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It is the bread and butter of the truly successful salespeople who rise to the top and breathe that rare air found in places such as Met Life's "Millionaire Club," Cadillac's "Crest Club" or Pitney Bowes' "Sales Leadership Conference. They have mastered the elusive art of closing effectively. They constantly refine and adapt their methods to suit their particular industries and personalities, and they all ask for the business outright. These methods are well-known and come under different names. Some common method closing formulas are: Other styles include the Columbo approach, the Ben Franklin close, the indirect-question close and the feel-felt-found matrix.

Let's see how the "feel-felt-found" method closes on an objection. In this example, the prospect puts up the universal price objection: I can't buy it. Smith, I certainly understand how you feel because this premium product comes at a premium price. Do you know Mr. Jones, one of your competitors? Jones felt the same way, until he found that the labor and time savings that this machine gave him upon trial more than paid for it.

Knowing that you need those benefits, would you approve the delivery papers right here for the trial equipment? This formula can be applied to pharmaceutical selling situations: Smith, I understand how you feel. Jones felt the same way until he tried the product at my urging. He found that there is greater efficacy when it is used in combination, rather than titrating one of my competitors. And to top it off, because it is nonsystemic, there is the added medical benefit of safety without additional liver testing. Would you try the medication to see these benefits for yourself?

As you can see, this method follows a set formula and directly asks for the business in the end. The Janus principle close. The Janus principle focuses less on these formulaic methods and takes into consideration the general tone and feel of the conversation, being careful to begin well to close well. Done correctly, it becomes more like consultative selling or a true two-way dialogue that ends in persuasion.

To be successful, we must learn to look more closely at how we word our presentations and learn more about the psychology of human nature. Rather than "probing" our customers, I like to use the phrase "discovery of motivations. Let's start with "probing" questions. Candid conversations with doctors yield an interesting point about their feelings regarding sales closes. Some have mentioned that they feel "set-up" when we start "probing," because they feel the questions are designed to lead to a final point that reveals that the salesperson's drug is the answer.

They feel, as one doctor put it, "pimped" by these questions. Some resent it, and so they try to thwart our designed probing questions. Here's a doctor's explanation of pimping: The practice of 'pimping' happens when upperclassmen ask first-year students questions that these poor souls couldn't answer by reason of their status in the academic food chain. The questions are asked to expose the freshmen's lack of knowledge and uphold the upperclassmen's superiority of status.

Thus, when we come in with our questions, some sense a set-up and feel resentful. To make our probes less threatening, we must be genuine in our approach. Our goal must be to discover, rather than to trap someone into a corner. Be careful with leading questions such as "What product do you use for this patient type? Advice for women in bars, never drink from an open glass or bottle, never go outside alone, be careful about letting someone mix you a drink at any party where non-close friends are present.

Be careful of wild fraternity row parties. Now do not make the mistake of thinking that it is only some small proportion of top Black superstar athletes do this as a sport. There is a case now being investigated now against a University of Milwaukee Fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon over allegations of the use of date rape drugs. Make a note of this. In the not too distant future all secrecy is ending. Cosby, you are going to have a lot of company exposed for all their secret crimes, which will be shouted from the rooftops.

The Janus Principle will be exposed for the dark Evil beyond normal imagination that it produces, a true plague of evil on humanity. The massive curtain of Establishment Secrecy is now being pulled back all over the World thanks to the effects of a new emerging World Populism and the instant communication of the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press. All Secrecy is ending and you are probably going to hear it first at VT.

So stay tuned, make sure you are prepared for a continuing stream of hard core truth and the always very shocking facts that are now being disclosed for the first time.

The Janus principle - Semantic Scholar

Yes, this complete end to secrecy is Historic and marks the emergence of a new World Populism. You can bet it will bring the current Establishment to its knees soon. Soon the World will have no more of their Secret, Two-faced Evil which has been ruining our lives and our societies. Once the masses figure this out as many have now come to understand what Gladio-style, inside-job False-Flag attacks are, this ploy to fool the masses using the Janus Principle will no longer work at all anymore. Just try and remember this song and its lyrics the next time you hear any two-face Member of Congress or high USG Official speak, or almost any Top Policy-Maker at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy.

