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The subject's general appearance to classify him as a group would be that he might be of Welsh ancestry. During shooting for a documentary on the case in the mid s, Foukes stated that "The individual I saw that night was a white male adult approximately 35 to 45 years of age, 5 feet 10 inches, to lbs. Since we were looking for a negro male adult, we proceeded on Jackson Street toward Arguello, continuing our search. As we arrived at Arguello Street , the description was changed to a white male adult. Believing that this suspect was possibly the one involved in the shooting, we entered the Presidio of San Francisco and conducted a search on West Pacific Avenue on the opposite side of the wall in the last direction we observed the suspect going.

Покупки по категориям

We did not find the suspect". An apocryphal passage in Robert Graysmith's book Zodiac has the officers going so far as to stop the man and ask him if he had seen anything strange in the past few minutes, but this conversation is not noted in any of the subsequent police reports. In no known interview does either Foukes or Zelms mention any exchange of words with the unidentified subject, and the story may have been based only on a forthcoming letter from the killer.

While dramatic, the Zodiac's account of the night's events cannot be confirmed, and may well be a prevarication. On the other hand, such an encounter and its repercussions would be a tremendous embarrassment to the SFPD on several levels, and if this incident did in fact occur then a concerted effort would certainly have been made to keep it under wraps. The bullet that killed Stine was mistyped at the scene as a. It was not, however, the same 9mm used for the Blue Rock Springs attack.

The latent impressions of thirty fingers, three palms, and one lower finger or palm were found in and on the cab. Certain other prints, none of such clarity, were actually left in blood, and "are also believed to be prints of the suspect," according to a San Francisco Police memo. Also recovered from the cab was a pair of men's leather gloves in a size 7 XXL , though it remains uncertain whether they were left by the killer. Two days later, the Chronicle received a letter from the Zodiac claiming responsibility for the murder.

The Serial Killer Thriller

The return address on the envelope was the crossed-circle design, and enclosed with the letter was a swatch of Paul Stine's bloody shirt. Three latent fingerprints were developed on the paper by the SFPD crime lab, but remain unmatched to any suspect. I am the same man who did in the people in the north bay area. Police could have caught me last night if they had searched the park properly instead of holding road races with their motorcicles seeing who could make the most noise. The car drivers should have just parked their cars and sat there quietly waiting for me to come out of cover.

School children make nice targets, I think I shall wipe out a school bus some morning. The Zodiac would send three swatches of the bloody fabric, but square inches of Paul Stine's shirt are still unaccounted for. Thus far, authorities had observed the Zodiac to follow a few vague patterns. He had always attacked after sundown on weekends, always attacked young couples in or near their cars, and always attacked in remote suburban areas near water.

If he could now break his pattern by shooting a lone year-old male in downtown San Francisco, they felt, then there was no reason why he couldn't follow through on his threat to "wipe out a school bus;" within days, Bay area bus drivers had received special instructions on how to react if fired upon. The school bus threat was one that the Zodiac would return to in different forms.

At the urging of the San Francisco Police, the Chronicle suppressed the threat for a week; on October 18, a police composite sketch based on the teenage witnesses' testimony was amended according to the descriptions given by the responding patrolmen at Cherry Street and was distributed with the full content of the letter. It was during this time that the Zodiac case began to garner exceptional press coverage, and tips to the killer's identity poured in from points as far as Houston , Atlanta , and St.

At the same time, homicide detectives along the West Coast began to consider the Bay Area killer as a suspect in their unsolved cases. Among these were L. The Zodiac's next mailing was sent to the Chronicle in early November in an envelope stamped with double the necessary postage and the instruction "Please Rush to Editor. This letter marked the first appearance of what appeared to be a body count, a number that rose steadily with each new mailing. No evidence of any kind, however, suggests that the Zodiac was responsible for any murders beyond the six commonly attributed to him. The Zodiac also sent a second swatch of Paul Stine's bloody shirt in November, but it is unclear whether it was enclosed with this letter or the one that followed it.

