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It seems reasonable to me. But here I am, doing this, suffering horribly in the hopes that my efforts will someday bear the rotten fruits of wage slavery An excerpt from a sample letter in this wonderful manual ostensibly under review: Dear Sir or Madam: With the enclosed resume, I would like to make you aware of my interest in exploring employment opportunities with your organization upon my recent permanent relocation to New Jersey.

I have just spent nearly two years in Oregon caring for my aging father, who had suffered a stroke. He has recovered, and I am returning permanently to New Jersey, which is my home. Let's take a vote here. How many of us, as the hiring manager, would call this person for an interview, based on that lovely, well-crafted first sentence?

And how many would -- well, let's be gentle -- punch her in the face? And who wants to give me a grant and some decent health insurance, so that I might pursue my own artistic interests and leisurely lifestyle? And who will subsidize my voyage to a more comfortable planet, where I'd experience better "goodness-of-fit" with my environment than I do here on Earth? View all 25 comments.

Real Resumes For Teachers Resume Examples Retail Teaching Final Draft –

John Rochford rated it liked it Jan 13, Adriane Miles rated it really liked it Apr 12, Avoid focusing on yourself in the objective, e. Reference the name of the school and the title of the position for which you are applying. The order of information should be listed by reverse chronology , which means you should first list the school with which you are currently identified UMF!

Middle and elementary schools need not be listed on your resume. A good pattern for giving information is evident on the sample resume: Name of school, geographic location town, state , B.

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Listing your school certification is important, too. However, if you have attained a high GPA, why not layer that message here? Latin honors summa cum laude , magna cum laude , and cum laude are italicized because they are foreign language terms.

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Your teaching experience is probably the most important aspect of your resume. These, by no means, are the ONLY important facets of teaching you may want to emphasize.

Real Resumes For Teachers Resume Examples Retail Teaching Final Draft

But, they are certainly important topics for principals and superintendents. The statements you make about your teaching experiences should reflect variety, so you avoid the appearance of redundancy. And, note how Wendy, the writer of the resume, has given important details e. Each statement is a line in length preferable, but not required and conveys enough information for the reader to a understand the scope of the teaching skill and b form a meaningful follow-up question in an interview about the teaching experience.

The latter part is critical. Keep in mind that whatever you include on your resume is likely to be the topic of an interview question. So, mention experiences you are prepared and eager to discuss in greater detail. Yes, if you have a solid GPA e. Be sure to italicize Latin honors. If you are trying to secure a teaching position in or about your high school, then, yes, you might want to include the high school to suggest that you understand the cultural and socio-economic conditions of the community where you want to teach.

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If you were academically successful in high school as evinced by high class rank, GPA, or membership in the National Honor Society and this was a harbinger of success in college, you may want to include the high school and associated accolades to suggest a broader behavioral pattern of doing well. If you are a nontraditional applicant who has been out of high school for quite a while, then you may choose to leave off the high school information.

Of course, if you wish to include the information for personal reasons by all means do so. There is little, if any, downside to leaving it off in either case.

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  • Use the past tense of the verb if the work that you are describing is over and done with. Use the present tense of the verb if the work that you are describing is ongoing. If you held a summer job over several summers, indicate the length of service in this manner for the sake of being concise: Also, if your work history begins and ends within a calendar year, you can note the time frame in this manner for the sake of being concise: Note that the year only appears once and abbreviations are OK.

    Follow Associated Press style on abbreviations: