter system the first in the nation to feed its canine residents a vegan diet. Commissioner Roger Wolfson, a Hollywood screenwriter proposed the vegan diet. Museum Dedicated to Dogs Cats may be the kings of the Internet, but a museum dedicated to dogs will be opening in Massachusetts.

It will feature a private collection of dog inspired paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and of course dog accessories. The 8, square-foot historic space will feature more than pieces from famous artists and rare dog collars dating back to the s. Less exercise and activity could result in unwanted behavior issues. E'Lise Christensen is a board certified veterinary behaviorist. She'll share some great ideas for keeping your pets occupied and out of trouble. As far as the kids go, you're on your own. This is part of the Fear Free Expert Series.

You and your dog are enjoying a walk through the neighborhood when, all of a sudden, you spot an unaccompanied canine heading your way. It could turn into a bad scene even if your dog is socialized.

Stephanie Colman , the manager of the "Puppy Department" at Guide Dogs of America, has the five things you need to do if you encounter an off-leash or stray dog. After all the recent studies about pets keeping humans youthful, there is a new report out in the British Medical Journal that says having a pet doesn't seem to slow down your aging process after all. Other trends include home-delivered and customized fresh foods. It has long been a rumor that dogs knew something about the song that humans didn't. They're an outstanding non-profit rescue in the Los Angeles area.

That may not sound unusual until you hear the kitty was born with Imperforate Anus, or no butt-hole. Now, along with television sensation Tosh. He considers himself the "middle-man" between your pets and the animal-loving non-believers who will be around after the rapture. For a small fee, his service will be dispatched to your home "post-rapture" to care for your pets. In it, an adviser tells The Atlantic that President Trump reportedly thinks pets are "low class" and was "embarrassed" when Pence announced he and his family would be moving into the Naval Observatory with their pets, which included, at the time, two cats, a rabbit and a snake.

That was enough to put pet lovers on edge, but the article also said Trump thinks the Pence family is a bunch of yokels because of all those pets, offending animal lovers across the world. People anxious to relieve their pet's physical pain are more and more trying oils and powders that contain CBDs, a non-psychoactive component of marijuana. But, there's little data on whether these products work, or if they have harmful side effects. That's because the federal government has not approved any clinical trials of cannabis pet products.

The FDA has warned companies that sell marijuana related pet products that they're violating laws by offering "unapproved new animal drugs. Veterinarians See The Most Unusual Things A veterinarian in Oklahoma operated on a dog that wasn't feeling well after eating its human sibling's pacifier. The vet could have made a ton of money had he charged for each pacifier he would later take out of the dog's belly, which ended up being a total of Attorney Jeremy Cohen gave up his job prosecuting those accused of insurance fraud.

He found it unfulfilling. Now, he represents dogs. He'll share the details of several current cases that involve custody battles over pets. Denver Bans Declawing Denver has become the first U. The new law prohibits veterinarians from performing the controversial procedure unless it's medically necessary. Cat lovers are praising the Denver City Council for passing the ordinance declaring that the elective declawing of cats is both inhumane and painful to the felines.

Now, Denver just needs to work on reversing the ban of pit bull breeds within city limits. The federal government agency has collected at least 68 reports about 90 different dogs and 15 deaths after eating these types of bones. Problems associated with the bones include choking, cuts and wounds, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding and death in some cases.

Experts add that chicken bones can cause the same problems. Fear Free Now Certifying Trainers As the Fear Free movement explodes, now dog trainers can become certified using methods that make the learning experience more appealing to the dog. Finding a Fear Free trainer has become easier using the online database.

Mikkel Becker tells us how Fear Free makes a difference in behavior training. Visit the Fear Free Expert Series for more. SMART was created because there was a demand for a team dedicated to rescuing animals stuck in extreme situations. Members of SMART combined their passion for rescuing animals with their recreational knowledge and experience of rock climbing and rappelling?

Officer Armando Naverrete is our guest to talk about some of his most unusual rescues. It is called Catolet. It's basically a conveyor belt-equipped automatically-flushing toilet that's made for cats. Ideally, the Catolet is installed in a bathroom where it is permanently connected to the water supply and sewage system with hoses that are included. He's queried hundreds of celebrities and well-known people for quotes about "man's best friend.

