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I must also stress, as a decisive factor in such guidance to the customer, motivation and attitude of all staff from Pilz. Finally, this orientation customer the managed with the knowledge of security which we intend to pass on to our customers and give solution to the current needs through innovative products and electronic cam tree for example or, in its day, with the introduction of the PNOZmulti. On this occasion, the meeting focused, inter alia, to the news released to the market during the last quarter from the headquarters in Germany, especially new products and their equivalents.

To this end, was with the assistance of the parent coach Bernd Maier for the training on PSS, Cam Shaft, solution for the control and safety of presses. It was also on the increase in sales and the finding of a better result from the previous year at Pilz Spain, as well as the other subsidiaries, in relation to expected.

During the second day of the sales meeting, all staff of Pilz Spain participated in an activity pool, in a nearby park of adventures.


Visor de obras.

Pilz develops products that respect the environment because it uses eco-friendly materials and techniques of low energy consumption. In buildings of eco-design is produced and works with more environmental awareness and less consumption of energy. PNOZ safety devices have highlighted for its reliability and resistance and for being the first relays of world security.

The fact of being pioneers gave place to that, soon, to be used in large number of facilities. But more importantly, their use has enabled us to get to know the needs of our clients in their most conceptual State and thus be able to develop new products to meet those needs.

So appeared the first programmable security PSS , the first system of safe, open fieldbus systems Safetybus p and the first system of cameras safe to three-dimensional monitoring Safetyeye. Without a doubt, the PNOZ was a turning point for the development of new product lines, with the PNOZ, Pilz brand represented a concept product, to such an extent that in the areas of maintenance or engineering, when referred to a safety relayso named as a Pilz, from the yellow cover. The PSS , the automaton of security, represented another important technological milestone.

The appearance of the programmable logic controllers with integrated security has allowed to dispense with the extra safety circuits.

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The PNOZmulti enables to monitor safety functions such as, for example, emergency stops, photoelectric barriers, protective doors of security, two-hand controls and many more. PNOZmulti is also a cost-effective solution for standard control functions. Pilz introduced this fast, easy and intuitive programming system to meet a demand of its customers, is the intermediate step between safety relays and safety automata. We have recently introduced to the market electronic camshaft tree safe, to give greater flexibility to the presses.

With the system PSS Cam Shaft automation, Pilz now offers a tree of camshaft electronic safe, comfortable and flexible control of mechanical presses. Its operation is based on the secure positioning monitoring. This system is secure against manipulation not need manual in the trees of traditional cam settings, in the agenda of the control the various operating positions are defined.

Tirso de Molina

The PSS automation system now has the best solution for universal control of mechanical presses. New electronic camshaft tree eCamShaft replaced the trees of camshaft conventional mechanical. The advantages at a glance of this new system are the secure cam for acceleration and inertial fly with revitalization for a safe stop in the OT with variable number of races.


A continuous measurement of the career of inertial fly with adjustable alarm and warning limit to minimize downtime. Also an endorsement of the adjustment of length of career by transferring electric angle and effective protection against manipulation. The security solution is certified according to EN Tornos de alta velocidad. Lijado de radios fijos. Afiladoras de 5 ejes. This news article was originally written in Spanish.

It has been automatically translated for your convenience. There is a scene involving two characters, a returning indiano and his lacayo , whom in the manuscript Tirso calls Carlos and Claudio; in the Quinta Parte they are named Marco Antonio and Ludovico, yet Marco Antonio in one line refers to his companion not as Ludovico but as Claudio.

Other textual evidence, such as Tirso's copying mistakes, precludes the possibility that he was expanding the manuscript text into the Parte version. Then how did Claudio get into that text?

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The simplest explanation is that in a third, lost, state of the text, the scene contained at least three characters, one of whom was named Claudio. Such a trio is not in line with the usual noble-lacayo pair of the Spanish comedia , but Tirso does have another scene in this play in which a parallel set of male characters is expanded to three, with the third being essentially non-functional. Although both texts are presented without modernization here, modern capitalization, accentuation and punctuation will be added to the manuscript text in the edition, but spelling will not be modernized, as such alteration carries the most risk of obscuring alternative readings.

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Tirso and other dramatists expected publishers of their works to supply such accidentals when preparing their plays for a reading public, and a modern editor who does the same according to the standards of a contemporary public is therefore consistent with the life process of Golden Age drama. The treatment of accidentals for the Quinta Parte presents a different problem. Their preservation may make reading difficult for a twentieth-century reader, but their modernization alters the text encountered by a seventeenth-century reader.