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It brought on good points and certainly two sides of the sty. I love that Ms. Scott laid it out and made it easy to understand.

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Teague takes on more responsibility and has moved up the ranks to clean up his new crew. Cleaning up in terms of weeding out the ones who do not qualify to stay and the ones who do. He knew it would be the worst kind of responsibility when some suffer from PTSD, drug and alcohol abuse and he has to decide if they can stay or get the boot. Torn between loyalty and what is right, Captain Ben Teague will need help from the very up-tight lawyer Olivia Hale. The question is, will she be on his side? They had issues to work out including their feelings for one another and differences when it comes to work decisions.

It was funny how they equally intrigued and annoyed each other.

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However, Teague had the worst end of the stick. He continues to battle sobriety and his future sort of scares me. Scott does a great job bringing hope in the midst of this chaotic Army life. I am always intrigued and entertained with each book she writes. ARC provided by publisher Ben Teague has never wanted to command soldiers, but he finds himself given the task. To do this he must work with Olivia Hale, the by the book lawyer. Sure some of these soldiers have no hope, but some have Ben. I have never seen two characters th Ben Teague has never wanted to command soldiers, but he finds himself given the task.

I have never seen two characters that just should be together but can't get out of their heads enough to realize it. It took a while for me to start this book. Normally when a Jessica Scott book is on my Kindle I rush to devour it, but with this one I took my time. I knew it was going to be the last in this series for a number of months; I wanted to savor it. And savor it I did. I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley for my honest review and I have it preordered to arrive on my Kindle on release day!

I think it has to do with the fact that I don't have a Jessica Scott novel to look forward to, to read in the next couple of months. After I finished this one, I spent the evening going through the other books, reminiscing, if you will. I adore this series. I'm like a freaking broken record, I know, but I'm going to keep saying it as long as it applies. Scott combines the reality of military life and tempers it with incredible passion. She takes serious and Book Hangover. She takes serious and current issues within the military and gives us a peek into that world and I want more.

I want Gale Sorren's book For the rest of the review: I've been searching my brain trying to think of an adjective I haven't already used in reviewing the Coming Home series. Scott's books make you feel anger, tears, and laughter. Most of all, she shows us how love can be found in the most difficult places, between two people who are often at odds with each other. And it all works! I loved the relationship that developed between Ben Teague and Olivia Hale. Their story will pull at your heart strings, because you will be angry with them, then sad, and then happy again.

They both have painful pasts that they try to keep to themselves, but as their feelings develop between them, you see how perfect they are for each other. They help each other face their demons and that makes their love for each other that much stronger. I loved their story!

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  • It's Always Been You (Coming Home, #5) by Jessica Scott;
  • A shiny 'by the book' military lawyer and a captain who has no desire to command square off in this latest installment of the Coming Home Series. I met the two lead characters for this story in the previous series installment. Both caught my attention and I found the idea of a romance getting up between them a mighty entertaining prospect.

    It was definitely that- and then some- which I have come to expect from this author and her books. I never close one of her books feeling disappointment; only A shiny 'by the book' military lawyer and a captain who has no desire to command square off in this latest installment of the Coming Home Series. I never close one of her books feeling disappointment; only pleasure- sometimes bittersweet, but still pleasure. Jessica Scott isn't afraid to show us some reals with our feels and I like that in a military romance.

    The story opens shortly after the end of the last book yes that's a hint to read in order when the battalion starts cleaning house. Several new command duos are given their chance to take over the reins and clean up their newly assigned companies. Captain Ben Teague is given Bandit Company and he has no desire to lead. Experience has taught him not to like what happens to people when they are given command and he feels that he will do an even worse job than anyone.

    It doesn't help that they have been saddled with Major Olivia Hale, a lawyer on a crusade whose first mission is to go after a guy that Ben owes his life. Olivia isn't impressed with the smart butt captain who is reluctant to do his job and seems to just want to protect his buddies instead of those who are the true victims. Escoberra abused his child and she doesn't care how many medals he won; she is getting him away from that family so they'll be safe. There are so many other situations in these commands that need to be dealt with too and she plans to watch all these commanders like a hawk to make sure that justice is served.

    Captain Ben Teague draws her attention and keeps it with his casual regard for the rules and soft heart for his guys. It's his heart and that darkness in his eyes hinting at past pain that stays her hand to show a bit of patience and maybe give him a chance. The Escoberra case eats at her though. Oh Ben might trust this one and she feels a little bad for the disillusionment that he'll experience over it all, but she will do the right thing. She enjoys for the first time what it's like to not always be alone, but she is terrified to take that final step of trust so she draws back at a crucial time and it causes a wedge of her own making between her and Ben.

