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One aspect I really disliked was how ugly the women were to one another. Eventually, all roads lead back to England and we are left with the knowledge that trouble has come to Arborage. Luna and Stefan are back at Arborage. Stefan has put on the mantle of Marquess of Lionbridge while Luna helps to manage the estate, this time by his side. It is rather similar to book one with Jagger slowly building back up the suspense and intrigue though the villain s are ridiculous and the feeling of falling down the rabbit hole is strong.

She becomes the one thing she despises-a manipulator. Dramatic scenes and seemingly coded dialogue help to amp up the anticipation until you realize Jagger is doing nothing more than adding filler to plump up the thin storyline. The romance and sex are tetchy between Stefan and Luna though the erotic elements are strongest in here. Any connection between them is now forever lost to me and the chemistry feels forced and ill-fitting. The ending is an overly dramatic fait accompli that read like a scene from the Godfather.

Lord and Master proved to be a disappointment as I got further into the story with its general lack of cohesion and the slow deterioration of the main characters and plotlines.

Lord and Master

Luna was working as a personal assistant to the Marchioness of Lionsbridge. In addition to being her boos, Luna felt she was a mentor also. Stefan is a distant relation to the Marchioness but is also is third in line to inherit the estate. The Marchioness assigned Luna to work with Stefan for a week or so that he is in town.

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Luna has met Stefan years ago when they were a lot younger and she tries to keep that from him. But they still end up becoming more than just working together But things go completely wrong with Luna feels she has been betrayed by her Mentor and Stefan. Will Stefan be able to win her back? Apr 13, Kathleen R. Lord And Master Trilogy Author: Kait Jagger 4 unexpected stars Alright, i have to come out and say it - i honestly thought i was going to read a historical romance.

How bad is that?!!? Then i was surprised to find out that there wasn't anything remotely historical about this novel except for the history behind the names of the characters and their family history. Which was a good surprise. I can't complain about that one single bit, that's for sure. It's the first novels that I've read by Title: It's the first novels that I've read by Kait Jagger, having had the chance to read all three books in her Lord And Master trilogy, and i do have to say that it was captivating. The story about a quiet, shy and almost innocent woman Luna and the entrepreneur, dominant and confidant man Stefan was the kind of story that i had to read at least once.

To know and to experience how the author writes and how they bring their story to life. Full of suspense, drama and sexual chemistry that kept my attention until the last page. There were so many elements that i hadn't expected - some history about the families, the way that they meet and their personalities.

I'm sure i'll be looking forward to reading more from Kait Jagger in the future, to find out what else she has in store and mostly, to see how she'll bring her characters to life and make their lives as hard as possible, but the outcome as satisfying as can be. However, the whole trilogy was intriguing and captivating from the very beginning to the very end. In the first book Lord and Master we get to meet Luna Gregory, she is a twenty-six year old PA who has successfully worked for the Marchioness of Lionsbridge for some time now.

She is the best at what she does and doesn't have a problem getting what she wants. Although her job is very demanding, she still manages to catch up with her girlfriends and go on rides on her motorcycle. It is her understanding and reserved personality that has made her very likable among her coworkers and locals. Yet, she wasn't expecting to meet sexy entrepreneur Stefan Lundgren at the Marchioness' house.

Their chemistry is instantaneous from the second they met, but now they have to work together and things are about to change for the both of them. The first book pretty much sets the setting of the book and the problems that the two characters are going to face, it does end in a big shocker which had me reading the next book, Her Master's Servant, right away.

Though we see how the characters struggle to be apart in the second book, we also get to know more about Stefan's family as well. As a Swedish entrepreneur Stefan Lundgren is in third in line to inherit the state, and although he may inherit a title someday, he still manages to keep up with his company. He has traveled around the world and could pretty much get any women he wants, but Luna has proven to be someone he can't seem to forget.

Her passion for her job has completely captivated him, but there are problems that not even he could fix. Now he has to find a way to get Luna back before it's too late. In the last book, The Marchioness , the characters are put to the test when they have to face their previous problems and their pasts. There is a lot of character development throughout the trilogy, in the end we finally get to see Luna more courageous than ever.

The author did a good job describing the story in detail. I loved reading their romantic scenes as well as the interactions that they have with friends and family. It really made the book that much more enjoyable to read. We get to really see when and why things happened to the characters to make them who they are today. For some reason I though this book was going to be more about their sexual chemistry and control over one another, but it's so much more than that. I would highly recommend reading this book, you will not regret it.