Giving Your Dog Your Undivided Attention New research suggests dogs make a wider variety of facial expressions when their owners or companions are paying attention to them. So, while you are sitting at a computer holding on to a toy while your dog basically plays tug of war with itself, is not nearly as beneficial to them as when you invest your attention in that play time.

First Responders Can Now Treat Pets In Wisconsin Wisconsin lawmakers are pushing to change state law and allow first responders to treat pets when responding to an emergency. However, the departments do not receive special training for handling pets and they do prioritize saving human lives first. AIBO is billed as a pet that behaves like a real dog using artificial intelligence to learn and interact with its handler and surroundings. Numerous studies have been done with robotic dogs and nursing home patients with fantastic results.

He filled it with video and arcade games. He said the niche is working. His mission is to rescue cats from life-threatening situations and find quality homes through his adoption program.

As an instructor at the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage, she's sharing what she knows about her healing touch. She'll get us started with massage techniques for our pets. Julie Reck says that turning her office into a Fear Free certified clinic helped her to practice better medicine. She opened her clinic in and now she has a bustling practice with four vets and an new attitude. The pets are the big benefactors. Reck is next up in the Fear Free Expert Series. Commemorating A Pet Yes, all dogs go to heaven. But what you do with their earthly bodies is up to you and now you have options.

There is cremation, burial at a pet cemetery and even taxidermy. However, there is another option. Now you can have your pet composted. Dog Owners Are Healthier There are literally thousands of studies saying pets are good for your health but this latest one has a lot of people talking. This research was 12 years in the making, studying 3. The man says he rescued the female squirrel, now named Brutus, shortly after Hurricane Matthew last year.

He says she's just like a cat that hides nuts. Bionic Animals Twenty-years ago, if an animal lost a limb, they might be considered for euthanasia. With the advent of 3D printing, doctors are able to create appendages, from legs to tails. Nancy Furstinger went deep undercover to see who is making these prosthetics, what animals are wearing them, and who is buying them. She says these animals seldom notice the handicap and are mostly Unstoppable. Starting A Rescue More people are quitting their job to open animal rescues.

This may seem pretty straightforward from the outside, but there is a maze of laws and hoops to jump through to avoid being shut down by Johnny Law. Sandra Pfau England has created the long-awaited step-by-step guide to starting a pet rescue and she'll share some of her finest tips on this week's show. They include the Fetch My Pet Life Management app; Animal Biome, a micro biome-based pet health diagnostics and supplement company; Bare it All, a pet food company that uses the invasive Asian carp as a primary protein source; Barkly a personalized dog walking app; and Pup Joy, makers of the customizable subscription box for dogs.

More than 85 companies from 9 countries applied for this year's honor. Don't be one of the thousands that find themselves in the Veterinary office over the holidays. Topping the list for is a dog with two noses, conjoined fish, and a bird that wears flip-flops. He'll talk about his affinity for Elephants, and what he's doing about it. Eric will also share his experience living in a zoo. Creating a Fear Free World for Your Pets When two competing radio hosts get together, they must have something really important to talk about.

Fake Service Dogs on the Rise 19 states have now enacted laws cracking down on people who try to pass off their pets as service animals and Massachusetts is now considering a similar proposal. The group advocates for "whole-family cemeteries," places where the whole family, pets included, can be buried together. The burial of pet remains in cemeteries designated for humans is illegal in many U.

With a half-million dollars in shark backing, Alan Cook tells us about the surreal experience of introducing Brilliant Pad to a prime time TV audience. Chickens As Pets The "Chicken Chick" is back with her backyard chicken stories and tips on raising your own chickens. Trained as a lawyer, Kathy Shea-Mormino is taking on courts all across the U. The disease is becoming more prevalent as more pets are becoming obese. This is just another reason to keep your pet fit and eating properly. Controlling Pet Stress You may think your pets are living the spoiled life.

But did you know they actually could be stressed, causing undue strain on their immune system? Elizabeth DeLomba is back with details on the silent killer. She'll tell us the signs to look out for - and what to do if your pet is stressed. Okay, That's A Little Weird A new survey shows a large percentage of pet owners are going out of their way to do things for their pets, that other less animal friendly people may consider weird. But who cares, right? The poll of 2, dog and cat owners also found a third shared a bath or shower with their pet! More than 6 in 10 admit they are closer to their pet than they are to some of their family members.