    Ben has earned a little trust from the buttoned up Olivia and he now has a really good First Sergeant. Wisecracking, good coffee, cookies, and conferring with Olivia get him through his days. He still has no desire to do what he is doing, but he slowly lets the weight of command settle on his shoulders. So much is a burden and he can't fix it all, but he learns that he can make some situations a little better. At the end of the day, it is to Olivia that he turns.

    They start up something tentative and he knows she is holding back on sharing her past. He has a painful past too and he understands until she pulls back and puts up walls. He's been down that road with someone before and this time he won't be the guy standing there hurting and begging to be let in.

    This story continues with a little of what was seen in Reza and Emily's book though it shifts from the mental health issues of the battalion to its legal issues.

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    • There were so many situations that had no easy answers or reasons for existing. Ben is now learning the burdens of command and Olivia is learning that her view of the world is colored by her past and not everything is as cut and dry as she would like to make it. Because of the character growth going on, the romance in this one takes a secondary part. The steady and gentle pacing was as engaging as a fast paced thriller. I liked being along for the interpersonal dealings during Ben and Olivia's work days and I enjoyed their slow building relationship.

      Their relationship had to endure some hard stuff because of who they were at work when they had opposing viewpoints and ways of dealing with things. Truly, it was amazing how it all seemed to work though it shouldn't have. It wasn't all about the attraction and passion. Things were tough, but I loved how these were mature people who dealt with stuff even if it took a step-back moment once or twice. They got it right in the end. From the genuine emotions looking back at him.

      In the darkness, in the center of her embrace, he lost a piece of himself he'd been clinging to.

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      And found something new, something he hadn't realized he'd lost so long ago. He held her there, whispering her name in the darkness. He is there for these two and is so much more at peace and grounded. I certainly hope Ben's new team leader, Soren, shows up some more. I enjoyed getting to know him a little. All in all, it was another stellar installment in the series engaging me almost completely and I sure hope there is more to come. As I've said before, military romance lovers should definitely give this series a try.

      My thanks to Forever and Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review thoughts. Apr 03, Lustful Literature rated it really liked it. When I took a look at this one, I decided to give a full length novel a shot to get a true feel for the authors writing. I must say that I went into this book with the expectation of enjoying it, I love a good military romance but have to say, I was surprised with how much I truly loved it and how quickly is sucked me in. I really loved how the author built the relationship between Ben and Olivia in this story.

      I loved how these two argued and bantered back and forth in the beginning and how slowly they began to tolerate each other to the point that a physical attraction began and even a friendship. And when these two finally came together and got it on, it was truly hot and panty wetting! Ben, what can I say to truly explain him. He was sweet, thoughtful, funny, loyal and just truly amazing.

      His life has never been perfect, he lost his dad at a young age which forever changed his relationship with his mom and then on top of that is constantly fighting the demons from his times being overseas. He is now forced into the role as Commander and he struggles going from being friends to being the boss. I loved seeing him evolve as a person as when he took on his new role.

      I loved who he became with Olivia. I also loved how she stood by Ben when he needed her the most even though at times she too herself was ready to fall apart. I loved her strength and it was so refreshing to see two great characters who were so strong and very stubborn come head to head but slowly become a great team who eventually fall completely in love. This book was truly a fabulous read and I must say I really enjoyed this authors writing. I loved how the storyline played, it was a great mix of serious issues, some tragic past demons, funny banter that had me laughing and just the right amount of drama that kept me turning the pages.

      And I must say that I loved how unpredictable I found this book, in my mind as I read I had ideas of how things would played out but loved that the book kept surprising me with the twist and turns it took, keeping me constantly engaged. This time around, Scott looks at the challenges of command and how and when to help the soldiers with problems. In the previous book, "All For You", she looked at addiction and suicide, this time we get soldiers who are acting out - public fights, drinking while intoxicated, and domestic abuse for example. I get the feeling, reading these books, that Scott really doesn't like those in command in the army and defini As always with a Jessica Scott book, "It's Always Been You" was a powerful story.