I do know that Sandy Berger was caught attempting to steal the Immunity Agreement between Prescott Bush real name Prescott Scherf that forbid any of his descendents to be elected or appointed to any political or USG office. However it all looks fairly convincing so far. The implications of all this are of course staggering and means that no legitimate Potus was elected since Ronald Reagan, and all laws since are null and void. And yet when people come forward they meet disaster and in certain cases are murdered. Thanks for the History lesson, it makes ultimate sense.

They exposed themselves that way and opened for persecution. Communism was not believed to be evil until it spilled overboard from Russian vessels. And the older Vietnamese are especially reminiscent of the democracy spilling overboard. There is the only way of solidarity which was the best color revolution, black op and or movement call it whatever you like that took down USSR and it is the only way for the US patriotic people.

This pope seems to be on the other side of history now which could be proven useful as he lived bordering capitalism in its entirety. If the Nobel peace prize is hijacked than you have to hijack it back. The high power PR Firms are also used as a fail safe system to flood the system with accusations meant to deflect away from the real root cause. Go to any Bill Crosby story in the news and you will see his PR Firm casting doubts about the victims of Crosby in the comment section attached to the story. Politicians and Corporations PR Firms increasingly use this tactics as we all know and witness for ourselves.

Try looking for that book and many others today,they have been banned I came across this info quite by accident Books like Mobey Dick and so many great books most of us read in middle school. There is a trend of Women leading the charge against sexual deviance. The veneration of status is a dwindling concept.

Fame now invites scrutiny, and the trend will continue with even more shocking revelations next year. The first week of June is a good time for victims to come out enmass. It is a natural byproduct of the rise of the divine feminine. A truly outstanding comment from someone who is hitting on all 8 cylinders. This is the kind of readers and sources VT draws.

These soulless psychopaths continue to misuse their CMMM to feed us a continuing stream of lies and false narratives to empower their Psyops and false-Flags against We The people, whom are now catching on in mass and will soon rise up and crush the establishment and their two-faced duplicity into a thousand pieces.

This not new; Jesus drove out the Pharisees with a whip from the Temple. Satan does rule this world, and always has. Each individual has the ability to freely choose who they will serve; Satan rules because most will choose the temptations offered. The truth is hard, the Way is Narrow. As fallen creatures, those who decide to serve God are few. So much easier to gorge at the foot of the golden calf, and toss an occasional child into the maw of Baal.

Nice , comprehensive article and thought provoking comments. The Hilary in Bosnia video made me laugh. I also learned more about Sheryl Atkinson in exposing Hilary. You fight guerillas the same way- guerilla style. Every man can still realize he can fight if it comes to that. You made made a very good point. Probably both, but yes the CMMM relentless assaults can serve as a disposal tool and seem to keep many in line.

After all he worked for them, they paid his salary, how could he dare to use his credibility against their interests? It was alleged once that he was the announcer at Bohemian Grove during their cremation of care child sacrifice. Keep up the great informative essays. Sometimes they report dangerous Truths before the Editors realize this must be suppressed. Doubt this, just ask highly credible and respected, well known Whistle-blower Mark Novitsky, who was the first to come forth and expose the NSA and its affiliates illegal spying before the rest including Binney, Russell Tice, Thomas Drake, Mark Klein, Chris Pyle and Eduard Snowden and nobody listened.

And these harassments have been well documented. If what Novitsky knows is ever publicly acknowledged and properly investigated by the US Department of justice after it would have to be cleaned up from its endemic corruption by the Establishment it would bring down Teletec Holdings, the NSA and their whole private illegal proprietary Intel system.

What is that exclusion that was passed by the courts to allow the government legal rights to produce propaganda on the social media outlets? I believe the drills a presented as a real life scenario as a product of that legislation. Deborah Tavares, a very well known and prominent activist has claimed that the US Military obtained the right to experiment on civilians with bio-warfare without consent if I remember correctly.