But 9 in 10 owners said they don't care what people think of their relationships with their pets. Fake Delta Airlines Website Scamming Pet Owners An elaborate, but bogus pet-shipping website that makes people believe they are dealing with Delta Air Lines has also been linked to a puppy selling scam, offering smaller dogs like Chihuahuas and poodles for sale.

Delta filed a lawsuit against the website DeltaPetTransit. According to Delta, the fake website operators collect thousands of dollars without ever shipping or delivering any pets. It's likely that if our parents carried the gene, you'll inherently love pets. John explains why humans are genetically encoded to enjoy companion animals. The Importance of Pet Enrichment It isn't enough to supply food, shelter and health care for your pet. Your pet needs enrichment. This could mean anything from food puzzles to exercise.

Facebook combed through its user base collecting information from , users in the United States who shared photos of cats or dogs or both. They used object recognition technology to identify photos. They found dog people have more friends and more likely to be in a relationship. This is just the tip of the data iceberg. Another Supposedly Euthanized Pet Found Alive A New Jersey woman who thought her dog was dead believed that her year-old Mini Pinscher named Caesar had been euthanized 5 months earlier at her vet's office.

Caesar's owner had even picked up his collar, paid the bill and received a letter from the staff with their condolences. The federal government has taken custody of cargo compartments on planes in order to transport supplies and the feds are not allowing animals larger than 20 pounds to fly. It's estimated that already about 2, locals left their pets behind because of the new restriction.

Does Your Cat Have Mojo? Cat-daddy Jackson Galaxy has a house-full of his own cats news flash , plus dogs and a turtle. So does he have the same problems as us common folk? You bet he does. Find out how he keeps harmony in his household. Blessing Your Animals Dr. James Capers is here to bless your animals. Grab your pets and bring them around the radio for this special ceremony.

This is the next best thing to a visit from St. Starting January 1st of , dogs, cats, and rabbits will arrive at pet stores in the state already vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Woman Wins Sick Pay to Care for Pet An Italian college professor and dog owner has won the right to sick pay from her employer, after she took time off work to care for it. She only asked for two days leave because the dog needed constant medical supervision before it could be taken into surgery.

When her employer refused her request, she appealed, demanding her right to paid leave as a public servant. Italy's Penal Code prohibits the abandonment of pets and that keeping an animal in conditions that may cause it to suffer is a crime in the country. Each is punishable with jail time or a hefty fine. So, the university reconsidered the case and ruled in the woman's favor, granting her the leave, which is traditionally granted only for workers dealing with serious personal or family problems. Chances are good that you'll be dressing your pets up for Halloween, whether they like it or not.

Collectively, we'll spend almost a half-billion dollars on costumes for our pets. Cocktails for Pets Taryn Nahm wants you to kick back a few cocktails with your pet. She says you can bond with your pet while you relax with a beverage. Taryn created pet cocktails that look just like the human adult versions, except without alcohol.

Certified Trainer Mikkel Becker has some great ideas for making a vet visits easy and enjoyable. Check out our Fear Free Expert Series. Antibiotic Resistant Virus Outbreak There has been a Campylobacter outbreak associated with puppies sold at Petland stores and it's the humans that have handled these puppies that are getting sick. So far, more than 55 people in 12 states have now been diagnosed in this outbreak, which is so serious that at least a fourth of the patients have been hospitalized. It's the same problem that was previously found in the human world.

Millenials Choosing Pets Instead Millennials, or Generation Y, are those born between and and they are quickly changing the world of pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, Millennials are now the largest segment of pet owners. They found Millennials invest more time in their pets, evaluating their needs more thoroughly and spending more money. When you see him surfing the concrete with such passion and skill, it's hard to believe that he picked up the sport by watching neighborhood kids skateboarding. You'll love George's story. But seniors actually make great pets.

She's committed to making the last months of a pet's life comfortable and happy. The Lucrative Pet Treat Business Anyone looking to cash in on the booming pet products business would be smart to investigate making pet treats, which have outpaced both dog and cat food in the last five years in the US.