This is the Zodiac speaking I though you would need a good laugh before you get the bad news you won't get the news for a while yet PS could you print this new cipher on your frunt page? I get awfully lonely when I am ignored, so lonely I could do my Thing!!!!!! A few days later, he sent a longer letter that included a schematic drawing of a "death machine" that he claimed to have rigged and ready. It was designed to blow up buses. The Chronicle received both of these letters on Monday, November 10, , and passed them on to police after making copies for themselves.

A source at SFPD was "of opinion one or more latent prints may be developed" on this letter, but no finding was ever made public. This is the Zodiac speaking up to the end of Oct I have killed 7 people. I have grown rather angry with the police for their telling lies about me.

So I shall change the way the collecting of slaves. I shall no longer announce to anyone. The police shall never catch me, because I have been too clever for them. I shall not tell you what my descise consists of when I kill 2 As of yet I have left no fingerprints behind me contrary to what the police say in my killings I wear transparent fingertip guards.

So as you can see the police don't have much to work on. If you wonder why I was wipeing the cab down I was leaving fake clews for the police to run all over town with, as one might say, I gave the cops som bussy work to do to keep them happy. I enjoy needling the blue pigs. Hey blue pig I was in the park -- you were useing fire trucks to mask the sound of your cruzeing prowl cars. If you cops think I'm going to take on a bus the way I stated I was, you deserve to have holes in your heads. The death machine is all ready made. The nice part of it is all the parts can be bought on the open market with no questions asked.

What you do not know is whether the death machine is at the sight or whether it is being stored in my basement for future use. I think you do not have the manpower to stop this one by continually searching the road sides looking for this thing. Be shure to print the part I marked out on page 3 or I shall do my thing. To prove that I am the Zodiac, Ask the Vallejo cop about my electric gun sight which I used to start my collecting of slaves. No explanation was given for the marks along the Zodiac symbol's perimeter, but it was assumed that each one represented a murdered victim.

At this time, the Bates murder had not yet been linked to the Zodiac, and this has been seen as a suggestion that the Bay Area killer was not responsible for the murder in Riverside. Early in the evening of Sunday, March 22, , Kathleen Johns, 23, was driving with her infant daughter Jennifer on Highway in San Joaquin County, several miles west of Modesto, when a man in a light-colored American car started honking his horn and blinking his lights at her.

Driving alongside her car, he said that one of her wheels was wobbling and volunteered to fix it. He followed her as she pulled over at Bird Road , a turn-off just west of Interstate 5, then got out with a lug wrench and pretended to tighten the nuts on her right rear wheel. In fact, he removed them, and when Johns tried to drive off, the whole wheel spun loose. Again, the man offered help, this time in the form of a ride to a nearby service station. She accepted, and they continued in the man's car westward on until he pulled into a Richfield station at Chrisman Road.

It was closed, and there followed an hour and a half or more of silent and apparently aimless driving through the city of Tracy and its rural environs. As they passed occasional other service stations, she asked a few times "What's wrong with this station," or "Why can't we go in that station," to which he replied that it was not the right one. A police report states, "she said she was very scared of this man, did want to get out, but did not tell him to stop the vehicle or let her out". Johns soon realized that the stranger wasn't taking her to any service station, and asked him if he always went around helping people like this.

The man responded, "By the time I get through with them, they won't need my help". Finally, he stopped the car short at a stop sign, and Johns took the opportunity to escape. She held her baby tightly and jumped from the car, running across a nearby field and up an embankment where she hid in the shadows.

The man turned his headlights off, moved his car a few feet, and waited silently without leaving the car. After about five minutes, he turned his lights back on and drove away. Johns was soon picked up by a passing Samaritan. When she made it to the local police station in Patterson, Ms Johns recognized the man who had sabotaged her wheel as the man in the composite sketch of the Zodiac, which appeared in a Wanted poster that hung prominently in the office.

