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Please try again later. I pre-ordered this book when i heard about it on Facebook. Each page of this book takes you back to an era that has passed and will never come back. Read each page and close your eyes-transport yourself through the dusty by-lanes of Delhi and you will almost feel that you are watching what you read with your own eyes.

A superbly translated book that takes you back to the end of the Mughal empire and its emperors. This book in detail takes you through the various imperial customs and traditions that the emperors used to follow. You can almost taste the various sweet dishes and biryanis mentioned in the book, you can almost see the various imperial processions that passed from the Red Fort to the outside - I can go on and on but its a must have book for all this Indian History lovers.

Kudos to Rana Safvi for her awesome sense of selection and translation. It's a must read for all those who are interested in knowing about history of that period as told by those who lived then. This is a very important book as it describes a very interesting period of history. It describes a syncretic and multi plural culture thriving under the last two Mughals and the fate of the Mughals after fall of their dynasty.

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Rana Safvi needs to be congratulated for translating these books for the reading of the general public. A peek into a life of Delhi we can never see now. Sometimes disturbing when you see the plight of the Mughal zenana.

Every book of Rana Safvi increases the anticipation. One person found this helpful. City of my Heart is a collection of 4 stories, originally written in Urdu and later translated by Rana Safvi.

The stories talk about the climate there, the food people ate, the festivities and how everyone had a larger than life lifestyle. The coexistence of Hindus and Muslims has also been mentioned time and again. Bot what is common in the majority of these stories is the rise of Delhi during the Mughals who ruled India with Delhi as their home base. We get to know how each festival was celebrated with pomp and show. The emperor was kind enough to grace his presence in these festivals and also celebrate Diwali and other Hindu festivals. The book is all about lost glory and equality and how Delhi has morphed into something toxic and warlike.

This is a book that non-fiction lovers will devour because there is so much to learn and know.

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The translation, however, feels a little weak. The book comprises of four historic stories which are selected and translated by Rana Safvi. The selected literature are quite unique and rare, namely - 1. Bazm-e-Aakhir The Last Assembly 3. The book talks about multi cultures, social life, traditions, food, festivals, politics and the fate of the Mughals after fall of their dynasty. It is rich with cultural knowledge for history seekers and lovers.

It is full of detail of various old customs and traditions that the emperors used to follow. There are mentions of the good Hindi-Muslim relations and how they celebrated each others festivals with a good understandings made me feel good while reading.

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For people who are not much into non fiction books but are wanting to explore historic cultures shall pick this book. Time is a powerful force. When it spins, the fate changes instantly sometimes for good; sometimes for bad. It is apparent from the condition of princes and princesses of the last Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah Zafar. Rana Safvi has translated the extracts from the four books originally written in Urdu language depicting the grandeur life of the Emperor and his family and their miserable life after Sepoy mutiny of The translation was top notch.

But selection of chapters seems to be debatable. The 1st two chapters were a tad boring to read and repetitive. The last two chapters which were the collection of stories of misery of the royalty after the mutiny was actually interesting to read. Overall, the book could be a good read for anyone who holds interest in this part of the history or doing research on the life of Mughal royals. See all 7 reviews. Would you like to see more reviews about this item? Get to Know Us.