Rabies is a serious illness that can have fatal consequences. This is one of those illnesses that you can be very proactive with. Have a strategy and understanding of the risks to you and your pets.

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Most Popular Pet Costumes for If you are one of the many people who just love Halloween, you may already have your pet's costume. But if you don't, we have your list of the top ten costumes for pets this year. It turns out that this year you'll likely be seeing a lot of cats that look like dogs and dogs that look like cats. He says we're treating our animals too much like humans. He'll teach us to respect the true nature of dogs and become a pack leader.

He'll also help us deal with Halloween, a truly troublesome time for many dogs. How to Baby Talk to Pets Dr. Debbie says it's important to learn how to "baby talk" to your pets. She uses baby talk for her patients and it makes a big difference. She'll teach us the nuances behind this special conversation. The Pet Hoarder Disorder Hoarders are people with a disorder that causes them to collect objects. But people who collect things and objects are not the same as people who collect animals. A new study, published in the journal Psychiatry Research, takes a look at the motivations of people who hoard animals.

Finding a Fear Free Veterinarian Dr. Kathryn Primm describes what it's like to be the first certified "Fear Free" vet. She says it has made a world of difference for her practice, and especially the animals that come to see her. Listen to hear explain in our continuing Fear Free Expert Series. The founder of Houston Pets Alive says one busy morning after the Harvey struck, someone tapped her on the shoulder and said, " Just so you know, Renee Zellweger is over there cleaning kennels and doing your laundry.

And it wasn't just a photo op for publicity. The rescue says Zellweger " was here four days literally cleaning crates, doing laundry and walking the dogs. Neuroscientist Gregory Berns managed to put several dogs into an MRI machine to scan their brains and try to understand how they think and feel. Do dogs have emotions? Do they have empathy? Do dogs have a sense of humor? You may be surprised at some of these answers.

Counterfeit Flea Medication The latest break in the counterfeit investigation came after a California man admitted in federal court that he had been selling unregistered and smuggled animal pesticides online for 15 years. The phony products were sold at pet shops in every state.

Authorities say the phony products were labeled with well-known brand names, such as Frontline and Advantix, and entered the legitimate pet pharmaceutical marketplace without any detection whatsoever. The counterfeit medication even ended up in some big name chain stores as well. It joins their lists of dog-friendly restaurants, beaches and other attractions, along with airline and car rental policies for pets and pet friendly vacation activities.

For example, did you know there are whale-watching trips, excursions mining for gems, wine tastings and apple picking activities for you and your pet? If Assembly bill A. Animal advocates say by passing the bill, it will enable California to cut off the supply of inhumanely bred puppies and prevent consumers from unwittingly supporting puppy mills.

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Cathy Alter finagled her way into an 8 million dollar pet hotel for the night. She reveals her experience to us. My Big Fat Pet Makeover Animal Planet host Travis Brorsen begins a four-month weight loss and behavior modification journey with pet owners and their overweight animals. Is your pet tipping the scale? Don't take it personally. Licensed Veterinary Tech and Certified Professional Dog Trainer Debbie Martin is here to help us decode our pet's body language She says there are some common signs of distress or anxiety that people miss.

This is part of our Fear Free Expert Series. Pot and Pets A new study out of Colorado shows a four-fold increase in pet cannabis-related medical cases and much of that is simply pets getting into their owners' stash. Veterinary experts say that cannabis can damage the neurological system in pets and can sometimes be fatal.

Also, many of the marijuana desserts and sweets are made using Xylitol and artificial sweeter which is also extremely toxic to dogs. Getting Pneumonia from Guinea Pigs There's a new discovery that's just hit the world of guinea pig lovers. Dutch researchers say the cute furry rodents may carry germs tied to a very serious type of pneumonia. It's caused by the same bacteria the causes pink eye in guinea pigs and three people in the Netherlands have wound up hospitalized for pneumonia after contact with guinea pigs.

Pets seem to go missing all the time, but it's not every day that they are reunited with their families. Jack the cat and his family was incredibly lucky! He'll also share some of the important work the ALDF does for animals worldwide by being a voice for the voiceless. More and more pet parents these days are willing to go the financial distance for their pets to give them the best.

So what's the actual number? Never, ever, give a dog ibuprofen without first consulting a veterinarian.

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