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Kazunomiya is outraged that Yoshi's true love is a girl of such low social status. Plans escalate toward the marriage of Kazunomiya to the new shogun. Decisions are being made without her consent: Perhaps it is the spark of the Fire Horse. With the help of the women of the court, Kazunomiya has a secret teeth blackening ceremony on a day chosen by her mother. It is a memorable time with special gifts, and it is done according to tradition and not in compliance with the power hungry Empress Mother's agenda.

Kazunomiya ends her diary temporarily as she waits for new part of her life to begin. I keep in my heart my secret love for Arisugawa.


But now on the eve of my wedding I prepare to go…to the capital city of Edo, where my friend, Yoshi, waits for me. Discussion Guide written by Richard F. List Name Delete from selected List. Save Create a List. The Teacher Store Cart. Do you think that is a good name for her? Why or why not? Kazunomiya was born in the year of Fire Horse. Why does she write that this is bad? Does she have Fire Horse in her? Why was the person chosen for Kazunomiya to marry changed to another groom?

Tell the story of the mirror and the rose. What is its connection to Kazunomiya and her life? Kazunomiya's opinion of people changes from her first impression of them. For example, she first thinks Yoshi is dull. What makes her change her mind? Also, she has a low opinion of the eta, Yukiko, whom Yoshi loves. Why does she change her opinion of Yukiko? Recall an instance when your first impression of someone or something changed. Student Activities One of Princess Kazunomiya's tasks is to learn to play the koto , a stringed musical instrument.

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Find out what this ancient Japanese instrument looks and sounds like. The Japanese celebrate many festivals. Learn about these celebrations.

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  • How did Kazunomiya and her family celebrate these holidays? How are they celebrated today? Look at some of the poems Kazunomiya wrote. Try writing your own waka poetry.

    Share your poems with members of your Discussion Group. This lesson outlines the historical development of the United States' corrections system and explains its impact on modern concepts. More offenders are sentenced to probation and parole than are sentenced to incarceration. This lesson explains the history and purpose of probation and parole, including the difference between the two. Today's prisons bear little resemblance to those of years past. This lesson outlines the historical development of United States' prisons and explains the main characteristics and purposes of American prisons.

    Jails are one means of incarceration used in the U. This lesson explains the role of jails, the difference between jails and prisons, and some challenges jail administrators face. There are many different types of correctional facilities. Prisons and other facilities are operated at various levels of security, ranging from minimum to maximum.

    This lesson explains the custody and security in various types of correctional facilities. Prison inmates often develop prison subcultures consisting of a shared system of customs and beliefs. This lesson explains prison subcultures and explores possible theories for how and why those subcultures develop. This lesson discusses BJS data regarding the characteristics of prison inmate populations, including age, gender and race.

    In the United States, most prison inmates are male. For that reason, there are more men's prisons than women's prisons and more services geared toward male inmates. This lesson explains the main differences between men's and women's prisons. A prison riot is organized and combined defiance or disorder by a group of prisoners.

    Riots are usually meant to force a change in the prison or express some sort of grievance. This lesson explains the causes and stages of prison riots.

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    Prisoners have certain legal rights and privileges guaranteed by the U. Federal and state laws govern prisoners' rights. This lesson explains basic prisoners' rights, including major court cases and federal legislation. There are several problems, issues, and trends facing prisons today. This lesson addresses three major prison matters: Did you know… We have over college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1, colleges and universities.

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    Heaven's Prisoners Summary & Study Guide

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