The desk sergeant, perhaps terrified at the prospect of a confrontation with a villain on the level of Dr. Octopus or the Joker, had Johns wait alone in a nearby cafe for several hours until her car could be returned. The sergeant broadcast the car's last known location, and a Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputy found it thoroughly burned and still smoldering -- the abductor had returned to the car and set it on fire, destroying everything inside.

Some sources report that Johns' car was moved to another location before being torched. However, the car's hubcap was found nearby, meaning that if the car had been moved then the man responsible had gone to the unlikely trouble of bringing it with him, if not reattaching the hubcap, driving to the new location, removing the hubcap again, and discarding it before igniting the car. Given that the police reports make no mention of any trouble finding the car near the Interstate intersection, it seems safe to assume that the car was never moved.

Johns' accounts of the night's events have varied over the years, and differ from interview to interview. The most dramatic version, and the most familiar, is the one recounted in a San Francisco Chronicle article by Paul Avery that appeared eight months after the incident, 3 which has the man overtly threatening both the woman and her baby, and getting out of his car with a flashlight after her escape.

It should be remembered that Ms. Johns told two seperate police officers shortly after her abduction that the man simply closed the car door and drove away. In the late s, after identifying two different and dissimilar men as her abductor, Johns admitted that she couldn't even remember if she had been legally married at the time, and that her memory could not be trusted to make a case against any particular suspect. The abduction attempt near Modesto was the last time anyone knowingly saw the Zodiac in person.

His letter-writing campaign, however, was to continue for some time. The next mailing was sent to the Chronicle on April 20th, and included a short code and the plans for a modified bus bomb. This is the Zodiac Speaking By the way have you cracked the last cipher I sent you? My name is I am mildly cerous as to how much money you have on my head now. I hope you do not think that I was the one who wiped out that blue meannie with a bomb at the cop station. Even though I talked about killing school children with one.

It just wouldn't doo to move in on someone else's teritory. But there is more glory in killing a cop than a cid because a cop can shoot back. I have killed ten people to date. It would have been a lot more except that my bus bomb was a dud. I was swamped out by the rain we had a while back. Although the word "cerous" in this letter is routinely corrected as a misspelling of "curious," it is in fact an English word defined by Webster as "Of, relating to, or containing cerium. The phrase "blue meanie" is almost certainly a reference to the uniformed ogres in The Beatles' animated film, The Yellow Submarine , which was released in ; it soon gained popularity as a counter-culture euphemism for police.

The latest bus threat went unreported until later that month, when a note arrived at the Chronicle demanding its publication. Postmarked 28 April , the note was written on a "Jolly Roger" brand greeting card featuring a cartoon prospector riding a dragon and the pun "Sorry to hear your ass is a dragon. If you don't want me to have this blast you must do two things. Every one else has these buttons like, [peace symbol], black power, Melvin eats bluber, etc. Well it would cheer me up considerably if I saw a lot of people wearing my buton.

Please no nasty ones like Melvin's. An unspecified number of latent fingerprints were developed on this card and its envelope by San Francisco Police evidence technicians shortly after its receipt.

This is what the green Atlanta police uniforms mean

One SFPD Inspector noted that, while the envelope prints could have been left by a mail carrier, the prints on the card itself were probably those of the Zodiac 1. The slogan "Melvin eats bluber" may have its roots in an old novelty button favored by at least one college English professor that read "Melville Eats Blubber. The next letter was sent to the Chronicle on June It contained another code and a Phillips 66 road map of the Bay Area, which was annotated with a stylized clock face drawn on the summit of Mount Diablo.

The design was basically the Zodiac's crossed-circle with a zero at the top, a numeral three on the right side, a six at the bottom, and a nine on the left. According to the annotation, the zero " is to be set to Mag. I have become very angry with the people of the San Fran Bay Area. They have not complied with my wishes for them to wear some nice [crossed-circle] buttons. I promiced to punish them if they did not comply, by anilating a full School Buss.

But now school is out for the summer, so I punished them in another way. I shot a man sitting in a parked car with a. The Map coupled with this code will tell you where the bomb is set. You have untill next Fall to dig it up. The only Bay Area shooting in recent memory that had been committed with a. A witness to the murder identified ex-convict Joseph Wesley Johnson, a black man who bore no resemblance to any description of the Zodiac, as the shooter, and SFPD officials were adamant that the letter's claim was false.

Most investigators agree that the Zodiac was capitalizing on Radetich's murder and wrote the letter without the knowledge that police had already identified a suspect. A short note that seemed to confirm Kathleen Johns' claim was sent to the Chronicle on July 24, Although several Bay Area newspapers had reported on Johns' abduction, only the relatively small Modesto Bee included the detail that her car had been burned, and many cite this as evidence that it truly was the Zodiac that Ms.

Its postscript refers back to the June letter and its unsolved character cipher. I am rather unhappy because you people will not wear some nice [crossed-circle] buttons. As someday it may happen that a victom must be found. I've got a little list. I've got a little list, of society offenders who might well be underground who would never be missed who would never be missed. There is the pestulentual nucences who whrite for autographs, all people who have flabby hands and irritating laughs.

All children who are up in dates and implore you with im platt. All people who are shaking hands shake hands like that. And all third persons who with unspoiling take thos who insist. They'd none of them be missed. There's the banjo seranader and the others of his race and the piano orginast I got him on the list. All people who eat pepermint and phomphit in your face, they would never be missed.

They would never be missed And the Idiout who phraises with inthusiastic tone of centuries but this and every country but his own. And the lady from the provences who dress like a guy who doesn't cry and the singurly abnomily the girl who never kissed. I don't think she would be missed Im shure she wouldn't be missed. And that nice impriest that is rather rife the judicial hummerist I've got him on the list All funny fellows, commic men and clowns of private life. And uncompromising kind such as wachamacallit, thingmebob, and like wise, well-nevermind, and tut tut tut tut, and whatshisname, and you know who, but the task of filling up the blanks I rather leave up to you.

But it really doesn't matter whom you place upon the list, for none of them be missed, none of them be missed. A radian is a specific angular measurement based on the transcendental number pi. It is equal to a circle or degrees divided by 2pi or 6. The resulting degree, whose legs are equal in length to the length of the arc they form, is equal to Two days later, exactly one month after the Mount Diablo letter, the Zodiac sent his thirteenth mailing, devoted to the tortures that his slaves would undergo in the afterlife. The penultimate sentence is another corruption of The Mikado.

Being that you will not wear some nice [crossed-circle] buttons, how about wearing some nasty [crossed-circle] buttons. Or any kind of [crossed-circle] buttons you can think up. If you do not wear any type of [crossed-circle] buttons, I shall on top of everything else torture all 13 of my slaves that I have waiting for me in Paradice. Yes I shall have great fun in flicting the most delicious of pain to my slaves.

After a few months' silence, October brought two more cards from the Zodiac. One, a postcard with a collage on its face and 13 holes punched through it, was postmarked on October 5, In words and letters cut from magazines and newspapers it was addressed simply to " San Francisco Chronicle, S. Dear Editor, You'll hate me, but I've got to tell you. The pace isn't any slower! In fact it's just one big thirteenth 13 "Some of them fought it was horrible" P. There are reports city police pig cops are closeing in on me.

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Fk I'm crackproof, What is the price tag now? Though originally dismissed as a hoax, certain phrases from this card are repeated in later confirmed Zodiac letters, particularly the word "crackproof," which would appear in a letter to the Los Angeles Times five months later. The juxtaposition of the letters "FK" also repeat in the Zodiac literature, frequently in the two long ciphers and in the hieroglyph that closes the "Exorcist" letter of Literary analysis notwithstanding, the card was soon judged to be genuine because it announced a body count of 13 -- the number given in the Zodiac's last letter, which had not been made public.

The other mailing, sent October 27, was a customized Halloween greeting card, and it was addressed personally to Paul Avery at the Chronicle , though his name was misspelled on the envelope as "Averly. The card to Avery was widely considered a threat on his life, and the Chronicle ran a front page story about it on October Among the mail that this generated was an anonymous letter from Riverside urging Avery to investigate a link with the still-unsolved Bates murder.

Please forward the contents of this letter to the detective in charge of "The Zodiac Murder Case. As for myself, I wish to remain anonymous and I know that you will understand why! A few years ago in Riverside , California , a young girl was murdered, just about, I believe, on "Halloween" evening! I could write a much longer letter, citing the similarities between Zodiac's case and this murder, which occurred in Riverside but if the police department cannot see said comparative similarities between these two cases, then I will take a "slow boat to China," even if these two crimes were committed by two different people!

I think, after all the facts are studied, regarding both of these cases, if police have not already investigated these possibilities and are not already aware of the "Riverside case," then, even so perhaps they should look into it Letters to newspapers, "similar erratic printing" find out about these two different cases Give Captain Cross a call on the phone, he knows that "I do not quit.

Avery, I will give you a call in the near future, please look into the case, the Riverside police have a wealth of information, so does San Francisco, let us hope that they are not too proud to work together, and if they already are, let us hope that there has been an exchange of information After locating a year-old letter from the Riverside Chief of Police to a Napa County detective that had similarly linked the Bates murder with the Zodiac, Avery visited the Riverside police and reviewed their evidence. Intrigued by the letters sent to the police and press, not to mention what appeared to be a "Z" used as a signature in some, he instigated a meeting between their detectives and detectives from Solano, Napa , and San Francisco counties, who compared notes on the Bates murder and each of the known Zodiac attacks up to that point.

Authorities from Northern California , particularly SFPD Inspector Bill Armstrong, felt that there was a link between the Bates murder and the Zodiac crimes, and that they were most likely committed by the same man.

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State handwriting analyst Sherwood Morrill checked the writing on the desk and envelopes against the killer's letters to the Chronicle and found that they were "unquestionably the work of Zodiac". Irvin Cross, were less certain and "reaffirmed [their] skepticism", 2 probably because they had not released the full details of the crime to their counterparts upstate -- the number of stab wounds received by Bates, strongly suggesting what is known as a "rage killing," was not announced publicly until May of The Riverside story broke on November 16, , when Avery's article was printed in the Chronicle.

The official position of the Riverside Police Department and most independent investigators as of is that Cheri Jo Bates was not a Zodiac victim. RPD maintains a local man as their suspect, and considers the Zodiac murders entirely unrelated, though they do concede the possibility that the Bay Area killer authored one or more of the letters sent in southern California. The next letter came after an uncharacteristically long five-month silence. Posted on March 22, , with two upside-down 6-cent stamps, it was the only letter the Zodiac ever sent to the Los Angeles Times , and it was the first to be sent from outside San Francisco: This is the Zodiac speaking Like I have allways said, I am crack proof.

I do have to give them credit for stumbling across my riverside activity, but they are only finding the easy ones, there are a hell of a lot more down there. The reason I'm writing to the Times is this, They don't bury me on the back pages like some of the others. In an interview with researcher Mike Butterfield, an RPD detective stated that there is a suspicion within his department that the author of the anonymous letter to Paul Avery linking the Zodiac to Riverside might also have counterfeited this letter.

A week later, the Zodiac sent another postcard, though an agent of the US Postal Service recognized and intercepted it before it was delivered. The intended recipient was unclear: Examiner ," and " San Francisco Chronicle " clipped from the respective newspapers. A hole was punched through the upper left corner in lieu of a return address, above which the author had written the word " Zodiac.

The entire perimeter of the card had been notched by a hole-punch. The same picture had appeared in the Chronicle three days earlier in an advertisement for the complex, known as Forest Pines. While the handwriting on this postcard is similar to that on confirmed Zodiac letters, it is not unmistakably the same, and the possibility exists that it is a forgery. The use of the hole-punch and the misspelling of Paul Avery's name, however, are both traits of confirmed Zodiac cards and letters.

