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A collection of short stories and poems which will scare and thrill you. Each story looks at everyday encounters with a twist. Be warned you may never look in a mirror or have an argument with a loved one again. Read more Read less. Applicable only on ATM card, debit card or credit card orders. Cashback will be credited as Amazon Pay balance within 10 days. Valid only on your first 2 online payments. Cashback will be credited as Amazon Pay balance within 10 days from purchase. Here's how terms and conditions apply.

To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. See all free Kindle reading apps. Start reading Reflection of Evil on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? On the whole a good read though, nice for a quiet evening at home Jan 05, Brian Bigelow rated it really liked it. This is quite a good eerie horror story. Will say the author is a master in my opinion and has done a great job building the suspense.

The first chapter was a little slow in my opinion though. Glad I didn't put it down. Very bad things happen in this book right after very eerie things. I personally wasn't as interested in the short stories as the main one.

Reflections: A Collection of Short Stories & Poems by Andrew Sbarra (eBook) - Lulu

Will watch out for carnies from now on. A copy was given to me for an honest review. Feb 07, Tracy rated it really liked it Shelves: I was chosen to read this book in a giveaway, and in exchange write a review on the book. This book was good, I read it rather quickly, it had me pulled in from the first few pages.

Dead Reflections

Love stories about haunted houses, always makes you think about ghosts and if they really exist. So, for me it's a good short novel, mabye ended a little bit abruptly, but again, it was good. I didn't browse through the short stories as much or the poems however. Dec 16, Karlee rated it it was amazing. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC on February 28, This book is amazing and haunting.

I cannot tell you how many times I woke up during the night frightened of what may be waiting for me at the end of my bed.

‘If not to anything else’; Some reflections on modern Indonesian literature

The cover enough is just fantastic and draws you in. If you're a fan of R. L Stine and Stephen King this book is a must read. Also, Happy nightmares that follow!

Reflections Seasons 2015

Apr 30, Mark rated it really liked it. San Francisco, CA Date: They live in a house just like yours. But you can come visit. Cadaver Extremis - poem Black Limousine BL What does the big black limousine want in the small town of Tayside where it sticks out like a sore thumb? It comes up tainted with iron.

Iron stinking, red from the cistern with fleshy bits. Gore is a fully imagined villain. Emily, the former owner of the property. The Umbrella Man could almost be one of the Cenobites. Wish this was a longer story. He knew and did nothing. Arthur is much more trusting that I could imagine being.

I wanted to say Kenny here. But who can blame him. The poor man lost his nerve. Terry is a desperate idiot. When Robbie dealt with it. Though I wished the denouement would have held a bit longer. When Terry drove his truck down to the well, to check out what was causing the water to have fleshy bits in it When The Umbrella Man finds the missing piece. Maybe not OOC or a plot hole, but it was annoying. The limo comes for us all. I really enjoyed Dead Reflections. Smoke and Leaves was a good short. Limo might be the best story in the book.

The story mirrors some elements from Dead Reflection. The Umbrella Man is excellent. Dead Reflections could make excellent low budget horror.

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Heck, it would work as a season of American Horror Story. Smoke and Leaves could make a movie. Weather System is such short form that it might be able to be an episode of a television series or a bit in an anthology series like Night Gallery or Twilight Zone. The Umbrella Man could make a movie. Have him do the same voice only with a slower cadence. Put him in a bald wig with stringy white fringe hair.

I could see it. Though I think Angus would be too tall. Gore needs to be scrawny and reed thin.

Kevin Costner or Mark Harmon could be the narrator. Danny Devito as Duane. Visions of him standing on the brink of the well covered in dirt, mud, and blood. Jan 04, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: The first story "Dead Reflections" is about the Parker family and what happens to them when they buy an old house for a cheap price. Turns out there was a very good reason why the house went for cheap price. The beautiful old house has a violent past and it's past dead owners don't want to leave.

The evil owners have a very unique way of holding on to their old house and using the new inhabitants to their advantage. The first story, Dead Reflections is about a family who moves into an old house. I enjoyed this story very much. Even though it frightened me to death. I identify with the wife in the story. I love large, old houses. I would definitely move into a house like the one in the story, if the price was right.

This poem actually made me feel sad. After reading this story I will never let my children go to a carnival! The little boy is frightened of the storm.

