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To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Gifts of Vorallon book 3 Lorace and the last defenders of the light embark on a voyage to slay the Devourer in his lair. It is a journey of discovery and desperation that takes them from the safety of Halversome to Ousenar, across the Vestral Sea.

The blight of undeath spreads over the continent, warping and twisting all life into mindless horrors, but to what purpose? They must wage a pitched battle with the blight itself to reach their goal, and time is running out. Tendrils of undeath have almost reached Vorallon's core. When the living spirit of the world is destroyed, the God of Undeath will claim the universe as his own. Lorace must push himself beyond all limits if he is to save what precious life remains.

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His father also woke him in the night to watch Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. When Thomas was old enough to read on his own, his father revealed to him a closet full of books, all adventure and science fiction. Thomas pursued a career in art. His interest in science drew him toward computers and he became an early computer graphic artist in the 's.

Today he is a veteran graphic artist who specializes in 3D modelling and motion graphics Thomas married in to his wife, Cathy, and became father to her young son, Ralph. In his son, Roger, was born. In , Thomas began writing. Product details File Size: March 28, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 5 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Lord of Vengeance (Gifts of Vorallon Book 3) eBook: Thomas Cardin: Kindle Store

Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The Lord of Vengeance! Wow, what to say? It wrapped up the trilogy amazingly well and yet I crave more at the same time. The character development within this series was phenomenal. I say phenomenal because each character has such depth to them that I can easily foresee a personalized book or series focusing on each one.

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The author can certainly go anywhere with what he has laid down with his debut series. He, himself professes that it "sets the stage for many more stories to come. A quick note about Thomas Cardin's writing. One thing that has drawn me in so completely to his writing is that he is very thorough. Not in a drawn-out-bore-you-to- tears way either. He pays critical attention to detail which enriches his world all the more.

He leaves nothing to question. He is self-published and self-edited and yet his books seem closer to flawless than many mainstream books I have read. He is truly a joy to read and I hope many others discover the world of Vorallon! This puts it well into novelette range, but still shy of novella size.

I set out to write a short story, but the story took the reigns and established its own length. If my betas find things to cut for the betterment of the story, then cut I shall. I have no trouble murdering my darlings, that part is easy. This is the first pass. I will take what they give me and go over it all again then send that back out for a last pass with a focus on copy editing.

Wednesday, August 7, The Lightgiver -cover art. Posted by Thomas Cardin at 6: Tuesday, July 30, Pronunciation guide for Gifts of Vorallon. I just thought it would be handy to share my pronunciation guide. This is how I hear the unique names and words of Vorallon in my head and how I pronounce them when I read the story out loud. I think, however, that the reader should always choose the pronunciation that the word has already formed in their mind, but for cases where one is just not sure especially with the dwarven words this might help. Thursday, July 18, The Gifts of Vorallon 99 cent sale!

July 18th thru All three kindle books of the Gift of Vorallon trilogy are on sale July 18 thru 21 for. Look for 99 sale books by my good friends, Robert Brumm and Travis Mohrman. Wednesday, June 26, Ram-Jack art. There can be no doubt that my inspiration for Ram-Jack is coming from the visual style of anime. I have been sketching up lots of studies of my basic Ram-Jack. This is the workup I have sketched so far, it is not a 3D model, just 2D painting in quick grey tones.

You can see the difference between the more finished bottom half and the sketchy top half. Friday, June 21, Ram-Jack.

See a Problem?

We are picking up your passive telemetry feeds. The bogies in your quadrant are targeting transmission sources. Those who called for help after the initial salvo of enemy fire must have gotten an alien care package, special delivery. With my eyes closed, the diagnostic visuals were still alive in my head. Those would go out once all the reserve power was gone. I would get a few minutes of peace and quiet while I sucked on the last of my air, something fun to look forward to. That was way down the road. I had at least a whole half hour to get the main battery power back on line. The two battery cells read zero amperage, when they should be at nearly full charge.

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They were either blown away, or otherwise disengaged from their couplings. Just one of them would be enough to light up the thrusters and limp back to the Battlecarrier Katrina, assuming she still existed by then. I took stock of what I did have working on my Ram-Jack. My electronics and life support were running on reserve battery power. Communications, awesome, use it and eat a few more rounds of whatever the bogies were firing at us. Four of six ion ram thrusters, operational but powered down. They could not come close the charge needed to fire on reserve power. The armored cockpit around me remained intact and held full atmosphere.

My neural interface was working as designed, giving me sensory feedback on what remained of my Ram-Jack. Three tons of railgun ammunition, it should be four since I had not shot any, but one ton must have gone with the right arm of the Ram-Jack. I could move the left arm and leg, but the servomotors would be a heavy drain on my reserve power.

Yes, I am indeed sitting in the remains of a battery operated giant robot. Left hand toolkit read intact—finally some good news. Now to see if the problem with the main batteries was something I could fix. I isolated my view down to the left hand camera and took a look.

The armor skin had a nice, blossoming exit wound over the right side battery. All kinds of tasty goodness bled out in a thin spray of particles. I shivered for a second. That shot had to have passed very close to my cockpit hidden deep under the thickened chest armor, probably only inches past the plating where my right foot rested in its actuator harness. I swallowed that ninth life back down and examined the area over the left hand battery.

Clean white armor skin. Monday, June 17, My Approach to Writing. I posted the main body of this on a GoodReads author's discussion. I write fantasy, and I am planning a science fiction story as well. My process used and refined during the writing of the Gifts of Vorallon trilogy: Imagine my loose concept--"It's going to be a story about A1 going to B2 and all hell breaks loose until C3 gets F4'd" I like Shakespeare's 5 act story construction as a loose guideline for the dramatic arc.

My take on it is: The plan fails or compounds the problem 4. Coming up with the problem is first, followed immediately by coming up with the final solution, even if a partial fix is all that can happen. I boil both of these down to a simple statement like, problem-The God of Undeath is going to destroy the world and all life upon it. Solution-Use all the power of life that can be mustered to stop him. I then created the intervening moments with the same level of detail: The Plan-create the hero that can stop the God of Undeath.

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The Uh Oh-There is another opponent of the hero who must be dealt with first. The new plan-The hero must gather all the life that remains to have a chance of winning. Then I work on my characters: I build up my characters until they are alive in my head, a sort of compartmentalized roleplaying.

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This involves sketching out their likeness so that I can picture them. To define who they are as people, I need to know how they will react in given situations and how they view the world past the end of their own nose. This takes the form of mental and written notes and an interview process I put them through.

My goal being to create an individual who feels genuine, and it is just a starting point because the story will further shape them. I then write a loose outline that connects characters and events together. They all must grow, even though some are going to grow towards the negative and lose some of what makes them sympathetic to the reader.

It is the characters who really fill in the details as I flesh out the story, they see the conflicts from very different perspectives. In the case of my trilogy, the Uh Oh of act 3 was different for everyone. Even the initial problem was not equally understood by all characters until deep into act 4.

Those of you who have read the Gifts of Vorallon may be scratching your head at much of this, but the story really did come about this way. The complexity is the number of levels each character's personal view. My current project, The Fire of Falraan is even more driven by the characters and my outline is far looser.