However, it empowers the State Department and Pentagon to utilize all forms of media against the American public for the sake of coercing US citizens to believe whatever version of the truth the US government wants them to believe. The magic words, groomed and educated. With the benefit of networking. Whether they like it or not their future is made for them.

The Janus principle.

I do not envy the poor useful idiots because W was one of them and look how he turned out. It is an awful waste of money, and principle to place a crooked dork in a position of responsibility and its only a matter of time that these industries fail because of it. All content herein is owned by author exclusively. Some content may be satirical in nature. Log into your account. Monday, September 17, Arm Yourself With Real History.

Curse of Our Youth. NEO — Ghosts of Vietnam. Japanese barracks and underground city. What other secrets does the island…. All Military New World Order.

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Syrian War Report — September 17, Al-Qaeda Members In Idlib…. Will the UAE kiss and make up with Syria? Performance of PTI regime in its infancy. The West should send Israel an ultimatum. WOW, Now were getting somewhere in understanding the system that perpetuates this abomination. Misprision of a Felony.

Bingo, a very nice discovery and you are correct. A very interesting book that created many more questions than answers in my view. Thanks for another great read Dr. McGovern is ex-CIA, with some special knowledge, perspective and willing to share it.

Good stuff as usual, Dr. Sorry but VT Policy allows no links in comments. They just bend over their pages. And it gives them twice the chances for success. Dean, Managing Editor - September 16, 4. Raja - September 17, 0. South Front - September 17, 0. The West should send Israel an ultimatum Jonas E. Alexis - September 17, 4. VT Senior Editors - September 16, 1. Alexis - September 15, Performance of PTI regime in its infancy September 17, The four-sided structure known as the Arch of Janus in the Forum Transitorium dates from the 1st century of the Christian era: However American scholars L.

Ross Taylor and L. Adams Holland on the grounds of a passage of Statius [55] maintain that it was an earlier structure tradition has it the Ianus Quadrifrons was brought to Rome from Falerii [56] and that Domitian only surrounded it with his new forum. One way of investigating the complex nature of Janus is by systematically analysing his cultic epithets: As may be expected the opening verses of the Carmen, [59] are devoted to honouring Janus, thence were named versus ianuli.

Only part of the versus ianuli and two of the iovii are preserved. Many reconstructions have been proposed: The epithets that can be identified are: Conseuius the Sower, which opens the carmen and is attested as an old form of Consivius in Tertullian ; [67] Patultius: The above-mentioned sources give: Patulcius and Clusivius Macrobius above I 9, Even though the lists overlap to a certain extent five epithets are common to Macrobius's and Lydus's list , the explanations of the epithets differ remarkably.

Macrobius's list and explanation are probably based directly on Cornelius Labeo 's work, as he cites this author often in his Saturnalia , as when he gives a list of Maia 's cult epithets [69] and mentions one of his works, Fasti. Labeo himself, as it is stated in the passage on Maia, read them in the lists of indigitamenta of the libri pontificum.

On the other hand, Lydus's authority cannot have consulted these documents precisely because he offers different and sometimes bizarre explanations for the common epithets: Pater is perhaps the most frequent epithet of Janus, found also in the composition Ianuspater. While numerous gods share this cultic epithet it seems the Romans felt it was typically pertinent to Janus. He is the first of the gods and thus their father: Geminus is the first epithet in Macrobius's list.

Although the etymology of the word is unclear, [78] it is certainly related to his most typical character, that of having two faces or heads. The proof are the numerous equivalent expressions. It did not give rise to a new epithet though. Patulcius and Clusivius or Clusius are epithets related to an inherent quality and function of doors, that of standing open or shut.

Evil with a Nice Face – The Janus Principle

Janus as the Gatekeeper has jurisdiction over every kind of door and passage and the power of opening or closing them. Quirinus is a debated epithet. According to some scholars, mostly Francophone, it looks to be strictly related to the ideas of the passage of the Roman people from war back to peace, from the condition of miles , soldier, to that of quiris , citizen occupied in peaceful business, as the rites of the Porta Belli imply. This is in fact the usual sense of the word quirites in Latin.

