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Soon Harry's making some very dangerous connections, starting with a dead cop and leading to a bloody string of murders that wind from Hollywood Boulevard to the back alleys south of the border. Now this battle-scarred veteran will find himself in the center of a complex and deadly game-one in which he may be the next and likeliest victim. Homebody by Joanna Gaines , Hardcover 2.

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Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones Set: Martin Paperback, When he arrives at the scene and realizes the corpse is a missing narcotics officer he begins to understand. He starts his own investigation which leads him to several bloody murders on both sides of the border.

So he decides he has to go to Mexicali to get answers. Connelly crafts a fast and furious suspense-filled thriller. I was in a delighted state of confusion trying to figure out the clues as fast as Harry — and we both arrived at the conclusion at about the same point thought Harry was still ahead of me. And I want to continue reading the series to get to know him better. Dick Hill does a great job of narrating the audio version. His pacing is good and he modulates his voice sufficiently to differentiate the many male characters.

Another very good mystery. I'd like them better if Harry wasn't such a morbid person. He never seems to smile. He doesn't have a lot to smile about in this one. In fact, I disagreed with a couple of his decisions in this story. I really wish he'd come up with a Another very good mystery. I really wish he'd come up with a better solution than view spoiler [ calling the paper after the M. He didn't even spend much time thinking, just called.

And then there was the end. I didn't see it coming at all. Connelly certainly does a good job, though. I'll be reading more of his books in the order he wrote them, including other characters. To that end, I put together a list of all the books in the proper order in the review of the first book of the series here: View all 4 comments. I've been watching and enjoying the show on Amazon but had never read any of the books. Tortured by personal problems, haunted by memories and regrets - Harry Bosch is the type of driven, ends-justify-the-means police detective I've come to expect in the genre.

But Connelly does it well and I'm sure I'll be reading more in this series. For his second installment, Bosch doubles-down by attempting to solve the attempted murders of two cops, irritating two supervisors, working in two different countries and, yes, sleeping with two women not at the same time! Regrettably, the fun quotient is not doubled as well. But not too many 'surprises,' or twisty endings, but then, is that what I expect from a book like this?

He deals with dead bodies - several - and some of them cops.

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He deals with drug-smuggling and bugs, makes friends with a Mexican detective, and lots of people who are NOT who they seem to be. There's also bull-fights and a guy named Zorillo, wh Serviceable enough book. There's also bull-fights and a guy named Zorillo, who you do NOT want to mess with. I also had to remember this book was new in , and yes, I always try to put myself in the time period a book is set IF I was alive then. I'll also try to imagine what it was like in, say, , or if a book is set then, too, but it's harder to do. We're just on the edge of laptops, the internet, and me getting ready to explain to all my friends just exactly what AOL is.

But I can place myself there, no problem, and I can readily accept Harry as a real, down-and-dirty, gritty, but refined when he wants to be guy. He doesn't play by the rules, is constantly in trouble with his superiors and that's a trope we're all used to.

Hielo negro

Sorry for all the caps. I liked this book; I felt it was good. I'll read more by Mr. But only three stars, a fair average rating. Mar 02, J. Not one of my favorite Bosch's. Admittedly, I have read these out of sequence but generally enjoy the Bosch escapades. However, this one was a chore. It seemed tenuous and dragged on.

Another corpse shows up and perplexes the pathologist. Then there's a radioactively sterilized fruit fly, and the one that got away. A Mexican drug cartel and a raging bull just to add to the mix. All in all, this was a tough one to get through and see Not one of my favorite Bosch's. All in all, this was a tough one to get through and see al the links connect one thing to another. Had this one figured out way too soon, and didn't give enough of a crap about any of the characters to be really engaged after that.

I wish there were more of those. Seems like old school Mr. Connelly used to be His treatment of female characters leaves a LOT to be desired. I hope it improves the furth Meh. I hope it improves the further forward I get with this series.

