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And you feel it is only because you are a native English speaker well, I guess you are. Just think of another question: Which one sounds more natural? I think, the first one is, to you. Languages are not translations of each other. So the translation would be "What are you named? That said, "Quel est votre nom? How are you called? Comment vous appelez-vous , devient ainsi une demande de convention formelle pour une relation consentie, beaucoup plus amicale. Comment dois-je vous appeler , si la situation est formelle, sinon dans une conversation amicale, l'un et l'autre se disent. La seule formule correcte est: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

L’identité des hôpitaux à partir de leurs sites Internet

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Nikana Reklawyks 5, 1 28 Saeed Neamati 1 4 Quel est votre nom? The "what's your name? Voting to close the question since it's unfounded: There is just more than one way to ask for a name in french. La version sans la locution de politesse te ferait passer pour un rustre. I can't answer, Spanish does the same thing but I wanted to say that I watched a French film originally French- made my the French where a woman said "Quel est votre nom" when asking for a name.

The English dub had her say "Do you have a name" though. Pour n'en citer que quelques-unes: If you find mistakes, feel free to correct. Just to name a few: I included the literal, not conceptual, translation as you asked: Alenanno 1, 1 11 So Alenanno, what those sentences mean?

The sentences you wrote as examples of other structures of asking someone's name. Please provide exact literal meaning not conceptual meaning. Thanks for the corrections! Well, Italian, Spanish and French are related and share the same structure. Swedish, German and English are related and share the same structure except that English uses What instead of Why , but a few German people tend to use What , too.

I've got the feeling that there's indeed a historical reasoning. Ilya Birman 1 3. Noone would ever ask Comment es-tu vieux?

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So yes, as you say, languages are not translations of each other. Comment vous-appellez-vous does mean "how do you call yourself". Plus you're not answering the question. Joubarc, even with your explanation, what are you called or what are you named are still strange. I mean, a name is something that belongs to somebody. Semantically and philosophically, we can ask where is your name? The menu for today is raclett Lucas and Thomas mock her, wondering who this mystery boy is.

Emma tries to catch up to him. There's a new kid in town: Ladonna Compson, the Louisiana native with the gift of gab. Ladonna charms Arthur and friends with her amazing "true" stories. But are her stories really fact - or fiction? Who can make the biggest snowball? The Penguins, Koko, Fifi, Kioka? Everyone makes their snowball, and then they decide to roll them down the hill to see which snowball will win the race to the bottom.

Who do you think will have the winning snowball? Snowball Man can blow his icy breath and make things freeze! Kioka and her friends are amazed and they bring different things for Snowball Man to freeze. Koko accidentally spills some water onto the ground. Snowball Man blows his icy breath on it and t Kioka and her friends try to rescue a little trapped fish.


Everyone has an idea how to get the fish out. The penguins also have ideas about how to help, but they have their own reason for rescuing the fish. Max has a crush on a beautiful caterpillar. Helped by Maya, he tries to become her friend and spend some time with her. But suddenly, she disappears For her tenth birthday, Cathy gets an egg to hatch. But Margaux is in no condition to take care of the baby duck.

She needs a wheelchair to get ar Claudia explains how to keep five hoops going all at once. She hulas every day, and loves doing it while listening to music. The Line draws an egg for Dipdap. He wants to stop it from breaking but the Line doesn't make it easy. The Construction Zerbies try to haul a driftwood stump stranded on the beach.

On the way to the top, Bob gets stuck in the sand. O and Katerina Kittycat live in the same treehouse, so they get to play together a lot. Maya makes friend with a Hoverfly a fly looking like a wasp. When the wasps steal the honey of a special messenger, Syrphie helps Maya to get it back, pretending being a wasp amongst Stinger and his friends.


Where is that little m Xux stumbles over a rake and takes a fall. All it takes is the alphabet song! Where is it coming from? Could it be her? She does have some new shoes Each night, before going to bed, Lexie has her little ritual. She goes out to look f Bisbille has done it again! He challenges Lexie to find him, and she bites! The search is on! Will she be able to find Bisbille? Christopher wants to help, but how can they lure the bird over to them? Why, by putting some food in a bird feeder, of course! Lexie absolutely wants to help her out, but she first needs to figure out how they got stuck together in the first place!