Koch on the other hand sees the epithet Janus Quirinus as a reflection of the god's patronage over the two months beginning and ending the year, after their addition by king Numa in his reform of the calendar. This interpretation too would befit the liminal nature of Janus. The compound Ianus Quirinus is to be found also in the rite of the spolia opima , a lex regia ascribed to Numa, which prescribed that the third rank spoils of a king or chief killed in battle, those conquered by a common soldier, be consecrated to Ianus Quirinus.

There is no surviving evidence of this name in Latin, although the rite is attested by Ovid for the kalendae of January [] and by Paul. The context could allow an Etruscan etymology. Janus owes the epithet Iunonius to his function as patron of all kalends, which are also associated with Juno. At the time when the rising of the new moon was observed by the pontifex minor the rex sacrorum assisted by him offered a sacrifice to Janus in the Curia Calabra while the regina sacrorum sacrificed to Juno in the regia.

This point bears on the nature of Janus and Juno and is at the core of an important dispute: Among Anglophone scholars Frazer and Cook have suggested an interpretation of Janus as uranic supreme god. Whatever the case, it is certain that Janus and Juno show a peculiar reciprocal affinity: These epithets, which swap the functional qualities of the gods, are the most remarkable apparent proof of their proximity. Consivius , sower, is an epithet that reflects the tutelary function of the god at the first instant of human life and of life in general, conception.

This function is a particular case of his function of patron of beginnings. As far as man is concerned it is obviously of the greatest importance, even though both Augustine and some modern scholars see it as minor. He though does not consider Conseuius to be an epithet of Janus but a theonym in its own right. The interpretation of Consus as god of advice is already present in Latin authors [] and is due to a folk etymology supported by the story of the abduction of the Sabine women, which happened on the day of the Consualia aestiva , said to have been advised by Consus.

However no Latin source cites relationships of any kind between Consus and Janus Consivius. Moreover, both the passages that this etymology requires present difficulties, particularly as it seems Consus cannot be etymologically related to adjective consivius or conseuius , found in Ops Consivia and thence the implied notion of sowing. The second epithet is not to be found in Lydus's manuscripts and is present in Cedrenus along with its explanation concerning food and nurture. The editor of Lydus R. Capdeville considers Cedrenus' text to be due to a paleographic error: The epithet Curiatius is found in association with Iuno Sororia as designating the deity to which one of the two altars behind the Tigillum Sororium was dedicated.

Festus and other ancient authors [] explain Curiatius by the aetiological legend of the Tigillum: Horatius after his victory over the Alban Curiatii for the murder of his own sister, by walking under a beam with his head veiled. The presence of Juno would be related to the date Kalends , her protection of the iuvenes , soldiers, or the legend itself.

Renard connects the epithet's meaning to the cu i ris , the spear of Juno Curitis as here she is given the epithet of Sororia , corresponding to the usual epithet Geminus of Janus and to the twin or feminine nature of the passage between two coupled posts. Moreover, it is part of the different interpretation of the meaning of the ritual of the Tigillum Sororium proposed by Herbert Jennings Rose, Kurt Latte and Robert Schilling himself. However the etymology of Curiatius remains uncertain.

The rites concerning Janus were numerous. Owing to the versatile and far reaching character of his basic function marking all beginnings and transitions, his presence was ubiquitous and fragmented. Apart from the rites solemnizing the beginning of the new year and of every month, there were the special times of the year which marked the beginning and closing of the military season, in March and October respectively. Janus Quirinus was closely associated with the anniversaries of the dedications of the temples of Mars on 1 June a date that corresponded with the festival of Carna , a deity associated with Janus: These important rites are discussed in detail below.