      I get the feeling, reading these books, that Scott really doesn't like those in command in the army and definitely not the ones who makes the policies and run things. The book was overly preachy at times, which detracted both from its impact and the love story. The romance between military lawyer Emily Hale and battalion commander Ben Teague is sweet but moved rather fast for me. I'd have liked if it had moved slower but I liked that the problems they had were realistic. Scott has a knack for writing realistic situations and throwing up artificial barriers.

      In this case, Emily and Ben both had incidences from the past that presented problems as well their current work which provided challenges where it was difficult to separate the personal from the professional. I empathized with Ben's struggle with command and his conflicted feelings concerning his men. He went from being one of them to overseeing them and that was a challenge for both him and them. He's a good, decent, honorable man with deep wells of loyalty and a snarly sense of humor.

      He deeply believes that taking care of his men is more important that regs or procedures, which, as you can imagine, causes problems for him. The military is big on obedience and on following procedures. When he becomes the commander of his unit, his loyalties are challenged and in conflict.

      He wants to help his men and take care of them but means more than just putting them in rehab or keeping them out of jail; he also has to make sure all the men receive the training and preparation they need to be deployed. Taking care of the problem soldiers cuts into the time needed for doing that.

      Emily is a lawyer who works with command to drum out soldiers who are no longer fit to serve. As you can imagine, that creates conflict between her and Ben. At first, she tries to ignore the flicker of interest between her and Ben but it isn't long before she and Ben give in.

      Emily is passionate about her work and especially so about keeping the families of soldiers safe. Again, conflict with Ben. But while she's passionate, she's not hard-headed, she's willing to listen to reason, though it may not change her mind. She comes off as a stick-in-the-mud at first, but gradually we get to see other sides of her and see that she has a sense of humor, is compassionate, honorable and willing to drop everything to help a friend.

      I didn't love "It's Always Been You" as much as I did previous books; it was, as I said, too preachy at times and too issue-laden but it's still a darn good book and it kept me up late finishing it.

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      Scott writes such realistic characters and such engaging stories that I can overlook minor flaws. I'm ready for the next one! I have raved about each book in this series. Jessica Scott combines military careers, civilian life, people with very real problems, and trying to build happy lives in situations that are very hard for those they love. This series has brought me to tears, opened my eyes to the problems the modern army faces, made me see a soldier as an individual person, and has delivered very real relationships.

      Each and every story is emotional. Each book addresses difficult situations that affect these courageous men and women. In the end, there is always the underlying message of hope and true love. He is a stand up guy, always has your back, and has an understanding of human nature. He is a strong leader and recognizes each and every soldier under his command as an individual.

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      This story begins where All For You left off. The battalion has cleaned house and new commands are assigned. The objective is to clean up their newly assigned companies. Captain Ben Teague does not want the new Bandit Company he has been assigned to. He does not want to be a commander. Overseeing the clean up is Major Olivia Hale, a lawyer whose sole purpose is to make sure this happens. Captain Teague is on her radar. This reluctant leader seems to want to protect his men rather than the true victims. His casual regard for the rules, his soft heart, and closed lip are not helping matters.

      One of his men, Escoberra, is under suspect for abuse of his child. She wants his family to be safe.

      Rachel & Ross: It's Always Been You

      Due to her past, her views, opinions, and drive are very influential in her actions. After she meets Ben, she will learn everything is not as black and white as they seem. Ben and Olivia are drawn to one another even though they are on opposing sides of the fence. I started skimming pretty early only reading the dialogue.

      Aiden happens across an old love he thought dead but Kate doesn't want to reconnect. This is the first that I have read from this author. I have heard some amazing things about her books. I wasn't sure if I wanted to try out her contemporaries, but when I read the synopsis of Its Aidan York has spent ten years mourning the woman he once loved and lost.

      He's filled the void in the only way he knows-by distracting himself with wild behavior and scandalous trysts. Boy, is my agent smart! I had a great time writing Talk Me Down, the story of a young woman who goes back to her small hometown in Colorado and causes a huge stir with her secretive career and her burgeoning relationship with the chief of police.

      So if you like cold weather, hot sex and dirty jokes, be sure to check out Talk Me Down out in January Speaking of cold weather, my family and I live in a beautiful ski town in Utah. No, I don't ski. I prefer to sit inside with a hot toddy and a good book while the snow falls. It's especially beautiful to watch when from the inside! I have a wonderful husband and children, and the house is kind of crowded, what with the dukes, Scotsmen, police chiefs, and naughty ladies running around, but my family is very understanding about my imaginary friends. Good thing, since they refuse to leave!