Lexie hears a strange noise Her friend Yeti has the hiccups! Bisbille is shaking and shimmying and itching all over the place! Lexie thinks she knows why--fleas! Hey, what if we made some chocolate cake? Oops, we have a bit a problem! But no need to panic; Lexie knows that Madame Longuedent has some! A little bird falls off a tree and is helped by friends. With a magnifying glass, the hosts discover that critters do strange things with their time! Crocodile goes to work, but hurries home to be with his Croc children! The Mini TFO hosts try to get to an out-of-reach bowl filled with candy. How many houses does Cadet Rousselle own?

Listen to this song with your Mini TFO friends to find out! Quick, bring the sheep in! Join in on the song to help the Mini TFO hosts! Maybe her neighbour is hiding it? Have you ever done like the good kind Dagobert and put your pants on backwards?

Sing this popular song with the Mini TFO hosts! Because the Mini TFO hosts did! They sing a song about getting ready for bed. Mini TFO's friends sing along to Mini's theme song. In this song, Super Mini sings and looks for the colours blue, orange and yellow. Lexie is showing the child what sounds a ukulele, a trumpet, and a flute make. But after a visit to the kitchen, she finds that the little trumpet is missing! Well it seems like all evidence points to Bisbille. Will she be able to And what do you know? But this particular model needs some pointers; he is restless and keeps fidgeting!

The Blondin-Dupuis home is going through quite the change. Feeling overwhelmed by his family and by the presence of his kind-of-grandmother, Clovis lashes out in his private video journal. Tarek talks him into creating a web persona for himself. He needs to fin Clovis gets a taste of this new economic landscape Clovis notices that Sophie has been down in the dumps lately. He brings it up at the family council so that everyone can find a way to bring a smile back to her face.

Everybody has their own strategy. Meanwhile, Vicky has an announcement to make: Clovis wants to find himself a new role model. Yves is not too happy about J Clovis is really into music, so he starts a garage band with his friend Tarek. The band still has a long way to go, but Clovis is over the moon! Diane is about to move out, which means he gets to move into her bedroom. But, realizing she needs And after a spontaneous winter arrives in Pianoville, Jack can no longer go pick them up.

With help from their totem animals, Mara and Xilo ha Mara and Xilo are having the same nightmare. What causes scary dreams, exactly? The members of Germinator present their new number to Olivier. Everyone talks to him remotely, and no one comes to visit him anymore. MaXi decide to introduce him to some people, but no one seems to fit the bill? Waves are no ordinary plants; they are very rare and have extremely special properties! Mara decides to convince her mothe Jack takes a shortcut through a far-away galaxy, and his spaceship becomes charged with magnetic energy.

All of sudden, everything he does ends up broadcast across the globe! Jack and the kids must find a way to demagnetize the spaceship, and convince To surprise Nico, Jack builds a huge, foot-high mechanical dinosaur. But it escapes and runs amok all over town! Nico wants to get rid of the giant uncontrollable tyrannosaurus before the police get involved, but he must first figure out what caused When a meteor shower is announced, Jack decides to surprise Nico and his dad by arranging for a meteorite to land right in their garden.

But when a local television station shows up at the house to authenticate the space surprise, Jack has to fess up t To convince their parents to take them to the movies, Nico and Sam become the perfect kids all of a sudden. Jack thinks their behaviour is linked to their recent haircut, and he decides to fix them.


Using hair clippings he gathered on the floor of the Types of Trash that Take the Longest to Decompose. Will you be able to stop your opponents and save the mathemagical glasses? Eat fish that are smaller than you. Avoid fish that are bigger than you. This single-player or two-player game requires you to drive your bumper car and catch the stars before the other player beats you to it.


The cars will bounce around when they hit each other or the walls of the floor area. Paper, rock, or scissors: Scissors beat paper, paper beats rock, and rock beats scissors. Tiny Monsters are little creatures, which have occupied all territories in the Magic Land. Your job is to get them into small area by cutting pieces from their territory.

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