Any rite or religious act whatever required the invocation of Janus first, with a corresponding invocation to Vesta at the end Janus primus and Vesta extrema. Instances are to be found in the Carmen Saliare , the formula of the devotio , [] the lustration of the fields and the sacrifice of the porca praecidanea , [] the Acta of the Arval Brethren. Although Janus had no flamen , he was closely associated with the rex sacrorum who performed his sacrifices and took part in most of his rites: The winter solstice was thought to occur on 25 December.

On 1 January was new year day: Thus on that day it was customary to exchange cheerful words of good wishes. Shortly afterwards, on 9 January, on the feria of the Agonium of January the rex sacrorum offered the sacrifice of a ram to Janus. At the kalends of each month the rex sacrorum and the pontifex minor offered a sacrifice to Janus in the curia Calabra, while the regina offered a sow or a she lamb to Juno. Morning belonged to Janus: Horace calls him Matutine Pater , morning father. Janus was also involved in spatial transitions, presiding over home doors, city gates and boundaries.

Numerous toponyms of places located at the boundary between the territory of two communities, especially Etrurians and Latins or Umbrians, are named after the god. Janus would have originally regulated particularly the crossing of this sacred river through the pons sublicius. The rite of the bride's oiling the posts of the door of her new home with wolf fat at her arrival, though not mentioning Janus explicitly, is a rite of passage related to the ianua.

The rites of the Salii marked the springtime beginning of the war season in March and its closing in October. The structure of the patrician sodalitas , made up by the two groups of the Salii Palatini, who were consecrated to Mars and whose institution was traditionally ascribed to Numa with headquarter on the Palatine , and the Salii Collini or Agonales, consecrated to Quirinus and whose foundation was ascribed to Tullus Hostilius, with headquarter on the Quirinal reflects in its division the dialectic symbolic role they played in the rites of the opening and closing of the military season.

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It is noteworthy that the two groups of Salii did not split their competences so that one group only opened the way to war and the other to peace: Thus the Salii enacted the dialectic nature present in the warring and peaceful aspect of the Roman people, particularly the iuvenes. The rites of March started on the first with the ceremony of the ancilia movere , developed through the month on the 14th with Equirria in the Campus Martius and the rite of Mamurius Veturius marking the expulsion of the old year , the 17th with the Agonium Martiale , the 19th with the Quinquatrus in the Comitium which correspond symmetrically with the Armilustrium of 19 October , on the 23rd with the Tubilustrium and they terminated at the end of the month with the rite of the ancilia condere.

Only after this month-long set of rites was accomplished was it fas to undertake military campaigns. As the rites of the Salii mimic the passage from peace to war and back to peace by moving between the two poles of Mars and Quirinus in the monthly cycle of March, so they do in the ceremonies of October, the Equus October " October Horse " taking place on the Campus Martius [] the Armilustrium , purification of the arms, on the Aventine , [] and the Tubilustrium on the 23rd.

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Other correspondences may be found in the dates of the founding of the temples of Mars on 1 June and of that of Quirinus on 29 June, in the pre-Julian calendar the last day of the month, implying that the opening of the month belonged to Mars and the closing to Quirinus. The reciprocity of the two gods' situations is subsumed under the role of opener and closer played by Janus as Ovid states: In Augustan ideology this symbolic meaning was strongly emphasised. This rite was supposed to commemorate the expiation of the murder of his own sister by Marcus Horatius.

The rite was repeated every year on 1 October. Behind the tigillum , on opposite sides of the alley, stood the two altars of Janus Curiatius and Juno Sororia. Its location was on the vicus leading to the Carinae , perhaps at the point of the crossing of the pomerium.

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The rite took place on the kalends of October, the month marking the end of the yearly military activity in ancient Rome. Scholars have offered different interpretations of the meaning of Janus Curiatius and Juno Sororia. The association of the two gods with this rite is not immediately clear. It is however apparent that they exchanged their epithets, as Curiatius is connected to Juno Curitis and Sororia to Janus Geminus.