~Reflections~A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories

The father is also worried and scared. This is because his wife and daughter are caught in the storm. When it appears in front of a building, someone ends up dying. When the father sees something,or someone frightening come out of the cistern, he knows it is evil He calls the real estate agent to learn about the past of his farmhouse.

When the former owner comes to talk, he learns about her evil husband. He learns the reason why the cistern is a morbid version of a wishing well. I enjoyed reading "Dead Reflections" The novel "Dead Reflections" was by far my favorite of the book. I love reading stories about spooky old houses. This story had an interesting new twist. This book overall has a great selection of macabre and old fashioned horror stories.

Mar 12, Michael Rybka rated it liked it. Dead Reflections, by Carol Weekes, is a collection of one novel, five short stories and two poems all dealing with the macabre.

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She does not believe in happy endings. Weekes knows how to create an atmosphere and she does alright with dialogue. The poems are simply there. Do what you want with them. The short stories are all entertaining. They are like mini Steven King novels. By the time things start Dead Reflections, by Carol Weekes, is a collection of one novel, five short stories and two poems all dealing with the macabre. It just drags and drags. In this case the character in question is a child. Allow a digression here. Leave it to Beaver is a classic sitcom but sometimes the character played by Jerry Mathers simply acts too dumb for his age.

Such is the case here.

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Young Cory enters the world of the supernatural via a mirror. This is when the book becomes tediously slow. Once he does talk, it makes it even harder to imagine that he ever could have shut up about it. Of course, the parents, especially the mother, chalk his tale up to being in a strange place. Perhaps this is reflected in his name — Robbie.

And what self-respecting horror story would have the magic mirror placed above a bathroom counter where its victims have to be sucked in over the sink? Definitely, a full-length looking glass in a hallway is needed. Despite these gripes, the book is worth reading if you have patience and will undoubtedly make a great movie.

Mar 21, James rated it it was ok Shelves: I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway. I was rather looking forward to reading this collection. With the promise of a longer "main" story, and an assortment of short stories and poems, this seemed like something I, as a horror fan, would really enjoy. However I was severly disappointed. The main story, Dead Reflections, had a lot of promise. I felt, by the end of it though, that it either should have been relegated to short story status, or expanded further.

There were several characters who really needed to be fleshed out, no pun intended, or just dropped. The poems were fine, and the short stories were worth reading, but the reason I gave this book only 2 stars was because of something I noticed after finishing it. Almost all of the material here, poems excluded, followed a very similar pattern. I shall keep it spoiler free, but characters in Ms. Weekes' fiction, who have a specific relation to the main protagonist, are not going to fare so well.

I do recommend reading this collection. I enjoyed several of the author's stories in the collection. This is a "curl up on a rainy or spooky day" kinda book. My advice would be to not read it in an extended session, as the similar themes may distract you from the overall enjoyment of the book, as they did for me.

Jan 17, Erika rated it liked it Shelves: This is a collection of one horror novel, five short stories and two poems. The main story, Dead Reflections did not really work for me, it started out creepy and suspenseful but the longer it went on the less and less creepy it became until it felt, well like a normal story, for lack of better words. Overall it was very unsatisfying and a struggle for me to finish. Now the short stories. Oh my the short stories! They are what I was expecting and looking for. Creepy, atmospheric and unsettling they take you to that half step out of reality where all the nightmares can exist.

I love how the author would use a short description of a sense, of smell, sound, touch, the feeling of something moving in the air against your skin, something in the atmosphere, to create an off balance feeling that puts you into the right state of mind and evokes what the characters are experiencing because we 19ve smelled these smelled or sensed these things but perhaps we didn 19t know why they were unsettling before.

The short stories alone were definitely worth getting the book for. I really enjoyed this collection of horror stories. Technically, this book contains one short novel, five short stories, and two poems. All of these were very well-written and drew me in immediately. The collection starts off with the novel, Dead Reflections, which is a creepy story of an old house with a very mysterious mirror. The whole atmosphere is so foreboding and chilling that I couldn't help but want to know what happened next. I found myself rushing through the novel to find out the endi I really enjoyed this collection of horror stories.

I found myself rushing through the novel to find out the ending. My only qualm was that the main character was a child, and I'm usually not a fan of books centered around kids. The short stories were all very different from each other, but they were all extremely interesting and some of them were very haunting. One thing I quickly realized is that Carol Weekes doesn't believe in happy endings. They all set up an atmosphere of fear and mystery, and I really enjoyed reading all of them. Another successful book by Journalstone. Carol Weekes is a great new addition to the horror genre.