I will most certainly be reading more from the author in the future. Mar 21, The Book Junkie Reads. What you think you may learn about Luna and Stefan only touched the surfaces of what was being spoken about. There was a depth her that would take you on a journey. This was a modern-day romance with erotic intrigue and hidden suspense. There was much her that would draw you in and keep you there. The first read of Lord and Master gave you much details about the characters involved and those surrounding the story between Luna a Erotic temptation.

The first read of Lord and Master gave you much details about the characters involved and those surrounding the story between Luna and Stefan. There was family drama, intrigue, secrets, deceit, and misdeeds. There are lines that needed to be followed to see the whole picture. There was some major depth in this first story. The world she thought she was beginning to understand and become a part of turned on her. Her life now has no direction.

Luna gained strength and self-worth and determination thought all she had been through.

Lord and Master Becoming the King of Asgard

She shows she was no longer a push over. Stefan learns a valuable lesson also. The Marchioness has Luna taking her place and accepting her future while at the same time coming to turns with her past. We find that the family drama, secrets, betrayal, jealousy are nothing compared to the latest enemy that wants what Stefan and Luna now possess.

Putting this series together makes for a read that will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you biting your nails to turn the pages. This was filled with family drama, burning passion, lust, emotions, intrigue, betrayal, danger and so much more. The series stand strong and allows for you to grow with each new success of the couple. You can feel the battles and celebrate the successes of the couple, the family, the changing of the guard so to speak.

This was a read you will not forget anytime soon. Mar 23, Nadine Bookaholic rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have loved every minute of this trilogy. Check out the blog tour with giveaway now posted on my blog: In the first book, Lord and Master, we are introduced to Luna and Stefan. Luna was a breath of fresh air, strong willed and strong minded, not a combination you see often in erotic romance books.

And Stefan likes her just the way she is which is wonderful because there are times I had thought he was just going to start to issue demands and expect her to ad I have loved every minute of this trilogy. And Stefan likes her just the way she is which is wonderful because there are times I had thought he was just going to start to issue demands and expect her to adhere to them otherwise he was out of there In the Second Book, Her Master's Servant, I have to say that I loved Luna and Stefan together but when he betrayed her by keeping a very big secret I was disappointed with him, that being said I'm happy to say that he redeemed himself in this book.

So much so that I was pulling for him and hoping that Luna stuck it out and gave him a second chance. Now with all the drama in the first book you just know that things aren't going to be easy for them in this book, and it definitely wasn't. In the third and final book of the trilogy,The Marchioness, Luna and Stefan have to deal with lies and deception from a not so unlikely source. But the big question during is will Luna and Stefan make it to the alter?

The wedding planner has dubbed her The Runaway Bride I found that a little unfair since she wasn't running away Luna was just having a hard time setting a date , All of your questions about Luna and Stefan get answered, I especially loved the epilogue which was from Stefan's point of view - he made sure you knew the exactly what he thought of Luna just in case you had any questions.

While I'm sad that Luna and Stefan's story has come to a close, I cannot wait to see what Kait Jagger has in store for us next Mar 19, Katie rated it it was amazing. I had been looking for a good trilogy for a while and I love it when you can just go straight from book to book so when I read the synopsis for this book I was really looking forward to reading it.

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Overall I really enjoyed the three books. The build-up in the first book was good, Lord and Master: One of my favourite genres is historical romance and whilst this was not historical I liked where the story was set. The author did a fabulous job with the descriptive parts of the story; I could totally imagine Arborage Estate and what everything looked like. Lord and Master I would probably give this book 4. It started really well; the story about Luna was intriguing.

We got to see into her childhood and the things that happened to her. I really liked her, she was independent and head strong. There were a few twists and turns and the pace was good for the first book in a trilogy. He was certainly swoon-worthy!

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We pick up with Luna after she has left Stefan and she escapes to Scotland. The pace of the story was still good and it led nicely into the third book where you could tell something was going to happen! The Marchioness This was definitely a 5 star books for me! It was my favourite out of the three books! There was a lot more action in this story! More Luna and more Stefan — what more could you ask for!!

The descriptive writing continued to be just as good in this book! I have to give this trilogy 4. Jan 21, Emma bramley rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have read the first book previously but is was some time ago. It is fab having them all together in one set. This is a fantastic story which will take you on a journey of many ups and downs and lots of twist and turns.

Each of the books carry on from the one before. This is a gripping story with some twists and turns and plenty of hot and steamy scenes to keep you hooked till the last page. The characters are fantastic and have plenty of chemistry between them. I c ant wait to read more from t I have read the first book previously but is was some time ago. I c ant wait to read more from this author in the future. Highly recommended I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book https: I have read the first book previously but it was sometime ago. This is a fantastic story which will take you on a journey of many ups and downs and lots of twists and turns.

I can't wait to read more from t I have read the first book previously but it was sometime ago. I can't wait to read more from this author in the future. Highly recommended I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book Apart from these points, the writing is not very good. The book has all the hallmarks of an inexperienced writer who doesn't yet know how to advance a plot or show the passage of time, and who is slightly uncomfortable about writing sex scenes.

This is odd, as it's not like it's the author's first book.

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Perhaps this is an early effort that is only being published now. If this is what you want to read too, pass this by. Should the publisher read this, I urge you to rewrite the blurb to something like: Fearing public exposure, Lord Reynold Wilton made the biggest mistake of his life, and abandoned his submissive, Lord David Litchfield.

On his return, three years later, he finds his delicious man in the hands of a brutal sadist. With David's trust broken, he can never again play the game of dominance and submission, but Reynold doesn't care: In a time when homosexuality is a hanging offense, Reynold must use every trick in the book to free David, and find a way they can be together forever: I'd still have issues with the book, and people who don't like cheating are going to wonder why view spoiler [Reynold returns for his sub then immediately sleeps with the man they argued over in the first place hide spoiler ] but at least it would be a more accurate description.

View all 36 comments. Feb 04, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: This is the sort of thing Ava March does so beautifully; H. Brown not so well. Sep 01, Chris rated it did not like it Shelves: Between the characters and the intermittently overwrought and clumsy writing, this wasn't for me. Jul 16, Erastes rated it liked it.

(one's) lord and master

Happily, though, HC Brown either knows the genre, or has researched it enough to convince. Lord David has been abandoned by his Master because of his possessive behaviour, and has been left alone in London. Another Master has taken him on, bound him with his debts and claims a ten year contract with him. He had no fortune, being a 3rd son, so if he was disinherited it would hardly make much difference. David asks for their relationship to be exclusive, and that he needs to trust Reynold once again, and the first thing Reynold does is to sleep with Lord John and then tell David.

The amount of errors left in the book are quite inexcusable for a publisher of the size of Noble. The descriptive passages are well done, however, and the dialogue, in the main, tries hard to be Not Modern and succeeds pretty nicely. I could have done with less of the rape scenes, to be honest, however lightly they were described, they were described.

As I said at the top, Brown seems to know about—and indeed, according to her website, specialises in—BDSM erotic romance so as far as I can tell she gets the mindset right. However, it was an enjoyable read, despite my issues with it. A better edit would probably have upped the mark by a half point, though. Feb 12, Dragonslayer rated it it was amazing. I couldn't put this book down. Fast paced action moved the story forward. The conflict between the characters was so real and made me feel as if I was in the room as a secret observer. I enjoyed the historical accuracy, the way the author brought the story to life with the dialect of the day.

The story of love and loss and love again was heart breaking. There were a variety of interesting bondage scenes and the handling of the sadistic BDSM scenes vivid and well written. The sex scenes were hot a I couldn't put this book down. The sex scenes were hot and romantic and fitted well in an exciting story. I loved the twist in the end, but then normal is not what I expect from this amazingly talented author.

There is a hint of a sequel in the last few lines. I hungrily await your next book Mistress Brown. Jun 26, Michael Joseph rated it it was ok Shelves: Amilyn rated it liked it Oct 12, Dana rated it it was ok Aug 16, Kristin rated it liked it Sep 12, Serenity rated it really liked it Feb 08, Betryal rated it really liked it Feb 11, Devin rated it liked it Oct 31, Orchid rated it it was amazing Sep 10, Monyee Watson rated it really liked it Aug 30, Jay Perry rated it liked it Apr 28, Shanna added it Feb 02, LaShonta added it Feb 06, Serena Yates added it Feb 11, Clover marked it as to-read Feb 16, Morgana marked it as to-read Feb 23, Neko marked it as to-read Feb 25, Kim marked it as to-read Feb 26, Alarik marked it as to-read Mar 01, Davina added it Mar 03, Dallison marked it as to-read Mar 03, Sabi marked it as to-read Mar 03,