This fact would be testified by the epithet Sororium, shared by the tigillum and the goddess. Juno Curitis is also the protectress of the iuvenes , the young soldiers. Carna was a nymph of the sacred lucus of Helernus, made goddess of hinges by Janus with the name of Cardea , and had the power of protecting and purifying thresholds and the doorposts.

It was also customary for new brides to oil the posts of the door of their new homes with wolf fat. In the myth of Janus and Carna see section below Carna had the habit when pursued by a young man of asking him out of shyness for a hidden recess and thereupon fleeing: Thence the analogy with the rite of the Tigillum Sororium would be apparent: The purification is then the prerequisite for fertility. The custom of attaining lustration and fertility by passing under a gap in rocks, a hole in the soil or a hollow in a tree is widespread. Renard concludes that the rite is under the tutelage of both Janus and Juno, being a rite of transition under the patronage of Janus and of desacralisation and fertility under that of Juno: Janus is often associated with fecundity in myths, representing the masculine principle of motion, while Juno represents the complementary feminine principle of fertility: In discussing myths about Janus, one should be careful in distinguishing those which are ancient and originally Latin and those others which were later attributed to him by Greek mythographers.

The myth of Crane has been studied by M. Renard [] and G. Crane is a nymph of the sacred wood of Helernus , located at the issue of the Tiber, whose festival of 1 February corresponded with that of Juno Sospita: Her habit of deceiving her male pursuers by hiding in crags in the soil reveals her association not only with vegetation but also with rocks, caverns, and underpassages.

Dumezil has proved that Helernus was a god of vegetation, vegetative lushness and orchards, particularly associated with vetch. As Ovid writes in his Fasti , [] 1 June was the festival day of Carna, besides being the kalendary festival of the month of Juno and the festival of Juno Moneta. Ovid seems to purposefully conflate and identify Carna with Cardea in the aetiologic myth related above. Consequently, the association of both Janus and the god Helernus with Carna-Crane is highlighted in this myth: Cardea had also magic powers for protecting doorways by touching thresholds and posts with wet hawthorn twigs and newborn children by the aggression of the striges in the myth the young Proca.

Renard sees the association of Janus with Crane as reminiscent of widespread rites of lustration and fertility performed through ritual walking under low crags or holes in the soil or natural hollows in trees, which in turn are reflected in the lustrative rite of the Tigillum Sororium. Macrobius [] relates that Janus was supposed to have shared a kingdom with Camese in Latium , in a place then named Camesene.

He states that Hyginus recorded the tale on the authority of a Protarchus of Tralles. In Macrobius Camese is a male: However Greek authors make of Camese Janus's sister and spouse: Atheneus [] citing a certain Drakon of Corcyra writes that Janus fathered with his sister Camese a son named Aithex and a daughter named Olistene. Arnobius writes that Fontus was the son of Janus and Juturna. Plutarch [] writes that according to some Janus was a Greek from Perrhebia. When Romulus and his men kidnapped the Sabine women , Janus caused a volcanic hot spring to erupt, resulting in the would-be attackers being buried alive in the deathly hot, brutal water and ash mixture of the rushing hot volcanic springs that killed, burned, or disfigured many of Tatius's men.

This spring is called Lautolae by Varro. In honor of this, the doors of a walled roofless structure called 'The Janus' not a temple were kept open during war after a symbolic contingent of soldiers had marched through it. The doors were closed in ceremony when peace was concluded. In accord with his fundamental character of being the Beginner Janus was considered by Romans the first king of Latium, sometimes along with Camese.

Janus would have also effected the miracle of turning the waters of the spring at the foot of the Viminal from cold to scorching hot in order to fend off the assault of the Sabines of king Titus Tatius , come to avenge the kidnapping of their daughters by the Romans. His temple named Janus Geminus had to stand open in times of war. It was said to have been built by king Numa Pompilius , who kept it always shut during his reign as there were no wars. After him it was closed very few times, one after the end of the first Punic War, three times under Augustus and once by Nero. It is a noteworthy curiosity that the opening of the Janus was perhaps the last act connected to the ancient religion in Rome:

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