The crime, if it is one, is puzzling. Did narcotics officer Calexico Moore commit suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun? Harry Bosch gets this case along with another one, seemingly unrelated at first. It involves a dead body found by a dumpster identified only as Juan Doe Moore left a wife and Bosch often reflects how beautiful she is.

Once he is south of the border, Bosch gets involved in various activities with Mexican police authorities, even taking time to see a bull fight. This kind of plot movement is a bit unusual for author Michael Connelly and seems to dilute the momentum of the story.

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The most redeeming feature of this book is the surprise ending. The second Harry Bosch novel. I'm trying to read them in order, at least the early ones. Plot and storyline were pretty good. I thought the Calexico and Mexicali portion was pretty engaging. The only thing I really felt was a bit overreaching, was Harry's rebel attitude.

This is a detective novel.

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It's book 2 of the Harry Bosch series. It's pages, rated 4. The book seems to be well constructed, but I just could not get interested in this book. The story revolves around a new drug, whose recipe is stolen and produced in Mexico. It does have some interesting history on Mexicali. However, The goals never seem that important or interesting. The mystery is just kind of blah to me. Or, maybe I'm just tired of reading books like this o This is a detective novel. Or, maybe I'm just tired of reading books like this one. It's an OK book, but the ending made me like it again as with the one before.

There is no surprise that we are taken through some tunnels again and that there is a love connection in this one too. I would prefer a bit more humour but it isn't bad as it is. Again the detective's name doesn't help as I always picture Harry Hole for an obvious reason. La prima parte un po' statica e poco coinvolgente, poi migliora.

Due bei colpi di scena finali, che valgono tutto il libro. Police procedural crime solving mystery with a happy ending. It kept my interest. This is the second book in the Harry Bosch series. Bosch is a Los Angeles Homicide detective — very smart at his job. He always solves the mystery and finds the killer. His biggest problem is his superiors. His immediate boss, former bosses, internal affairs, and others whom he has to work with never seem to like him and cause problems. In this story a f Police procedural crime solving mystery with a happy ending.

In this story a fellow homicide detective Moore is found dead in a hotel room — an apparent suicide. Harry was on call that night and at the scene, but his superiors tell him not to investigate, they will handle it. Another detective Porter is quitting the force. As a result, Harry discovers that Moore was murdered not a suicide , and that there are links to two other murders. This was better than the 1st book, but not as good as other books.

The first book had too many unlikeable characters. This was a little better in that regard. Bosch is slowly uncovering clues.

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I prefer a little more relationship development or interesting characters to pull me in. This book is missing those, but it was a good story.

Many interesting things happen. The plot and events were well done. The ending is happy for those I am pulling for. When Bosch did an illegal break-and-enter to investigate, I liked what he did so that the evidence would stay where it was until he could legally enter later with a warrant. He did some other impressive things as well. The narrator Dick Hill was excellent. TW and KM read in a wooden monotone voice. Dick Hill reads with feeling, pauses, interest, and curiosity. Number of sex scenes: The good guys win. I'm starting to draw my picture of the man but still have a long way to go.

To me he seems lonely. After all begins as Harry spends Christmas alone. There's no hesitation when a body calls him out from his Xmas dinner. Also, he is eager to make connection with the women he meets, two in this novel. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Aunque este parece ser el primero de la serie,he leido unos cuantos antes de el. El detective Harry Bosh tiene muchos defectos y traumas no me gusta su forma de comportarse a veces, pero es un magnifico detective y sobre todo ama la justicia,de ahi que me caiga bien.

No creo sea el mejor libro de la serie,pero si atrapa al lector y esta bien escrito. Da giros y no deja cabos sueltos, nos da a conocer mucho sobre la guerra de Vietnam y los tuneles. Tiene la traduccion a la espanola con todas su tipico vocabulario. No se por que no traducen con un espanol neutro,es horrible ver a un personaje americano y en su tierra hablar como un espanol,las editoriales deben tener eso en cuenta,este es un libro de hace anos,pero sigue sucediendo en los actuales de muchos autores. Por favor, eso merma la calidad del producto y dana la obra del escritor.

Me ha gustado,lo recomiendo.