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Switch to new thesaurus. Your rheumatism is a cross you will have to bear.

How to combine multiple cross-references

This dog is a cross between an alsatian and a labrador. Let's cross the street ; This road crosses the swamp.

  • LaTeX/Labels and Cross-referencing.
  • The kludgy workaround.
  • cross-reference;

He sat down and crossed his legs. The roads cross in the centre of town. Our letters must have crossed in the post.

Chapter Cross references

I've crossed two varieties of rose. If you cross me, you'll regret it! I was seasick as it was a very rough crossing. First you must create the captions.

Using the above example, you would create the captions for Figures 5, 6, and 7 using Insert Reference Caption see Figure 1. Next you must insert the cross-references. This step is very important. When you insert a cross-reference, Word inserts a bookmark around the caption label you are cross-referencing.

How to use and insert cross references in Word documents Three commonly used techniques

Once you have inserted the cross-references to Figures 5, 6, and 7, go to the caption for Figure 5 and select just the figure number, omitting the label see Figure 4. Choose Insert Bookmark to open the Bookmark dialog. The bookmark that is highlighted is the one for the caption you have selected. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for Figures 6 and 7. Select your cross-references and press F9 to update the fields.

The brilliant way

What happens next Possibly you will have occasion to insert subsequent references to these same figures, either separately or in combination with other figures. If you need to reference Figure 5, Figure 6, or Figure 7 again separately including the "Figure" label , just insert a new cross-reference the same way you inserted the first one, using Insert Reference Cross-reference and selecting "Figure" as the reference type. Otherwise, it will pick up the current section or list number instead of what you intended. In case you use the package hyperref to create a PDF, the links to tables or figures will point to the caption of the table or figure, which is always below the table or figure itself [1].

Therefore the table or figure will not be visible, if it is above the pointer and one has to scroll up in order to see it.

Citation Tools

If you want the link point to the top of the image you can give the option hypcap to the caption package:. As you can see, the label is placed soon after the beginning of the math mode. In order to reference a formula, you have to use an environment that adds numbers. Most of the times you will be using the equation environment; that is the best choice for one-line formulae, whether you are using amsmath or not. Note also the eq: This can be useful to help the reader distinguish between formulae and other things, without the need to repeat the word "formula" before any reference.

Its output can be changed as desired; for more information see the amsmath documentation. It is normally better to use labels, but sometimes hard-coded equation numbers might offer a useful work-around. This may for instance be useful if you want to repeat an equation that is used before, e. If the object is close, it can use more refined sentences like "on the next page" or "on the facing page" automatically, according to the context and the document class.

This command has to be used very carefully. It outputs more than one word, so it may happen its output falls on two different pages. In this case, the algorithm can get confused and cause a loop. Let's make an example.