If this card was indeed genuine, it marked the last communication from the Zodiac for almost three years. The Zodiac resurfaced in , when he wrote a series of letters to the Chronicle over a period of six months and with postmarks from around the Bay Area. Though ultimately identified through analysis of the envelopes and handwriting, these four letters were different from the others in that the author had abandoned his usual salutation "This is the Zodiac speaking" and signature the crossed-circle design.

The first was sent on January 29 from San Mateo or Santa Clara , just south of San Francisco , and referred to the recently released movie The Exorcist as "the best saterical comidy that I have ever seen. I saw and think "The Exorcist" was the best saterical comidy that I have ever seen. He plunged himself into the billowy wave and an echo arose from the suicide's grave titwillo titwillo titwillo PS. If I do not see this note in your paper, I will do something nasty, which you know I'm capable of doing. Probably from the same packet, the killer also stuck two short paragraphs about the stamps and their packaging: This book contains 25 -- 8-cent stamps -- four on this pane and seven each on three additional panes.

The next letter arrived at the Chronicle on February 14, , seven days after the Symbionese Liberation Army had kidnapped Patty Hearst. It was transcribed by the Chronicle in August Though its postmark is unclear in published photographs, an FBI report states that it was sent from San Rafael. The terms "Old Norse" and "Old Icelandic" refer to the same tongue, but there is debate among scholars over which is more appropriate. Some use the former in respect to the language's Norwegian origins, but most use the latter because most of the surviving texts were written in Iceland.

Gareth Penn, a former student of medieval literature and historical linguistics, points out that the Nordic "sla" in fact means "to strike," and goes on to list the English language dictionaries which name it as a cognate of the English "slay" without giving its original definition, and with Norse rather than Icelandic named as the original tongue: For their part, the FBI seems less than certain that this letter was written by the Zodiac.

Three months later, on May 8, a postcard was sent to the Chronicle from Fremont , about 25 miles southeast of San Francisco , across the Bay. The final letter was postmarked in San Rafael on July 8, The return address on the envelope was simply "RP. Editor-- Put Marco back in the, hell-hole from whence it came -- he has a serious psychological disorder -- always needs to feel superior. I suggest you refer him to a shrink. Meanwhile, cancel the Count Marco column. David Toschi advised the FBI confidentially that he had doubts as to their authenticity.

The Laboratory went on to state that "similarities were noted which would indicate that [these letters] were probably prepared by the writer of the Zodiac letters". Although this letter was initially thought to be genuine, and though some continue to believe that it was in fact the killer's final message to the citizens of the Bay Area, the modern consensus among law enforcement agents and most researchers is that the letter was a counterfeit.

The handwriting on the envelope was recognized by a copyperson at the newspaper, and the letter made its way almost immediately to journalist Duffy Jennings. After immediately preserving his scoop with photographs of both the letter and its envelope, Jennings phoned Inspector David Toschi, the only detective working San Francisco 's end of the Zodiac case. Toschi was out serving subpoenas, so Jennings hand-delivered the originals to the Hall of Justice where they were routed instead to Deputy Chief of Police Clem DeAmicis. Dear Editor This is the Zodiac speaking I am back with you.

Tell herb caen I am here, I have always been here. That city pig toschi is good but I am bu [crossed out] smarter and better he will get tired then leave me alone. I am waiting for a good movie about me. Who will play me. I am now in control of all things. When Toschi arrived back at headquarters, he was summoned directly to DeAmicis' office where the two men conferred and Toschi was granted custody of the letter. It is unclear why Toschi called Shimoda rather than the current chief of the state's questioned documents section, Robert Prouty.

In any case, Shimoda confirmed it as the Zodiac's handiwork, and Toschi delivered the letter to a fingerprint expert at the SFPD crime lab, who found no trace of prints or any other useful evidence on the single page or its envelope. Australia's First Serial Killer Mary Ann Cotton - Dark Angel: Britain's First Female Serial Killer Women Serial and Mass Murderers: Caught in the Act: Unlocking the Mystery of the Texarkana Serial Murders: The Story of a Town in Terror Edge of Evil - The story of a serial killer 6.

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